Don't Be Her: 15 Times Women Failed HARD At Selfies

We’re all guilty of it; the selfie. We all also look pretty darn ridiculous when we’re in the act of taking a selfie too (yes, you do too…don’t act like you don’t). Selfies are everywhere, they are at the beach, at restaurants, out and about, at home, and in our bathrooms for whatever reason. The thing is, not all selfies are the same and some can look pretty stupid, for lack of better words. Whether you are taking a shot between your legs, while on the toilet, while your mom is making a cameo, or while using your grandma as a wingman, you have to realize that you are still the one in control of these shots going live, right? You have the power to end this!

This is what blows my mind: After all is said and done, these women still find the need to post these horrendous shots that they took little to no time thinking about. It’s almost like, “Well that happened, there’s no stopping it now. Might as well just put it out there for all to see.” All I have to ask is, “Why?!” You are doing this to yourselves! Well, we found a bunch of these types of selfies that we felt the world needed to see and compiled them on this list. Just don’t let yourself ever become one of these women.

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15 Unintentional Booger Selfie

Via Tumblr

What do you know, it’s yet another selfie in a bathroom. Why do people think this is such a great place to showcase themselves? Newsflash! It usually isn’t. Sure you may think you have so many mirrors at your disposal, but it usually ends up being your worst enemy rather than your best friend.

Take this selfie for example. This girl thinks she looks smokin’ hot in the mirror when she has a secondary shot with what looks like a big juicy booger running down her face. Yeah…no. I’m not sure the guys are lining up for a girl that looks like she has snot cascading down her nose, or is unaware that she inadvertently captured that image while trying to look uber sexy. Maybe double check those images first honey.

14 The Airport Waiting Area Selfie

Via Tumblr

This one might just be our winner. Not only is this girl taking the most ridiculously posed selfie I might have ever seen in my life, but it’s also in the waiting area of an airport, which is possibly the most unexciting place in the world. Yeah, you’re going on a trip, but right now you are literally sitting in an airport and everyone is looking at you like you’re a total dope. Yes they are.

Obviously, this crowd is a little agitated because they just want to get on their plane on time (which is a miracle in itself) and not have people around them bothering them. Is it too much to ask? I guess it is. Maybe just hold off on the selfies until you hit your destinations for everyone’s sake.

13 The Rabat Dog Selfie

Via Tumblr

Oh the timing of some selfies. This girl is all dressed up and ready to go, but her dog does NOT approve. Perhaps this is her dad’s dog because honestly she has a lot of cleavage going on here. Wouldn’t it be great if her dad trained the dog to ruin her selfies for every outfit he didn’t approve? Wow, if that was possible, so many girls would have their days destroyed.

Anyway, this dog does not look happy with the situation that is going on right now and she doesn’t seem too worried about it. What if a serial killer just broke into the house and the dog was warning her that she was about to be slashed? You never know! Never discount the dog that’s rule number one of every horror movie!

12 The Anonymous Selfie

Via Tumblr

First response: umm…is she robbing a bank and documenting it? This would be one stupid criminal if that was the case, how the heck would she see through that material? I kid, I kid. But honestly, what is going on here? It looks like this girl is on a charter bus of some sort with a beanie over her face. I’m at a loss as to why a selfie must happen in this situation.

If you look closely, the person next to her looks equally as confused too. I guess I’m not the only one thank goodness. Maybe it’s a generational thing. This girl looks pretty young…maybe high school kids have some secret code or something about selfies with hats over their faces? God knows. They’re always coming up with something insanely weird.

11 The Ultra Surprised For Breakfast Alone Selfie

Via Tumblr

Oh dear lord it’s BREAKFAST (gasp)! Have you ever seen anything so surprising or outrageous? Not since yesterday around roughly the same time of day. The only thing I would see that’s shocking in this situation is a person sitting by themselves for breakfast busting out a selfie stick. Now that’s a sight to see.

Also, there’s nothing surprising on her plate besides typical breakfast foods. It’s the complete opposite of surprising actually. “Oh my god I’m eating sausage, fruit, and an omelet for breakfast, someone call the authorities because I am out of control!” You have got to be kidding me right now. Now if I saw an entire octopus on her plate that was fighting for its life by taking over her fork and knife I’d be surprised, but this is a far cry from that situation.

10 Fake #FollowMeTo Selfie Stick Disguised As Hand

Via Tumblr

I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that this girl is obviously incredibly lonely or that there is a product on the market that exists that is a fake man’s arm that you can hook to your iPhone which looks like it’s holding your hand. Pause and think about that for a second. Yes, this product apparently exists. Next question, why does this man’s skin look like it has been dead for roughly a year and a half? Ew.

It just goes to show you that a lot of the things that are posted on social media can’t be taken too seriously. This girl has a fake arm for a boyfriend for instance. You’d swear she was happily in love, but no. Major fake out. Who would know besides everyone else that’s staring at her taking this selfie?

9 The Mom Cameo Selfie

Via Tumblr

Well here’s an example of an epic selfie, you’re in your bathroom (as many selfies are) trying to look cool and your mom busts in mid pic. Classic. Not to mention your mom looks extremely concerned about the behavior she’s about to walk in on. It makes you wonder what she thought she was going to see. Wait. I don’t think I want to know.

Now I’m also wondering what this picture is supposed to prove. Why do so many people take such trivial selfies in the bathroom anyway? It’s just a recipe for disaster in my book. Not to mention that it’s bad enough to be young, “super cool,” and living with your parents, but to have zero privacy…sucks girl. Maybe try locking the door next time. Just sayin’.

8 The WTF Is In That Reflection Selfie?!?

Via Tumblr

Yeah, yeah, we get it. You’re trying to look super awesome in your shades…indoors…which I have questions to begin with in this situation, but you didn’t do damage control on the reflection of said sunglasses in your selfie. Ouch. When you’re surfing the net for some risqué items, maybe you should make sure to clear your screen before you decide to snap your pic for Instagram.

Also, what made you want to take a selfie at this very moment? It seems like you were pretty preoccupied doing other things before you decided to take this shot, so why did you suddenly stop what you were doing to take this specific picture? It just seems odd to me. Plus, it’s pitch black in your room, how are you seeing anything? I think you need to get out amongst people more or something because you’re seriously creeping me out.

7 The Between The Legs Selfie


If the first question out of your mouth wasn’t why then I question if we’re looking at the same picture. Is the perfect angle between your legs and I’ve been missing this all along? Now I always thought that you could take a selfie straight on and get a great angle of your face—silly me!

No, maybe she wants to make it look like she’s doing yoga and is showing off her flexibility. That has to be it. I mean her legs are going to be in the shot, right? Again, I am very confused by this selfie because there are people around. People are seeing you do this. As cool as you think you are, people are watching you in the act of taking a picture of yourself between your legs. Let that sink in a minute.

6 The Grandma Wingman Selfie

Via Tumblr

Hey, at least Grandma is being a good sport here, but you just have to wonder what and why once again. Why, of all people, does this girl think that pulling a hypersexual pose with her grandma is the most amazing thing to do right now? The weirdest part is, her grandma just seems like this is another part of her day like, “Okay, this is just fine. I’m proud of my granddaughter.” What the heck?!

There are some things I am just never going to get. Maybe her grandma just has no idea what’s going on and when instructed to hold her granddaughter’s leg she just did it without any questions. Who knows. Either that or she has the coolest grandma in the entire world because I am pretty darn sure my grandma wouldn’t go for that kind of shenanigans.

5 The Lecture Room Selfie

Via Tumblr

I get that class can get boring, oh believe me I get it, but you know that the entire class sitting behind you can see you taking selfies, right? Like the many people that are your peers sitting behind you. Yeah, those people. That’s kind of embarrassing. It’s one thing to go on your Facebook for the world to see, which is bad enough, but you are taking selfies in class! Why would you think this is a good idea?

You know people are taking about how weird you are because that’s who you are right now—the weird person in the room. A selfie can’t wait for an hour or so until you are free as a bird without people watching you to take as many selfies as you want? Insane.

4 The “Think About What You’ve Done” Selfie

Via Tumblr

There’s nothing hotter than taking a selfie in a bikini next to your kid who is clearly being punished, right? Um…maybe no so much. You just have to wonder what was running through this mom’s head while this picture was happening. “Well he’s acting up, but I can see him while I’m getting my selfie on so…win-win!” Oy vey!

To top it off, look at her face! She looks so dedicated to this selfie, like she is about to post this on Tinder in t-minus three minutes after this picture is taken. No joke. Now you’d think, or any logical person would think, that they would just crop their kid out of the shot, but not this lady! Maybe she is going for the sensitive type who is open to children. Good luck, girl.

3 The Shoot Like No One’s looking Selfie

Via Tumblr

What is up with this between the legs business we’ve been seeing? Is this like a thing or something? Also, notice that no one seems to really be reacting to this. Is this what we’ve become as a society? This seems coco bananas to me! It’s like, “Oh, the only way this shot could be better is if my legs were somehow awkwardly in the frame, therefore, I’m going to take a picture in between them.”

Do men think this is hot? Is this a regular image on Tinder? Maybe the angles look incredibly spectacular and I should just eat my words. I am just so confused about this entire situation. What is so wrong about taking a regular selfie? Why did we evolve to this? I guess there are just so many questions that will just never be answered.

2 On The Stinker Selfie

Via Tumblr

An oldie but a goodie. It blows my mind the amount of people that take a picture of themselves while sitting on top of the porcelain throne. How do they not realize after taking roughly one million selfies in the bathroom that there are roughly 85 mirrors in that room? Come on now seriously! Of course one of those mirrors are going to catch you on the can!

Besides, why would you think that you are looking your hottest while you are on the toilet? You would think that would be counterintuitive…or at least a logical person would think that anyway. Yet on top of that, why the heck would you post it after seeing that you can see yourself on the toilet? My questions are endless in this situation!

1 The Crotch Shot Selfie

Via Tumblr

Oh thank goodness she’s doing this in the privacy of her own backyard. Whew. Wait, she’s not. Woah boy (cringe). Yeah, there are people literally everywhere, easy to miss I know. Not exactly sure why anyone would want a literal shot of their crotch, but who the heck am I to judge? Maybe it’s her tan lines that, quite honestly, look a little off. Could you blame her for being so concerned in this situation?

All and all I’m wondering where she’s posting this and it’s concerning me. Maybe she’s taking a picture for her gynecologist. Who knows, she could have some major concerns about her…nether regions. I’m going to go a head a coach this poor girl and say this is not a great one for Tinder or Snap Chat. Big no on Facebook, and don’t even get me started on why this is a poor choice for Instagram.

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