Early Vs Late 20s: 20 Differences That Show How Life Is NOT The Same

Most 20-somethings are either too immature to know their heads from a hole in the ground or too woke to ever go back to sleep. It all depends on which side of 25 they are on.

For those who nodded their heads vigorously at that, congratulations, this is the real side of adulthood. But for those who scrunched up their eyes and wondered what's up with all this old-people talk, they'd better enjoy their prime years while it lasts.

The truth is, out of all the decades of life, the 20s are the weirdest. 20-somethings are solid teenagers in their... um, teens. And solid adults in the 30s. But it's the 20s where things get really confusing.

It's because most people don't grow out of their teenage tendencies as fast as the legal system believes they do. Sorry guys, there's nothing magical about turning 18. Besides, what happened to 19? The teen year that got left off on the wrong side?

Anyhoo, people do work out that angst from their systems as they progress through their 20s. Which is why, by the time they hit 26 or 27, they usually are pretty good at this thing called adulting.

So here are 20 differences between life in one's early 20s versus late 20s. Be prepared for some good laughs!

20 Early 20s: Sunday Is Brunch Day


If we could bottle up all our excess energy from our early 20s for the latter half of our life, we would breeze through 100 and knock that guy from China off the record books. Because who needs sleep? We'll get to it when we are dead.

Now's the time to explore the world and soak up every experience life has to offer, including that gorgeous Sunday brunch.

Because you never know who you might bump into while on your third sunny side up! #FOMO

And yeah, that's a real fear. Check it up.

19 Late 20s: Not Even An Earthquake Can Get Me Outta Bed


If you are in your late 20s, you know the secret to life–at least 8 hours of sleep every night. And an extra six hours until lunch on Sundays. Because if you don't get that, your entire week is going to strap itself to a cannonball and wheeze off into outer space.

And if the boyfriend thinks he can bring an alarm into your sleeping space, he can sleep on the couch, thank you very much. There's really no getting up early at this point, and you're sort of nearing older adulthood in a sense. Now put that darn thing on silent and let me sleep!

18 Early 20s: Dad! I Need More Money!


What? They brought us into this world, so they might as well pay for our well-being until we figure out this thing called life.

After all, we are independent when it suits us. Like when we want to party all night long or go on a friends-only vacation to Cancún.

But when the bills pile up or we need to buy that rad ride, daddy's our dearest!

Now watch us be all cute about it and explain why it makes perfect sense for our parents to be supporting us even though we are legally adults who are supposed to know better or something.

17 Late 20s: The Bills Aren't Going To Pay Themselves


Reality catches you unaware once you cross 25. Because now you are too old to live with your parents or persuade them to transfer you some cash but aren't old enough to have a solid paying job yet. Unless, of course, you are a tech wizard of some kind and have been hired by Google.

Anyhoo, money's a serious thing now, and anyone you meet who still doesn't have any savings of some kind is going to get judged by you real hard. After all, you are not going to get any younger and neither are your credit card bills!

16 Early 20s: I'm Still Figuring This Out...


When we are in our early 20s, we are still living our teenage dreams. Only now, we have the cash to do it. Thus, the all-night parties and the questionable expenses on our credit card statement.

Because when you think about it, was buying those thigh-high latex boots in neon pink really a good decision? Or eating out three times last week?

The truth is, we weren't thinking. We never really are. That's why we are so confused about what we want out of life and what we should do next. It's a night in the maze 24/7 for 365 days here. And it's not a place we really want to be.

15 Late 20s: I Know What I Want


When you hit your late 20s, you are not exactly the wisest frog in the pond, but you have seen enough to know that if you continue living the way you have lived for the past few years of your life, you will just end up a big mess-up living in mom and dad's basement a decade from now.

That's why most of us are somewhat clear about what we want in life once we cross the sacred threshold of 25. At least, about the fact that our health is a big priority and that we need to accomplish a certain set of life goals by the time we hit 40.

14 Early 20s: Go To College Or Drop A Year?


If you belong to a family where going to college is not an option, the biggest dilemma in your early 20s will be whether to start college right after you graduate senior year or drop a few years and gather precious "life experience" in the form of backpacking around the world (at least, to those place you can afford) or as an overseas intern for extra college credits.

Of course, what one can do in a drop year isn't limited to just those two options.

But they happen to be the commonest ones. And as a young 20-something, these are big decisions.

13 Late 20s: A Bonafide Worker Drone


By the time we hit our late 20s, money, and job stability are our biggest concerns. We have bills to pay, health insurance to buy, a car mortgage to settle up, and many more responsibilities that come with this gig called 'adulting'. That's why most of us post-25 are quite serious about our work and plan our lives around it.

So no, thank you, but if you are not serious about commitments, please pass over so I can fall in love with someone who is. And don't even try to guilt me about being a workaholic since you are obviously not paying my rent!

12 Early 20s: Get That Kale Away From Me!


Mom! What's kale? Oh, it's that green stuff they put in salads. No, I don't want any! #youngblood

So yeah, if we are in our early 20s, we definitely don't wanna eat anything healthy.

Why should we? It's not like we are going to die anytime soon. Besides, diabetes is for old people. Plus, what's the point of being alive if we are too scared to live?

So no matter how much our mother asks us to eat healthy food, we really aren't going to do it. Because nothing tastes as good as junk!

11 Late 20s: How Much Spinach Can I Add To This Smoothie Without It Tasting Like Garbage?


Our priority in life shifts dramatically once we are in our late 20s. And it starts with the start twinge in our knees and that odd ache in our lower back at the end of the work week.

That's when it dawns on us that our body is getting old and we need to take care of it before it falls prey to some chronic illness. After all, nobody's got the time or money to pay 'em hefty medical bills!

So we try to eat healthy as much as we can because not everyone's a gym rat. And make yearly new year's resolutions that center around cleaning up our eating habits and shaping up.

10 Early 20s: The Chair Shrine Of Dirty Clothes


Oh, the shrine! The sacred shrine of clothes! Thou art a life saver! For we all know that chair.

That special chair in our room which never felt a bum resting on it in its entire life.

The chair that started out with a modest pile of one t-shirt and jeans after we moved into our dorm, and soon became a behemoth that boasted of bearing our entire wardrobe on its lap. Hail the sacred chair!

But some of us didn't have a chair shrine. Instead, we had a transporting mountain in our room, which shifted from chair to bed to desk to chair, depending on which surface we needed at that hour.

9 Late 20s: Laundry Day Can't Come Fast Enough


When we are in our late 20s, we cannot afford to be a messy slob with a mountain of unwashed clothes taking up precious space in our room. We only have one weekend to get through the chores, and we'll be darned if we have to waste an entire afternoon just washing clothes!

Besides, we have to have fresh laundry for work or our boss would give us the black eye. So no, thank you, but we won't be able to attend Sunday brunch. We have chores to finish up and a pile of laundry to get through. #Adulting

8 Early 20s: "Download For Free"


Remember those piracy messages they flashed during commercials? They were a good laugh, considering the fact that we had hundreds of GBs of "free" movies, music, and books stashed away in our hard drives.

But what else can you do than hunt for "free" when you are strapped for cash?

After all, it's all great to be high and mighty when you are rich, but most of us aren't born with silver spoons in our mouth. Especially when we are stuck at a college or are in a starter job that pays pennies.

7 Late 20s: I Can Pay Now


When you are in your late 20s, your life is pretty good. You may not be rolling in cash, but you have enough spare change to have an investment account and then some. Enough to pay for a few movie tickets, some expensive jackets, and all the books and music you want to buy in the world.

Besides, with Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Music, most of the entertainment platforms these days cost just a few bucks a month. So more money left over for us to splurge! Not that we will. We aren't freshly out of our teens, ya know?

6 Early 20s: Do You Think Ombre Will Look Good On Me?


When we are in our early 20s, we are very concerned about the way we look and dress.

From the cut of our hair to the label on our jeans, we are the poster children of consumerism.

Add that to our personal insecurities because we still don't know who we are or what we want to do in life and the fact that we are not locked into corporate jobs yet, and you have a fashion Frankenstein on your hands who is ready to experiment with anything and everything, right from rainbow dyes to bike shorts.

5 Late 20s: Experimentation? No, Thank You.


Once you are in your late 20s, you don't have the luxury of being as carefree as you used to be just half a decade ago.

For one, you have to report to work the next day where you need to adhere to a professional dress code (unless you are in a creative field, in which case, lucky you!). And for another, your experimentations in your younger years have helped you stumble onto your favorite style, which you are extremely loyal to now since you know it makes you look and feel at the top of your game.

4 Early 20s: All Cool Cats Do All Nighters


Going to bed at 10? What do we look like to you? 80? No way!

Life's too young to waste sleeping. We would rather stay up all night and immerse ourselves in pop culture at the best concerts, parties, and shindigs. After all, you are 21 only once. Or 20, 22, 23...

The point is, when you are in your early 20s, you have so much energy inside of you that you just cannot imagine going to bed early.

And if you aren't busy with some social engagement, you would rather spend your time binge watching Game of Thrones all night than go to bed on time.

3 Late 20s: It's A Snoozefest After 10 P.M.


When you are in your late 20s, you have already had more than enough all-nighters to last you a lifetime. Besides, your body probably can't handle that kind of stress anymore.

Yes, you still can manage it if you wanted to, like on New Year's Eve, but you don't want to. You are too old for immature stuff of that kind. Plus, you can't afford to doze off at work the next day. Or sit through the entire day feeling like a zombie with sandpaper rubbed across your eyes.

Your new mantra is "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a 20-something, rested and wise."

2 Early 20s: Partying All Weekend


When you are in your early 20s, weekends are earmarked for parties all through the year. In fact, you might get dragged to one even when you don't want to. #peerpressure

And you love 'em! The dancing, the games, the drinking competitions.

It all puts a zing in your step and covers up that gaping hole in your chest where your purpose in life should be, but which you still haven't figured out.

Plus, what's the point of being young if you don't try everything at least once for fun and again for experience?

1 Late 20s: Saturday Fun Is TV And Takeaway


When you are in your late 20s, you have partied so much in your life by then that you are frankly bored of it now. After all, it's just mindless drinking and dancing and superficial socializing.

No, thank you. You would rather have takeout at home on the weekends while watching reruns of RuPaul's Drag Race or have a quiet candlelit dinner for two with your bae. In fact, nothing sounds better than chilling at home these days. Nothing except for Pixar movies at 7 P.M.

Besides, you don't think your body can handle hangovers anymore.

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