Drew Barrymore Discusses Her Beauty Brand And Cosmetic Surgery

Drew Barrymore, who had her first film role at five, launched her beauty brand Flower Beauty in 2013. The actress credits her years of sitting in a makeup chair with giving her the insight to build a cosmetics company.

“I knew that space so well, I’d been in it my entire life,” she says. “I’d just come off of my contract with CoverGirl where I was co-creative director of my own campaign, so I’d had this intense six year education that I was aching to apply to something.”

Barrymore decided to make the focus of her brand affordability, accessibility and fun. “I always say a smile is the best make-up,” she says. “And I think it really means that there’s such power and beauty in being happy. I’ll take a big smiling make-up-free face any day of the week.”

The company’s first tagline was “Love The Way You Look,” which defines Barrymore’s approach to getting older. The actress, who turns 44 this month, wants to “embrace getting older” and has no plans to go under the knife, though she doesn’t judge those who choose cosmetic surgery.

The actress says that the pressure to look young has always existed, yet now with social media and digital filters, the trend is “very much in-your-face.” She also swears by tried and tested products, like “good old Cetaphil.” One of her personal favorites is from her own company, Light Illusion, a liquid foundation that has a reflective quality.

The newest Flower Beauty tagline is “Beauty Is For Everybody,” which to Barrymore means that skincare should be within everyone’s reach. “I think no matter what your personal economics are that every woman deserves to feel good about herself.” Her company has decided to concentrate its investment on formulations rather than marketing or advertising in order to offer quality products at affordable prices. So far, the strategy has paid off. Industry sources estimate that Flower Beauty does $50 million in retail sales annually.

As for other Flower Beauty products that Barrymore swears by, she says that her daily must-have is Supernova Skin Elixir, which hydrates, primes and smooths skin, allowing foundation to be blended easily. She also loves the Mix N’ Matte Lip Duo, which allows you create a variety of looks with one product. Barrymore’s favorite is Red Velvet, a cheerful red shade that brightens your day.

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Barrymore currently stars with Timothy Olyphant in Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, which has been renewed for a third season that will premiere this year. She will also appear as a judge along with RuPaul and Faith Hill on The World's Best, a reality talent competition hosted by James Corden, that will debut tomorrow after Super Bowl LIII.

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