Each Couple's Risk Of Divorce, Based On Their Marriage Horoscope

Sometimes, it isn’t about who has what sign. The determining factor for whether or not one’s marriage will fail might very well be in the astro sign of the day on which they tied the knot! For those who know their signs, who they should pursue, who they should not pursue, and who they should ultimately marry — good. The path is likely to be a more successful one between husband and wife. But for those who struggle to come to grips with why every relationship gets tossed in the trash, and every marriage gets destroyed, it might be because they don’t know or even understand the intense and complicated nature of the signs.

Knowing and coming to terms with not only both parties’ personal signs, but also the sign they choose when writing out their save the date cards, is crucial. Getting the date wrong and having the wrong sign could make or break the marriage and potentially destroy other relationships in the process. To keep from running blindly into choosing the absolute worst wedding date, here are each couple’s risk of divorce, based on their sign.

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20 It’s A Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Fire signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — are all quick to rush into things. According to Astrology, if anyone chooses to get married on the day of any of these powerful and determined signs, be prepared for intense passion that may or may not die down within the coming years. Though these signs are tough, they have flaws just like any other. With any sign comes its pros and cons, and picking just the right one can be tricky. A few of the fire signs themselves may struggle without proper self-reflection. Fire signs are strong-willed and sometimes tend to bring up the past as opposed to exercising forgiveness.

19 An Independent Aries Couple Needs Room To Breathe


Getting married between March 21 and April 19 may lead to a healthy and long-lasting marital bond! This is the time of Aries, and although Aries can be a little impatient, ambition and independence are also vital qualities in this sign. No one wants to feel like the other’s ball and chain, and having a healthy amount of time apart to explore the world— as well as one’s self — is extremely important to the longevity of a marriage. The Huffington Post notes,

"Aries also has an ego that needs attention."

Being wanted rather than desperately needed is what makes a happy household. One individual, paired with another individual, equals success. Be together — not the same.

18 Leo Couples May Compete For Attention


Getting married anywhere from July 23 to August 22 can be a blessing — but it can equally be just as big of a curse. Leos love to be the life of the party; when everyone is laughing, letting their hair down, and having a good time, a Leo feels as if they’ve done their job. The Huffington Post reports "a master entertainer, sparkling, dynamic, and the life of the party always."

Having such a bright and passionate anniversary could mean a marriage full of life and adventure, but, alternatively, it could mean a marriage full of frustration and resentment.

The Leo can be pouty when their spouse gets more attention, and after a while, they may harbor resentment. Chances of success or failure really depend on the individuals.

17 Sagittarius Won't Sink When They Boast Strength

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Planning a wedding from November 22 to December 21 may decrease your chances of divorce. According to the Huffington Post, Sagittarius is a sign that’s always up for an adventure, rain or shine, heat or snow.

Becoming one with their significant other on a date that matches with this sign may also mean that both parties will make smart financial decisions, as Sagittarius has a reputation for being quite the genius.

Chances of divorce are slim but possible because a Sagittarius hates to lose arguments and admit when they’re wrong. Taking time to discuss disagreements in a calm and collected manner is vital to the success of this marriage.

16 Water Under The Bridge

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There is a big difference between fire and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs. Where fire reigns in ambition and independence, water moves in with a more emotional and intuitive atmosphere. According to Astrology, water signs can and often do take on the emotions of other people, so if one person is unhappy and moping around, chances are the other one will be also. Having your anniversary land on any of the months of the water signs runs a higher risk of divorce because emotions are high, self-indulgence can go overboard, and they can often be controlling. It's recommended to exercise caution when getting married on any of these water sign dates.

15 Cancer May Not Know How To Instil Boundaries

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While Cancer is seen as one of the more lovable signs, planning your wedding between June 21 and July 22 may be a bad idea, says the Huffington Post. Even though Cancer tends to be the lovey-dovey type, it can also be a sign of great expectations. Cancers love their moms — which isn't a bad trait to have unless the Cancer expects his or her significant other to act just like them, the HP relays. A Cancer can also be a bit on the moody side — so random bouts of sulking, outbursts, and Debbie-Downer outlooks can be common. The divorce risk is high on this one, so exercise caution.

14 Scorpio Can Be A Little Sneaky

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Straightforwardness and loyalty are great traits for a Scorpio (October 23 to November 21), but if arranging a Halloween wedding sounds appealing, it’s possible that there may be more cons than pros. Though Scorpios are loyal, passionate, and determined, they can also carry a lot of secrets. This is good for fun surprises, but bad for honesty and transparency.

Marriages need complete honesty if they want to thrive, so saving the date on a day that lands on a Scorpio may not be the best choice.

Scorpio has a sharp tongue, and the Huffington Post says, "Their words can cut like a knife." Unless both parties focus on only the positive aspects of Scorpio, choosing a different date might be the better option.

13 Sweet Pisces Won't Have Too Many Hurdles To Jump


If marrying your soulmate during a water sign is an absolute must, consider scheduling the ceremony from February 19 to March 20, because that is the sign of Pisces. Choosing this sign as your wedding anniversary can mean a marriage more likely to succeed compared to others belonging in the water sign category. The Huffington Post says that Pisces are sweet natured and slow to get angry. They are also brilliant listeners, passionate, and romantic. Being taken advantage of is a typical con to this sign, but it’s an easy problem to work through. Choosing Pisces to marry under means a marriage full of small rough patches but even greater memories.

12 Love In The Air


The elements of air belong to Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Problem-solving and excellent communications skills are the strong suits of anyone falling under the air category. Unless something profoundly triggers them, Air signs typically stay cool in heated situations, making loud arguments less of a possibility. Astrology tells us that Airs have the ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes with ease, meaning that one-sided, “always right” attitudes will rarely come into play. Understanding where the other person is coming from can make or break a marriage. These dates may mean you have a higher chance of staying together forever.

11 Deep Conversations Will Ground The Gemini Couple


If planning a wedding from May 21 to June 20 has crossed the minds of any engaged couples, make sure that having deep and/ or intellectual conversations is a must. Gemini loves to chatter away. Whether it’s about the latest news or what’s happened on their favorite television show, they can contribute hours of quality conversations. The downside to planning a Gemini wedding is that listening to each other speak becomes a problem, as each person has a lot to say all at once. Fixing this is as simple as having a conversation. Be open and honest about how essential listening is and this Gemini wedding will lead to a long, fruitful marriage. Watch out though; the Huffington Post remarks that Gemini "likes variety and can be a commitment-phobe."

10 Lovable Libra Might Just Be Loving On Everyone


Be careful when dealing with Libra, the Huffington Post advises. During September 23 and October 22, ending up with the least easy to manage of the Water signs may be a big possibility. Libras love the social life, are genuinely good people to be around, are energetic, and can be pretty romantic at times. Unfortunately, there’s always some sort of catch. Having a Libra wedding means having a much higher chance of divorce compared to the other water signs. Why? Libras can be a player, and therefore fighting off other people who your spouse may be encouraging could become a nightmarish reality.

9 Keeping It Young With Aquarius Is Key

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When tying the knot anywhere from January 20 to February 18, Aquarius will never let anyone down in the youth department. Aquarius runs on a never-ending supply of youth, energy, and spunk. Exhibiting rebellious qualities may raise a few eyebrows when each spouse is caught in the act and called out, but chances are, every Aquarius anniversary will be full of spontaneous adventures. The Huffington Post warns of Aquarius’ tendencies to lack dependability, but once the problem has been addressed, it is usually solved within a short amount of time in a drama-free manner. Having an Aquarius wedding means being forever young; at least at heart.

8 The Logic Of The Earth


Belonging to signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, the Earth element carries the most logical and practical group of the bunch. Astrology notes that Earth signs tend to think long and hard before making a decision, so hoping for a risk taker is out of the question if the anniversary falls in any one of these signs. On a positive note, Water signs are brilliant at creating new things, graceful in their ways, and kind-hearted — all of which are perfect traits for married couples. Having a water sign as a wedding anniversary means that storms will be calm — but the outcome of how long these marriages will last is a bit complicated.

7 No Worries — Taurus Honors Love And Loyalty


If you decide that April 20 through May 20 is the best time to have your wedding, be prepared for a long and prosperous marriage! Taurus is notorious for their qualities of loyalty, honesty, and a hard-working attitude. Taurus is so loyal that they will expect the same level of loyalty in return. In a healthy marriage, loyalty is the fuel of the relationship, so there should be very few issues within your marriage. The Huffington Post notes that

keeping each other happy with "home cooked meals and notes of affection" can go a long way for this sign. 

Having a Taurus wedding day may be the best chance of growing old together out of all the signs. There will be few problems and the vast majority of your years will be smooth sailing.

6 Virgo Might Not Like Disorganization


With Virgo, know that having a disorderly house is not an option. From August 23 to September 22, opting for a Virgo wedding might mean celebrating the anniversary by taking a day, or even a week, to make the house clean and spotless. With Virgo, married couples will never have to worry about scrambling to clean the house when family members come over; the house will already be in tip-top shape.

On the unfortunate side, the Virgo tends to be a little OCD, and this can cause problems if the other partner is not on board.

Some couples may find Virgo's predictability and scheduled life a bit boring, Your Tango notes. Chances of success are 50/50, so be prepared when planning a Virgo wedding.

5 Capricorn And The Factor Of Determination


Capricorn is the most likely sign to succeed in the Earth department. From December 22 to January 19, a Capricorn wedding anniversary is sure to bring happiness and success. Capricorns are naturally determined and will always be willing to provide for the home. This sign also holds true to core values such as loyalty and independence. On the negative side, Capricorns can tend to be distant at times, but with love and understanding, they can overcome all odds. The Huffington Post makes it clear, though, that this sign "demand[s] respect and admiration from their partners." Getting married on a Capricorn date means a higher chance of a happily ever after, and a much lower risk of divorce.

4 The Most Likely To Fail: Flirty Libra


Based on each of the signs, Libra is probably the one to avoid if at all possible. While each of the signs has tremendous and spectacular qualities, Libra’s negative traits make it more likely that a couple would divorce. Romper notes, "Libras tend to be too flirtatious." Not everybody loves a player, and when one or both of the partners act looser around strangers and friends, jealousy can fill the air quickly, and the situation can become tense. Divorce is more possible with Libra than with any of the other signs, and if you want to have a successful marriage, keeping Libra at bay is probably your best option.

3 It Could Go Either Way With Leo


Leo can be a little bit more complicated, and often the determining factor of whether or not the marriage will end lies with fate. One moment, Leo is kind, energetic, and the life of the party. At other times, however, Leos can be desperate for attention — when that attention is not given, they may exhibit negative characteristics like jealousy, sulkiness, and irritability. Leos can be fun to hang out with, but the risk of divorce is sort of up in the air.

Always be kind to a Leo and understand that their needs differ from the rest of the signs.

Romper says Leo's need for attention can exhaust partners. Keep in mind that having a Leo anniversary is like a coin toss.

2 The Closest Thing To Perfect With Taurus


When looking for the best possible date to hold a wedding ceremony, look no further than the sign Taurus! Out of the twelve signs, Taurus holds the most positive qualities that go into making a marriage work long term. Your Tango says, "Hands down the most reliable sign, those lucky enough to be married to a Taurus are destined for a long and happy life." Everybody has disagreements, but having a Taurus anniversary marked on the calendar means a drama-free, open and honest relationship.

Loyalty is their strong suit, so when both parties are in agreement, everything works out wonderfully.

Any issues this marriage may have will be minor and easily fixed. While there really is no such thing as perfect, Taurus is the closest thing to it.

1 Picking The Right One

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When laying out the calendar and choosing a sign to be associated with such a beautiful union, consider all of the factors in play. An article on Bustle asks, what are their signs? How do they deal with the negative and positive aspects of their signs? What sort of problems could they face? It is essential to understand the sign chosen for each ceremony and what works best for each couple involved. Knowing each sign and what they believe in and fight for could make or break the alliance. It’s all written in the stars; we just have to take the time to read them.

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