Here's Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair After Working Out

After a workout, it’s totally understandable if the first thing you want to do is hop in the shower and freshen up. Many women assume that if they’ve been sweating it out in the gym, they absolutely need to wash their hair before heading back out into the world—but as it turns out, this may not actually be necessary.

Here’s the thing—when we sweat, we feel like we’re getting dirty. But sweat is basically just salt water, and exposure to salt water doesn’t damage your hair or make it appear greasy. In fact, many of us spritz salt water sprays on when we want to get a natural wave. Sweat does not harm your hair—in fact, washing it too often can actually be detrimental.

We think that if our hair isn’t squeaky clean, we’re not doing enough. However, your scalp produces natural oils which keep your hair looking smooth and healthy. Washing your hair too often can change the pH of your scalp. If you’ve ever experienced an itchy scalp combined with flaky dandruff, it could be because you were shampooing too often—these are signs that your scalp pH is off.

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If you regularly wash your hair after workouts, but you’ve been noticing these problems, it might be time to nix the post-workout wash. Instead, simply rinse your hair with water and work your fingers through it. This will eliminate any dirt or build up. After that, you can simply let your hair dry. If you want to make sure there are no lingering odors from your workout, you can add a little dry shampoo or hair perfume to your post-workout routine. That way, your hair will be clean and you will be smelling fresh. Of course, reapplying deodorant is always a must!

Unless you’ve been getting dirty during an outdoor workout, you don’t need to shampoo right after you leave the gym. In fact, skipping it will save you time and promote healthy hair. Plus, you’ll save a little money by using less shampoo, and you’ll still look and smell great with less effort.

Have you been trying to keep your haircare routine more minimal? Let us know in the comments!


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