Dyson's New 'Airwrap' Is The Styling Tool Of The Future

British technology company Dyson has released a new hot tool for hair styling, and it seems as if it is something from the future. The new styling tool is basically a hybrid of a blow dryer and hot styling tool, and it is called 'Airwrap' because of the technology behind this clever hair styling aid. Dyson made headlines in the world of hairstyling winning the Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award in 2016, for their innovative hairdryer 'Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer', and this follow-up product already has the industry in awe.

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The Airwrap is a multifunctional tool as it both dries hair as well as styles hair in the preferred shape or look. It comes with a blow-dryer head that is slightly smaller than the one on the Supersonic Hair Dryer, a paddle brush, a round brush, and a curling-iron head. These four attachments are all detachable so that anyone buying the Airwrap can use them interchangeably. The Airwrap is sold in three different packs, with selected attachments to match the various hair types and desired styles. All three packs come with a practical case in which to store the Airwrap.

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As reported by Allure, the Airwrap works on the same principles as a jet engine. The technology is based on the Coanda effect, meaning; the high-velocity air in round objects turns into a powerful vortex.

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The Airwrap offers to curl the hair, straighten it, make it wavy - it can literally do it all! The most significant benefit of this hot tool is that it uses air and heat as its only tools to create the desired hairstyle. This means there is much less damage caused to the hair than the standard hot tools. The magnificent multi-tool also features a thermistor that helps the Airwrap to regulate the heat, making sure it does not get too hot which could cause damage to the hair.

Although the Airwrap is a little pricey, it is a super handy 'all-in-one' tool for all possible hair styling needs. Whether looking to get rid of frizz, tame curls, add volume or create life in a dull hair, the Airwrap seems to be the answer to all our prayers.

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