Dragon Ball: 20 Hilarious Facts About The Ginyu Force

The emblem. The poses. The rock-paper-scissors. The inane prattle.

All of these elements are integral to the identity of the iconic Ginyu Force and, although their stint as “big time villains” was painfully short, they, and their embarrassing antics, have become a beloved staple of the franchise.

That said, there’s a lot of interesting and often hilarious trivia about this elite fighting unit, and with today’s list, we’re going to be talking about all of it!

With this list of Dragon Ball: 20 Hilarious Facts About The Ginyu Force, we’ll be covering things like Guldo’s incredibly creepy hobbies, the origins of the team’s names, and even Yamcha’s cursed influence on the ill-fated unit.

We hope you’ve been practicing your poses, because we’re about to begin!

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20 Their Amazing Theme Song

via KnowYourMeme

For a team as obviously hip as the Ginyu Force, a rousing theme song is an absolute requirement, and Dragon Ball Z Kai delivered.

Entitled “Take the Stage!! Ginyu Special Squad!!,” this action-packed anthem contains absurd lyrics about how the Ginyu Force “shuts up whining kids” and how they “hate frogs, though [we] don’t know why.”

Truly, this song is a treasure.

19 Ginyu’s Long Line Of... Selective... Body Stealing

via YouTube

We’re all well aware of Captain Ginyu’s incredible ability to steal the bodies of his opponents, but we don’t know how long he’s been doing it, or what his original body looks like.

A Japanese strategy guide sheds some light on the situation, though, claiming that Ginyu used his powers to switch bodies with an immensely wealthy kid.

18 They’re Actually Really Well Taken Care Of

via Screen Rant

Some Star Wars Legends content sheds light on the lives of Stormtroopers and, much to our surprise, they have it pretty good. Despite the Emperor’s immense levels of selfishness, greed and evil, Stormtroopers to receive good pay, benefits and a solid retirement package (including homes!)

Funnily enough, it seems that another ruthless space tyrant has a soft spot for his enlisted soldiers… at least to a degree. According to FighterZ, the Ginyu Force has great benefits, advanced medical care, and they even get entire planets as rewards!

17 Jeice’s “Rockstar Scream” Antics

via Pinterest

Despite its ups and downs, the Ocean Dub is fondly remembered by countless fans for providing them with their first look into the world of Dragon Ball.

One of the best parts of the Ocean Dub, even now, were the prolific voice talents behind many of the characters, almost all of which were staples in classic 90s cartoons, such as Beast Wars.

Scott McNeil, who played Jeice, interpreted the red warrior as an English, hair metal rockstar, and lovingly gave him one heck of a scream during his introduction.

16 Guldo’s Less Than Savory Hobbies

via Dragon Ball Wiki

Guldo may be the weak link in terms of strength, but his impressive ability to stop time is a powerful asset.

Unfortunately, Guldo had a knack for, shall we say… abusing… his powers.

In the Japanese strategy guide for Super Saiya Densetsu, it’s stated that the rotund, green alien used his powers for… uh… looking up people’s skirts.


15 Goku Basically Took Credit For Beating Them

via YouTube

Although Vegeta nearly pooped his pants when the Ginyu Force arrived, he ended up being the one to finish almost all of them off.

Despite this, Goku essentially took full credit for the actions, even though that’s not necessarily true. Yeah, Goku definitely did most of the hard work, but come on, man, cut some slack to your Prince.

14 They’re A Super Sentai Parody

via Tumblr

If you’ve ever watched Super Sentai, or the American adaptation, Power Rangers, you’ve seen more than your fair share of elaborate, arguably illogical bouts of intense martial arts posing and posturing.

Likewise, the Ginyu Force’s propensity for similarly elaborate and illogical posing is an obvious parody of those very same multi-colored fighting forces. For whatever reason, Toriyama seems to have something of a specific beef with Super Sentai, because ridiculous posing is one of his go-to gags.

13 Recoome Is A Ballet Dancer

via YouTube

The lumbering orange oaf, Recoome, may strike you as nothing more than a muscle-bound menace, but he’s got a very interesting character trait hidden beneath the surface.

Easily suspected by observing his decidedly graceful moves, the Super Saiya Densetsu strategy guide confirms that Recoome’s pre-Ginyu Force profession was as a ballet dancer.

12 The Power Rangers Connection

via Inverse

Like we said earlier, the Ginyu Force and its incessant posing is a parody of Super Sentai and its Western adaptation, Power Rangers.

Oddly enough, the Ginyu Force / Power Rangers connection actually goes a little deeper.

DBZ’s original Ocean Dub was produced by Saban, which is the same company that created the Power Rangers franchise.

11 They’re All Mutants

via dragonball.fandom.com

Frieza and his family are unlike the other members of his race. In fact, it’s basically stated that his clan’s immense powers and abilities stem from them being mutants. Arguably, the same could be said about Goku and Vegeta’s unusually high power levels, even when compared to other Saiyans.

Much like their enemies and their boss, the Ginyu Force is comprised of mutants, too, all of whom have strength and abilities that are considered abnormal by the standards of their respective races.

10 Their Posing-Tradition Continues In Super

via YouTube

We mentioned earlier that series creator, Akira Toriyama, appears to have a laser-focused issue with Super Sentai, and can’t seem to stop making fun of it and its extensive poses.

While the Ginyu Force was one thing, Dragon Ball Super introduced the Pride Troopers who, much like their forebears, are yet another obvious parody of Super Sentai, sharing its posing and even its colored explosions.

We’re curious to know in what ways Super Sentai wronged Toriyama.

9 The Hidden Meanings of Ginyu’s Emblem

via YouTube

The Ginyu Force’s emblem features a surprisingly cool design, but it’s the meanings behind the emblem that makes it hilarious.

Take a look at the symbol. Does anything about it jump out at you? Maybe those two pointy parts?

Ginyu’s emblem is actually designed after his horned head, and the horned head of his boss, Frieza!

8 They Have A Weird Cameo In Persona 5

via YouTube

The Persona series has gone through a few tonal shifts and in the off-the-wall Persona 5, there’s an appearance made by a multi-colored, Super Sentai-inspired fighting force called Phoenix Ranger Featherman R.

In an extremely bizarre and meta crossover, this faux-Power Ranger team uses the already faux-Power Ranger poses of the Ginyu Force.

7 Jeice Is A Baseball Player

via YouTube

Jeice isn’t just one half of the dangerous “Purple Comet” duo, he’s a bonafide baseball player!

As with things related to obscure Ginyu Force details, we need only turn to the pages of that well-worn Japanese strategy guide for Super Saiya Densetsu to see that Jeice was once a member of Galactic Little League, which is a surprisingly cute detail for such a cold-blooded warrior.

6 They’re Named After Milk Products

Via WorldAtlas

Fans of the Dragon Ball series are well aware of Akira Toriyama’s penchant for punny names, especially when it comes to groups.

For example, every Saiyan is named after a vegetable (with “Vegeta” being a play on the word “vegetable,” itself.)

The Ginyu Force falls into a similar kind of naming convention, except instead of vegetables or underwear, they’re all named after milk products.

Jeice’s original name is “Jheese,” as in “cheese,” Burter is “butter,” and so on and so forth.

5 They Have Female Counterparts

via Screen Rant

In the overlooked and underrated Dragon Ball Fusions on 3DS, we get to meet up with a Ginyu Force counterpart named the Doola Force, which is comprised entirely of females.

Aside from the obvious change in gender, another thing that separates the groups is that, unlike the dastardly Ginyu Force, the Doola Force is unabashedly heroic.

4 Yamcha Influenced The Ginyu Force

via Inverse

Yamcha is the punching bag of the franchise, and it’s been this way for decades. Everything he touches seems to end up in the equivalent of a Saibaman-produced crater, and the Ginyu Force is no different.

You might be wondering what exactly Yamcha has to do with the Ginyu Force, and that’s understandable.

You see, his influence is subtle, but no less cursed: in short, Jeice is basically an identical design to Yamcha, simply painted red and donning poofed-up white hair. They’re both baseball players, too.

No wonder they all met such gruesome ends…

3 Guldo Is Arguably The Most Dangerous Member

via Dragon Ball Wiki

Considering all the flak Guldo receives at the hands of his supposed “allies,” he should be commended for never losing his cool and unleashing his rage upon them.

Too weak, you say? No: using his time-stopping powers, Guldo would be able to wipe out his entire team, including Ginyu.

If frozen, there would be nothing they could do stop their green friend from getting his well-deserved revenge.

2 The Dub Tried To Make Them Scary

via Twitter

The Ginyu Force has its fans, but while many of them would say their favorite characters are “cool,” we doubt anyone would say they were “scary.” How could a team as overtly goofy as the Ginyu Force ever be scary?

We don’t know, but the Ocean Dub really tried to sell them as a terrifying nightmare upon their introduction, with very serious music and a total lack of humor. Who were they trying to kid!?

1 Ginyu Can’t Escape His Froggy Fate

via YouTube

Captain Ginyu’s waking nightmare of being trapped in a frog’s body for decades is a terrifying penance, and it’s one that fate seems to have eternally tied him to.

In the long-deceased Dragon Ball Online, which took place ages after the end of the series, Dabura’s sister, Towa, went back in time and turned Ginyu’s frog form into a gigantic, hideous monster.

On the plus side, he could summon a plague’s worth of frogs to aid him in battle.

Sources: Series, Dragon Ball Wiki, Super Saiya Densetsu Strategy Guide

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