10 Simple Tips To Help With Dry Skin

Everyone suffers from dry skin at some point in their lives, but for some of us, it is a daily occurrence. It can be itchy, and sometimes even painful, as our skin succumbs to its dryness. Luckily, there are several things you can do to help hydrate your skin and make it as healthy as it can possibly be.

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Dry skin can only be defeated through daily habits that work toward the betterment of your body. It could be a result of your job or even an unfortunate swing of genetics, but there are ways in which you can help rid yourself of this. Keep reading to learn about ten simple tips to help with dry skin!

10 Use A Moisturizer After Coming Into Contact With Water

One of the major causes of dry skin is water, but this doesn't mean you should skimp on showers or washing your hands. Any time you come into contact with water you should apply a moisturizer, and this could include bathing, washing your hands, or even working with a soapy mop bucket.

You should strive to be clean, but that doesn't have to come with the consequence of dry skin. The moisturizer you buy should add moisture to your skin and lock in the hydration for a lasting effect that keeps your skin looking great for the entire day.

9 Limit Your Time in the Bath or Shower

We already know that water dries out your skin, so spending less time in the bath and shower will improve your condition. You should try to stick to a time of 5 to 10 minutes, as this offers you plenty of time to clean yourself and still enjoy its comforting warmth.

It is also important that you avoid using loofas, scrubbers, or even washcloths, as the friction will cause your skin to react negatively. If you have to use one of these then consider using a very light touch to bathe so you can avoid the nasty side effects.

8 Ointments and Creams Work Better Than Lotions

Your go-to when your dry skin begins to crack is probably a lotion, but you should consider switching to an ointment or cream instead. The oil to water ratio in each of these products differ, but lotions tend to have the highest water content.

Creams generally have a ratio of 1 to 1, while ointments have a ratio of 4 to 1. This indicates that if a cream is not having the effect you want on your skin, then an ointment might be the better option.

7 Only Use Unscented Products Made For Sensitive Skin

There are so many options out there for different soaps and creams, and it can be hard to choose just one. You should avoid anything with a scent, and look for things that are labeled for sensitive skin.

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The scents within a product have a tendency to upset your skin, which can make it more prone to drying out. There are so many different varieties out there for scentless sensitive skin products, so we recommend trying a few until you find the one that works best for you and your skin.

6 Buy a Humidifier

Your skin needs all of the moisture it can get, and when winter rolls around a lot of it is sucked out of the air. Oftentimes our homes begin to grow stale due to this lack of moisture, which in turn, leads to dry skin.

A humidifier will help solve this problem as it puts this much-needed moisture back into the air, and can help prevent your skin from itching and cracking. It might seem too good to be true, but this is one tip that we know will help you with your issues.

5 Stay Warm

This is similar to the previous tip because cold weather sucks the humidity from the outside air. When the air outside is dry, the moisture in your skin tends to evaporate more quickly, which causes your dry skin.

The best way to beat this winter catastrophe is to try and stay as warm as possible. You can bundle yourself up in twenty different layers or choose to sit inside beside the warm fire. The greater an effort you make to banish cold from your life for good, the better chance you have of avoiding dry skin.

4 Wear A Pair Of Gloves

This is good advice for anyone working out in the cold, or in an industry where their hands are coming into contact with water and chemicals every day. It can be tempting to leave your gloves at home, but your hands will hate you for it as they develop a dryness within the hour.

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These effects can also worsen during the winter if you work outdoors, as they consistently move from wet to dry and warm to cold. It will be too much for your poor ski to handle, but a simple fix with a pair of gloves can banish it for good.

3 Try Not To Scratch

Your skin is more at risk of drying out if you continue to scratch it. The friction caused by your nails irritates your skin and causes it to have a negative reaction due to the severe disturbance. A simple fix of a dose of self-control can help you prevent dry skin from making an appearance in your life. When you combine this habit with a moisturizer, your troubles should disappear forever due to your diligence in fighting its effect on your skin.

2 Change Your Laundry Detergent

If you have tried everything and your skin is still giving you issues, then you should consider switching to new laundry detergent. There are several out there formulated for sensitive skin, but oftentimes they will cost you a few extra bucks.

It might not seem like its worth it, but you will be amazed at the difference it makes with your skin. This is also something several dermatologists will suggest you try, so it is worth a shot before you make your appointment with a doctor.

1 Avoid Wearing Certain Fabrics

Your skin is obviously sensitive if you have dry skin, so wearing itchy or prickly fabrics will not do you any favors as they stimulate your cells into reacting negatively. It is in your best interest to avoid things like wool, polyester, and nylon among others, as they are the worst culprits of itchy fabric.  You should try and find clothing items made of cotton, cashmere, and linen as these will feel the best, and prevent any constant irritation from happening to your skin.

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