Dyson Is Shaking: Get The Same Effects As The New Airwrap System Using A Blow Dryer And A Water Bottle

There is a new DIY hair styling hack that everyone is raving about, and anyone who was impressed by Dyson Airwrap system for hair styling might be more than intrigued by this ingenious trick. Dyson Airwrap is a new hair tool on the market, and it offers a way to create curls, waves, or a sleek, silky look without exposing the hair to sizzling hot irons as has been the go-to method in the past. Instead, Dyson AIrwrap created a system where the hair gets shaped into different styles by simply applying hot air, resulting in gorgeously styled hair with a lot less damage being done to the hair in the process.

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Now, as impressive Dyson Airwrap is with its multiple attachable heads for different hairstyles, it does honestly cost a fortune, and unfortunately, not everyone is willing or able to drop $550 on a hair styling tool. Well, as it turns out, someone got inspired by Dyson Airwrap and decided to test and see if they could recreate the same process by using two things that will be found in many households; a blow dryer and an empty plastic water bottle.

Via: 8days.sg

As reported by Allure, this hair styling trick was first seen on a video shared on Facebook, where a woman was seen dipping a section of her hair into an empty plastic water bottle, and then blow it around inside of it by blowing hot air with a blow dryer through a hole on the side. It quickly became viral with people all over the world started recreating it under the Instagram hashtag #blowthebottlechallenge.

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One of the people who tried this DIY styling hack was Olivia Smalley, a South Florida stylist, who was absolutely blown away (pun intended) by the results when she pulled her hair out of the bottle. She quickly went from being convinced there was no way it would work, to recommending everyone to try it.

It does seem to require a bit of practice finding the right angle as to how to place the blow dryer, so it might not be as easy as it looks. It could, however, be an option for those who wouldn't spend $550 on a hair styling tool, and for those who won't be getting one until Christmas Day.

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