Dump Or Date: Which Zodiac Signs Are The Best And Worst In Relationships (His And Hers)

In zodiac signs, there are partnerships that are more compatible than most, depending on the strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and characteristics of each sign. Of course, in relationships, much depends on the individuals, and while zodiac signs and their attributes should be taken with a grain of salt, they can still help indicate the suitability of a sign in regards to relationships versus casual dating versus hookups.

Well, if you’ve ever wondered where your sign ranks in terms of date-ability, we’ve got you covered – both you and your man! Certain signs, it must be said, just don’t have what it takes to work in a relationship. Sure, there are instances where men and women born under those signs have managed to keep a good thing going, but it is often the exception to the rule. Other signs are just better at being in relationships, no matter what person bears that sign! If you’re looking to determine who to avoid the next time you start swiping on Tinder, look no further: these are the signs (his and hers) that should be dropped like a hot potato and those you should make plans with ASAP!

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24 DUMP HIM: Aquarius

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If you want a unique boyfriend who thinks out of the box and marches to the beat of his own drum, then an Aquarius is your man, but these guys just don’t have what it takes to be a good match in a long-term relationship. Expressing their emotions is one of their biggest weaknesses, and how do you have a solid partnership with someone when you’re always making the first move or having to guess at how he feels? If you’re the type of girl who loves to take the lead in everything, then you might be the right fit for the Aquarius guy, but if you’re expecting some grand showy gestures of romance, then you need to move along. This dude doesn’t have the confidence or the foresight to pull off rom-com behavior so save yourself some heartache and end it before you get in too deep.

23 DATE HER: Aquarius

If you’re interested in someone a little out of the ordinary, then an Aquarius girl is the one for you! A little quirky, a little kooky, it can be hard to get women born under this sign comfortable enough to actually commit to a relationship, but once you do, they’ll prove that the effort was worth it.

Thanks to their love of all things unusual, Aquarius women look at any of your flaws or shortcomings at something to be loved, appreciated, and admired. To them, insecurities are just added uniqueness, so they’ll never have you thinking that you aren’t good enough for them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work on their end, and so anyone who dates them should expect to put in some effort to get the Aquarius girl to love herself, too.

22 DATE HIM: Leo

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Unlike their female counterpart, the Leo man is actually a pretty awesome dude to be with in a relationship! Sure, he might be a little too into his looks, but he’s also fiercely protective of those he loves, and unwaveringly loyal. While a pretty face might charm him, he’s not so shallow as to throw everything away for something so surface-level.

Like the female Leo, the male Leo is also generous, but he doesn’t necessarily expect the same in return. He simply wants to be appreciated for what he does – he doesn’t need jewels or fancy things to back up those sentiments. The drawback of dating a Leo guy is that he can be a bit lazy, but if you’re a homebody like him, you two can just chill out and be in love!

21 DUMP HER: Leo

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Leo ladies think that they should be adored, and while you should definitely have high expectations in a relationship and not settle, unrealistic expectations are something else entirely.

The Leo woman wants to be treated like a queen and her generous nature has her giving as much as she hopes to get, but she will nag whoever falls short of her expectations – which is almost everyone, especially her partner. Generally high-maintenance, the Leo woman isn’t a girl you just hang out with; she needs to be wined and dined to feel like you truly value her. Unfortunately for her, she also has a tendency to pick the exact dude who won’t do that, and then runs to complain to her friends as if it’s a surprise. Fighting is a huge problem in most of a Leo woman’s relationships because she will pull out all the stops to get her way.

20 DUMP HIM: Sagittarius

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The Sagittarius guy will promise to show you the world, take you on grand adventures, proclaim his love for you just a few dates in – and then totally ghost. This dude can’t handle anything resembling commitment and while he’s happy to be the one to say those three little words first, he’s not likely to always mean it.

Sag guys don’t like to make decisions, so you need to take everything they say with a grain of salt. It’s not that they enjoy lying, it’s just that for them, a little fib here and there is easier than saying what they mean, because they’ve certainly gotten into trouble for doing that before. Not always genuine and kind of a flake, Sagittarius guys will often get out quick before you even have a chance to cut the cord.

19 DATE HER: Sagittarius

The winner of the Best Girlfriend Award is, of course, the Sagittarius lady! Selfless almost to a fault, Sag girls can be hard on themselves if they don’t think that they’re living up to their own expectations in a relationship, but they never pass on the same critical stance to their partner.

As in most successful relationships, trust is of the utmost importance to a Sagittarius woman, and they will give as well as they get. In fact, they can be honest to a fault, but that means you’re never in a grey area with a Sag girl. Generous and with a great sense of humor, women born under this sign are looking for someone they can travel the world with before it becomes time to settle down and grow old together. They’ll never force you to do anything you don’t want to and will have your back 100%.

18 DATE HIM: Cancer

Another case of opposites, the male Cancer is actually far more dateable than his female counterpart. These guys are the true romantics, so if you’re into the stuff of chick flicks and Nicholas Sparks novels, the Cancer man is the one for you.

As opposed to a lot of other signs, Cancer guys won’t have you guessing as to their feelings, because they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They love being in love, and while that might seem like too much too fast for some women, they can be equal parts adoring and charming. Cancer men also have a bit of a dark and brooding side too, so if you were more Team Jess than Team Dean on Gilmore Girls, this is the man you’ll want to get your hands on. He loves to spoil his woman and displays of affection are a guarantee for anyone dating this dude.

17 DUMP HER: Cancer

You would think that Cancer women would be some of the best girlfriends around and they would be if they didn’t always push everyone around them away.

While she is sensitive and in tune with her emotions, the Cancer woman is always incredibly insecure, and that’s what usually sends her BFs running for the hills. She turns into a big ugly green monster when she suspects infidelity – which is pretty much all the time – and once she gets caught in a web of negative thinking, it’s almost impossible to pull her out of it. Cancer women can turn into crazy exes who will make dramatic declarations (and threats) to win their guy back when really, her actions are just proof that he should’ve avoided her altogether in the first place.

16 DATE HIM: Gemini

Gemini guys are always looking for their other half, being the sign of the twins, which makes them excellent boyfriends. Not only are they great in social situations, endearing themselves to your family and friends, but they truly want to get to know you as a person. Sure, their flirtiness is what drew you to them initially, but he’s the loyal type who will never stop wanting to learn more about you.

One of the greatest communicators of the zodiac, the Gemini guy is big on listening. He understands that communication is a two-way street and, while he does love to talk, he knows that he can learn a lot more by being silent and paying attention. Because of this, arguments with a Gemini guy are usually satisfied quickly and to mutual satisfaction. He’s a true gentleman and definitely the type you’ll want to keep around!

15 DATE HER: Gemini

Almost always bubbly and outgoing, the Gemini girl is an easy one to have fun with. When it comes to relationships, she wants to show her best side, even if she isn’t always feeling the greatest, which is both a good and a bad thing. Negativity is rare in women born under this sign, but when it comes, it hits hard, which is why she needs a partner who can roll with the punches.

That being said, this sign makes for a great girlfriend. She’s loyal, funny, entertaining, and always up for spontaneity. She’s truly a delight to have around and won’t play games with you to have you guess how she’s feeling. She’s also a major flirt, which could rile up your jealousy, but she never acts on it when she has someone she loves at home.

14 DUMP HIM: Capricorn

Capricorn guys are great boyfriends – if you do everything they say. Guys born under this sign have a very strict sense of what is appropriate and what they’ll accept. They always want the best in everything and hold themselves and everyone around them to extremely high standards, which can be exhausting, frustrating, and hurtful whenever you feel like you don’t measure up (which, let’s face it, with a Capricorn dude, will be often).

The controlling nature of the Capricorn man leads to a lot of scrutiny and pressure for his partners and when dating one, you’ll feel like you have to prove yourself every time you have a conversation. Upend the balance and take back control for once by being the one to end it before he does.

13 DATE HER: Capricorn

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While the male Capricorn can be high-strung and uncompromising, the female Capricorn is able to turn her strident nature into something more positive and beneficial to her partner. In her constant pursuit of perfection, she will never stop working on, never stop trying to better, herself or her relationship, because she knows that both parties deserve it. Owing to this, the Capricorn woman is likely to take the lead in the relationship, but only because she knows how to get the best in life. Uncompromising in word and deed, she will defend her SO to the end, which is how you’ll really get a sense of what you mean to her, because otherwise she can be guarded in terms of her emotions. Trust us, though, it’s worth it once you chip away her layers.

12 DUMP HIM: Taurus

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Taurus guys can be excellent in relationships, as long as everything goes exactly their way. This bull-headed sign is known for being extremely particular about what they do and do not like and will stubbornly defend it to the end. Arguments with these guys are frequent and fiery and if you don’t come to their side in the end, they can hold it against you forever after.

Guys born under this sign don’t date someone unless they’re serious about them already, because they dislike change and prefer to find someone they can build a future with, since they crave stability. Because of that, it can be difficult to form a relationship with them since they have everything mapped out according to their specifications. If you’re more of a passive type who enjoys things being planned for you, then a Taurus is your man, but if you have an independent streak, move along!

11 DUMP HER: Taurus

The exact opposite of a clingy girlfriend, we have the Taurus lady, who is independent almost to a fault. She lives her life the way she pleases and isn’t willing to change for anyone, including whoever may happen to fall in love with her. She’s so content being on her own that for many of the men that date her, they wonder if she’d even care if they left (the answer: not really).

Her uncompromising standards also mean that fights come fast and frequent, and will often end in a breakup because this bull can turn cold fast. She’s never one to give second chances, so on-off relationships aren’t her thing, and if you’ve screwed her over once, she’ll never forgive you. There’s no negotiating with a Taurus woman, and since relationships require a deal of compromise, she’s just not good at them.

10 DATE HIM: Aries

Cocky and arrogant at first sight, the Aries guy is just putting up a front to look like the big man on campus, because underneath all that, he’s a real sweetie. A fiery relationship is bound to happen with a guy born under this sign, but there’s a difference between one that will flame out and one that’ll keep cooking.

To date the Aries man, you have to be able to handle his heat, because this isn’t a sign that does well with passive women. More likely than not, a relationship with this guy will blossom from a friendly rivalry or partnership into something with romance because the competition is his aphrodisiac. For a guy who’s a bit of a thrill-seeker and adventure junkie, look no further than the Aries man.

9 DUMP HER: Aries

Acting impulsive is the Aries woman’s MO, and that certainly doesn’t stop when she gets into a relationship, which is often. She rushes into things, which means she can run hot and cold with her BF, and her short temper means that fights are a guarantee.

Aries women like to be the leaders in almost any given situation, so they can’t stand when people get in their way. They’re also super competitive, so any arguments you have when dating an Aries girl is going to be a knock-down, drag-out affair – and she will always win. Aries women aren’t afraid of playing dirty, either, and their incisive mind will pick out the weaknesses of their opponents and use it against them. It can be a lot of work to date an Aries girl and honestly, it isn’t always worth the trouble in the end.

8 DATE HIM: Libra

The Libra guy is the man you bring home to meet the parents because he’s such a charmer! Fortunately, it’s not fake charm, because this dude is the real deal. He knows how to socialize and entertain and he will never make you feel like you have to take care of him, meaning that bringing him into your inner circle is a no-brainer. In fact, they may end up liking him more than you!

Communication is a major part of any successful relationship, and Libra men are the great harmonizers of the zodiac world. He would much rather discuss an issue with you than have it turn into a fight, and is more than willing to compromise. Sure, you might have to push him to say what he really wants (once you assure him you won’t be offended), but a little push will make it all worth it.

7 DATE HER: Libra

One of the kindest signs in all the zodiac, Libra women are social butterflies who have people flock to them on account of their positive energy. She’s the kind of girl you can’t wait to introduce to all your friends and family because you know that, without question, they’ll love her as much as you do.

Rather than get into arguments in a relationship, the Libra girl will try to reach common ground through communication, because confrontation certainly isn’t her forte. She will always go out of her way to put her boyfriend or partner first, which sometimes means that she puts her needs second. Always the giver, the Libra lady is happy to get whatever love comes her way, but her peaceful nature won’t have her asking for it. Potentially more passive, she needs someone who understands and respects her without getting aggressive, and she’ll truly shine.

6 DUMP HIM: Virgo

Like Capricorn men, Virgo men can be very particular. They’re perfectionists through and through, and anything that upsets the delicate balance they’ve created can put them into a tailspin. Unfortunately for any woman dating a Virgo guy, they can also be extremely jealous. Naturally analytical with a keen eye for detail, a Virgo dude is likely to overanalyze even the most innocent of situations to give them a nefarious edge, which can lead to arguments or the kind of freeze-out silent treatment this sign specializes in.

Forgiveness also isn’t really in the nature of the Virgo man, because his mind catalogs everything, including every wrong (or perceived wrong) that’s been done to him. You may think you’ve gotten over a relationship hurdle only for him to bring it up as ammunition down the road.

5 DUMP HER: Virgo

Nag, nag, nag! The Virgo lady is so critical of everyone and everything that she is impossible to please! She’s always going to find something wrong with her partner, and her perfectionist tendencies will have her nit-picking everything, raising standards to impossible heights that can’t be reached, and then judging those who can’t get there.

Honestly, Virgo is a sign that is often considered better off alone, because no one is ever good enough for them. She tends to run cold, being more prone to logic than emotion, so the only read you can get from her is generally a disappointment, which doesn’t make for a healthy relationship. Her nit-picking and hyper-critical ways also lend themselves to a jealous streak that’ll have her suspicious in seconds and which is almost impossible to avoid.

4 DUMP HIM: Pisces

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Pisces guys sound great on paper, being sensitive and in tune with their emotions, but there is such a thing as too much sensitivity. This guy will take offense at the slightest thing and his thin skin means you’ll have to continuously comfort him from the wounds of the world. Add to that the fact that Pisces dudes are always drawn to the wrong type of people in an effort to “fix them” or find the good in them, but they’ll act surprised when they get hurt. This track record means that their insecurity flares right up and again, you’re stuck being more of a caretaker than a girlfriend. We’re all for guys who have a sweet side, but the Pisces dude can be all mush one moment and then totally guarded the next, and you’re looking for a boyfriend, not a puzzle.

3 DATE HER: Pisces

A little shy at first, the Pisces girl will quickly prove to you how worth it she is because she is someone who is sensitive, strong, and supportive. She is the ideal girlfriend in that she will always be in her man’s corner, no matter what, because she wants to see the best in people. Failure is something that happens but she will always be there to pick up the pieces. She can read a room – and read you, too – so when you don’t feel like talking, she’ll understand that it’s not you pushing her away, you just need some time.

Above all, Pisces women know themselves deeply and will admit when they’re wrong. They want relationships to work and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. They don’t see apologies as a sign of weakness, just a necessary part of a functional relationship.

2 DATE HIM: Scorpio

While Scorpio women are by and large considered the worst kind to date of the zodiac signs (unless you can handle all that darkness), Scorpio men are the best! While on the surface this guy can seem dark and mysterious, underneath it all, he’s a big softie who wants to find that special someone with whom he can be vulnerable. Once you’ve managed to win a Scorpio guy’s heart, you have it forever.

Men born under this sign are incredibly loyal and fiercely protective. To outsiders, they might seem mysterious but really, they’re very honest and can’t stand to lie to someone they love. The ideal combination of fiery passion and devoted friendship, the Scorpio man will forgive your faults and be with you through all of life’s ups and downs, making him the clear winner of the Best Boyfriend Award.

1 DUMP HER: Scorpio

Oh boy, if you’ve picked a Scorpio woman to date, then you’d better watch out because this is a sign that is hella scary when it comes to relationships. Not only is jealousy a key feature in Scorpio women, but they can be downright crazy when they feel that they have been wronged. We’re talking Carrie Underwood in “Before He Cheats” kind of crazy!

The unpredictable nature of a Scorpio lady makes it impossible for her to hold onto a solid relationship, and she usually sets fire to it before her SO even gets a chance. She doesn’t think twice about ruining the lives of those who have wronged her because her vulnerability was a gift, and to have that taken advantage of is a major no-no. If you’re already involved with a woman born under this sign, beware.

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