Due-Date Battle: Kate And Khloe, 15 Reasons The World Will Obsess Over The Babies

It's definitely pretty exciting when one of our favorite celebrities announces that she's pregnant. It's basically as thrilling as if we ourselves were having our first child... or if our best friend or sister or fave female cousin was. For those of us who are total pop culture addicts, we can't help but love following along with celebrity news, and celeb pregnancies are always some of the juiciest stories out there. It's just so much fun to see how their pregnancy is going, who the baby daddy is, and wonder about the gender of the child and what their name is going to be.

There are some babies who become super famous before they're even born, and that's definitely the case for Kate Middleton's third child and Khloe Kardashian's first one. Kate's due date is in April 2018 so it's just around the corner, and Khloe has said that she's got a couple of weeks before her baby is supposed to be born. In other words, it's totally a due date battle, and we can't wait to see these lovely babies! Whose baby is going to be more worshipped and adored? It's a close call. Read on to find out!

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15 Kate's Baby: He/She Will Be A Royal

No doubt about it, Kate Middleton's third child will absolutely be beloved. Why? Well, for starters, she's being born into a royal family, and that means that she already has tons of fans rooting for her.

As soon as it was announced that Prince William was marrying Kate, people freaked out (in a good way, of course). We couldn't read the news without seeing some mention of Kate, and she became a really adored public figure. The same thing happened with her son, Prince George, and her daughter, Prince Charlotte. Since both babies are so beloved, it's safe to say that this third kid will be just as worshipped by the public. And, it goes without saying, but here goes: this child will be just as adorable as his or her siblings.

14 Khloe's Baby: She Will Be Be A Kardashian

On a March episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe said that she's expecting a girl, so we know the gender. While of course Kate's baby will be super famous and worshipped since she's going to be a royal, the thing is that Khloe's baby is going to be a Kardashian.

And, well, the Kardashians are definitely Hollywood royalty. There is really no doubt about that. People love following along with them and there's a reason that they have such a long-running reality show and a bunch of spin-offs, and their fame isn't slowing down anytime soon. Let's face it, we all love the Kardashians, and we're already so psyched about this new addition to the famous fam. We can't even imagine how exciting it's going to be once her birth is announced.

13 Kate's Baby: People Are Obsessed With Kate And William

On the other hand, while everyone loves the Kardashians, the truth is that people are pretty much obsessed with Kate and William. That's been the case since the very beginning of their relationship.

Remember how nuts everyone went over the royal wedding?! People in the U.S. woke up super early in order to watch the televised ceremony and didn't even care about how tired they would be thanks to the time difference. It was such a big deal and so much fun to follow along with. Since everyone adores Kate and William so much and there has even been at least one TV movie made about their romance, it's safe to say that we'll love their third baby just as much. We can't imagine people not worshipping this royal baby.

12 Khloe's Baby: It's Khloe's First Kid

That being said, this is Khloe Kardashian's first child, and people definitely love when a celebrity is expecting their first kid. There's just something so magical and special and amazing about it.

This isn't to say that people don't care that Kate is having another baby because they absolutely do. It's just that your first pregnancy is a really unique experience and that's true whether you're famous or not. It's possible that when Khloe K gives birth, her baby will get more press than if she already had kids. Okay, okay, who are we kidding?! We know that Kardashian babies will always get tons of media attention. But the fact that it's her first one does make the story a bit more exciting. No one could argue with that, right?

11 Kate's Baby: Fans Wanted Her To Have Another Baby

Before Kate announced her third pregnancy, there was a lot of speculation about whether she was expecting again and when it would happen. Fans definitely are very invested in this royal family, and they want William and Kate to have a massive family.

Since fans are so into following along with this family, that's more proof that fans will definitely worship their third baby. It's just something that fans really care about and have wanted to happen for a while now. Once Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are married, it's safe to say that fans will wonder when they're going to start their own family, and then people will worship those babies as well. That will absolutely happen (and, hey, we'll be right there with them).

10 Khloe's Baby: This Is Khloe's Happily Ever After


It's no secret that Khloe Kardashian has been through a lot in her personal life over the years. Most famously, she was married to Lamar Odom from 2009 until 2016. They actually walked down the aisle only a month after they first started dating, so it was definitely a whirlwind romance.

After starring in a few spin-offs together, it became clear that they weren't meant to be. Of course, the drama didn't end there, and when Lamar had a medical crisis in October 2015 and was in a coma, Khloe was by his side and waited to get officially divorced. Now that she's found love and happiness with Tristan Thompson, fans love that they're having a baby, and this is her happily ever after. That's one reason that fans will worship this baby.

9 Kate's Baby: There Is Already A Ton Of Media Coverage

Judging on the media coverage of Kate's third pregnancy, we can definitely predict that the same thing will happen once she gives birth.

There's seriously a lot of stories out there about how things are going. People have reported on Kate's morning sickness and are wondering when her due date is. People are also speculating on the gender of the baby since she hasn't made that public yet or given any possible hints. Us Weekly even had an entire article about Kate's morning sickness and had experts talk about what it means to have this. Yup, that's devotion. People really do love Kate and her kids and are so excited about this new baby. We get it because we're definitely on board and can't wait, either.

8 Khloe's Baby: Khloe's Sisters Had Babies Recently

In case we've been living under a rock, we know that Kylie Jenner recently gave birth to her baby girl, Stormi, and that Kim Kardashian recently had her third baby, Chicago, via a surrogate. Just kidding, of course we know that. Because something pretty remarkable happened: Kylie, Khloe, and Kim were all pregnant/expecting babies at the exact same time.

That would have been amazing enough if they weren't members of the most famous family ever, so needless to say, there has been a ton of press coverage and media attention given to these pregnancies and babies. We can predict that when Khloe gives birth, her baby girl will be just as worshiped as Chicago and Stormi, and we honestly are so excited to see what she looks like.

7 Kate's Baby: She's Pregnant At An Exciting Time

There couldn't possibly be more exciting things happening in the royal family, right? Kate's having her third baby and Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry. It's hard to think of a more thrilling time than right now.

In fact, these two events are going to happen around the same time. Meghan and Harry's nuptials are taking place this spring 2018 and that's around the time that Kate is expected to give birth. In other words, fans of the royal family are totally and completely freaking out, and it's like Christmas and Halloween and every other good, fun holiday combined. Since the baby's due date is the same time as another royal wedding, we can predict that both things will get a ton of media attention, and Kate's third baby will definitely be worshipped.

6 Khloe's Baby: The Birth Story/Early Days Could Be Filmed

When Kylie Jenner announced the birth of Stormi and explained why she had lived more privately than usual for a period of time, she posted a video of her pregnancy journey. Fans loved getting that glimpse at her life and it felt like a really special thing. When Kim Kardashian introduced her family to her surrogate, she did it on camera and it was part of an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

When Khloe has her own baby, it's possible that the birth story will be part of an episode, or at least will factor into a storyline somehow. Fans love getting an inside look at this family and that seems possible with this birth. While we follow along with Kate and William's lives, we don't see this kind of video content.

5 Kate's Baby: Her Other Kids Are Beloved

Kate's third baby, whether a boy or girl, will definitely be worshipped because Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been adored since the days that they were born.

If people love a royal wedding, they love a royal pregnancy and a royal baby, and that's certainly the case here. Let's face it, George and Charlotte are extremely cute and are growing up so nicely. It's so much fun to follow along and see them grow up. They always seem so polite and are dressed so lovely and are just too adorable. We just know that Kate and William's third child will be just like that. Since everyone has loved following along with Kate and William's two children, that's not going to change when they have their third.

4 Khloe's Baby: Kylie's Baby Is Already Super Famous

It's hard to imagine a celebrity's baby being more famous than Stormi Webster. Sure, there have been other famous people who have had kids, but Stormi is already so well-known. Seriously, this baby girl has been in the spotlight since the day that Kylie announced her birth, and she's also super photogenic. Every time that Kylie shares an Instagram post or photo of the two of them, fans go absolutely wild.

Since Kylie's baby is already so famous and beloved, why wouldn't that happen to Khloe's baby? Exactly. That's exactly what is going to happen once Khloe gives birth. The media coverage of Khloe's baby girl might even be more intense since the two babies will be talked about together. And Khloe will probably share a lot on social media, just like Kylie.

3 Kate's Baby: People Really Love Kate

Of course people love Khloe so this isn't to say that they don't. But it's no question that Kate Middleton has been a beloved public figure since her engagement to Prince William was announced.

People living in the U.K., Canada, and the U.S. absolutely love following Kate Middleton. While we can't see absolutely everything that she does since she doesn't have social media accounts (that's part of the strict rules that members of the royal family have to follow), we do get glimpses here and there, and we totally take what we can get. Since we all love Kate so much and think that she's so lovely and stylish and elegant, we're going to love reading what we can about her third baby and seeing what photos are released.

2 Khloe's Baby: The Kardashians Live Very Public Lives

While the royal family is famous, they don't have their own reality show and don't update fans on their lives on a regular basis via social media. The Kardashians, on the other hand, do, and that means that Khloe's baby will definitely be very worshipped.

As we can see from Kim's and Kylie's babies, the Kardashians put out a lot of content about the new additions to their family. There are videos, Instagram posts, tweets, and even some episodes of KUWTK about their pregnancies and births and lives with their new babies. The same thing is most likely in the cards when Khloe has her baby girl, and fans are waiting to learn everything that they can. It's a super exciting time to be a Kardashian fan.

1 They'll Both Be Totally Adored And Worshipped

It's pretty much impossible to say that Kate Middleton's baby will be more worshipped than Khloe Kardashian's or vice versa.

Basically, both of these ladies are super famous, and are royalty in various ways. While Kate is actual royalty and has been since she married Prince William, Khloe is a member of arguably the most famous family around. When both of these lovely ladies give birth to the new additions to their families, those babies will be worshipped and will get tons of press attention. Fans will love seeing what the babies look like (and they're going to be adorable, of course), and we'll all be following along. So when do we think that these babies are going to be born? We're getting impatient over here!

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