Is It Safe To Wear Earplugs In Bed? The Pros And Cons.

Getting a good night’s sleep is nothing short of absolutely necessary. And while many people seem to have no problem whatsoever falling asleep, others might need a little extra help. Whether it is insomnia, lightness of sleep, or any other issue of the sort, finally managing to close your eyes and swiftly travel to dreamland can be quite the ordeal at times.

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One of the solutions people tend to turn to when sleeping gets harder and harder is earplugs. For those who simply can’t rest unless there’s absolute silence, this can be a true lifesaver. However, there can also be associated risks. If it’s been a few nights without proper sleep and you’re wondering whether or not to adopt this strategy, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of wearing earplugs to bed.

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10 Pro: Better Sleep, Better Health

If you’re the kind of person that can’t seem to get a minute of decent sleep if there is water running or dogs barking, this can cause serious damage to your health. It’s been proven time and time again just how fundamental sleep is for your body and mind. Poor sleep quality over large periods of time can lead to problems such as strokes, high blood pressure, obesity, and even depression.

The good news is, it’s not completely helpless. If the only reason you are unable to catch a good night’s sleep is noise, earplugs have the ability to completely block everything out, sound-wise. Rest is pretty much guaranteed with these small allies!

9 Con: Ear Infections

The major problem related to the constant use of earplugs is wax buildup. It’s pretty obvious that if you’re stuffing something up your ears every night without taking the necessary precautions, something bad is bound to happen. In this case, it’s the fact that wax from your ears can buildup or bacteria can enter your ear.

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Infections like these aren’t fun at all. In fact, the symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and all kinds of things you’d associate with the word infection. However, don’t be alarmed - this will happen only if you don’t make proper use of your earplugs.

8 Pro: Better Relationships

We bet this isn’t something you were expecting to read on an article about earplugs, right? But the way life works, every little thing ultimately tends to tie down with the relationships you have. And in this case, more towards romantic relationships, and your personal life with your partner.

If you’re a light sleeper, having a partner sleeping next to you who has respiratory problems that lead them to snore heavily, no matter how much you love them, it’s going to annoy you. And annoyances like this, as silly as it may sound, do put a strain on relationships. Especially if one of you is sleep deprived!

Using earplugs and blocking out the sounds of your snoring partner will do wonders. You’ll no longer resent them for something they can’t help, and you’ll be healthier and in a much better mood when you spend quality time together. It’s a win-win!

7 Con: Temporary Hearing Loss

As we’ve mentioned before, virtually all of the problems and cons that are associated with wearing earplugs to bed stem from irresponsible use. Unless you acquired yours in a very shady street corner, chances are, if you know how to properly care for them, your health will remain intact, and even improve thanks to better nights of sleep.

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The buildup of wax we talked about earlier can cause problems other than ear infections. One of these problems is temporary hearing loss, and tinnitus, which is a slightly unnerving ringing in the ear. While this won’t lead to complete ear loss, it’s still very much peril for your daily life, and something to be mindful of.

6 Pro: A Cheap Solution

When it comes to health problems, many of us often choose to ignore something until it goes away. This is both motivated by fear and money. Health issues can very often and very quickly turn into huge bills from the hospital or from any series of medications and ointments we are prescribed in order to treat said problems.

Well, one of the great things about earplugs is that they’re a very cheap solution for all the light sleepers out there. They don’t require a prescription, and even if you buy them at the pharmacy (which is advisable, since the quality is better), you don’t need to expect to spend more than just a handful of dollars.

5 Con: Complete Silence Isn’t Always Good

If you’ve been struggling to fall asleep because your partner snores like a champion or the train works into the late hour of the night, or the neighbor’s dog doesn’t seem to stop barking, getting yourself a shiny new pair of earplugs that would completely block out every single noise that comes your way sounds pretty much like paradise at this point.

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Here’s the thing though — you have to be mindful that complete and utter sound blockage has some associated risks. Sure, earplugs block all those annoying noises that won’t let you get a decent night of sleep, but they also block alarm clocks and emergency alarms. You probably don’t want to be late for work five days in a row, or miss the fire alarm if it’s set off, right?

4 Pro: Plenty Of Choices

We live in a day and age where there’s not a single item that doesn’t offer an enormous array of choice. You name it - anything from clothes to kitchen appliances to the size of your eyelashes, in many ways, society is cursed by choice. There’s a lot of everything, and earplugs don’t escape the norm.

Not only do they come in several different materials—you can get anything from wax to silicone to foam—they also come in different shapes, sizes, and even colors. If for some reason you fancy bright pink earplugs over a boring standard beige, then worry not, because there’s sure to be the ideal pair for you roaming around in a shelf!

3 Con: High Maintenance

Remember all those problems we talked about earlier? The ones associated with the irresponsible use of earplugs? Well, we’re sure that no matter how much you’re craving a decent night of sleep, you don’t want to incur the risk of developing an ear infection, partly losing hearing or any of the nasty little problems that we’ve mentioned.

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You don’t have to, because they are all very much preventable. This prevention, of course, means a certain level of maintenance and caution not everyone is willing to put up with. This includes washing your earplugs as frequently as you possibly can and switching them for a new pair ever so often. Ideally, you could just use one pair without having to worry about washing or trading, but doing that will lead to a series of health issues you definitely don’t want to deal with.

2 Pro: Personalization

Even though there’s plenty of choice in the market even when earplugs are concerned, there’s always the chance you won’t be very happy with what you see or the ones you got don’t seem to really suit you. This isn’t a problem, because we’re also living in a time of extreme customization.

You can actually speak to your doctor and order a personalized pair of earplugs that completely suit your needs. This is great, because you know they were made especially for you, and will fit every inch of your ears to near perfection. Babies will be jealous of how well you sleep!

1 Con: Pushing Too Deep

If you're looking to buy earplugs to help with your sleeping, chances are you're not exactly a toddler. The dangers of using small objects don't necessarily apply to you, but truth is, when it comes to sleeping with tiny earplugs inside of your ears, some level of precaution should be applied.

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Because of their small size, there's a tendency on the user's part to push the earplugs too deep. Be careful when it comes to this! They can end up stuck and result in minor tears to the issue, and you'll have to rely on a doctor to remove them safely. Again, if used with the right amount of caution, it should be perfectly fine.

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