Don't Be Clueless: 25 Things To Know About Dove Cameron

Though we know the stunning and captivating Dove Cameron by name, we are "clueless" about who she really is!

Dove Cameron really is all that ― in just a couple of years, she has transformed into Hollywood royalty. Cameron, who is 22-years-old, is a triple-threat, and we do not want to step in the way of her greatness.

We know that the fashion from Clueless has come back; the yellow, black and white plaid two-pieces, the knee-high socks, it is all back in fashion ― "as if" we would have ever thought that. She even snagged the role of Amber on Hairspray Live!

What we also did not think is that a woman could take Alicia Silverstone's place and be just as fabulous!

The Disney star, who is currently starring in Clueless the Musical off Broadway and performing eight shows a week, has become an obsession of many.

From her lead roles in Disney’s Descendants to being cast as twin sisters on Liv and Maddie, you may know the roles she played perfectly well, but we know that there are many itsy bitsy details about Cameron, the delicate beauty, that you do not know of. We love that she is quite mysterious and that is what made us go on the hunt for the truth. If you are as curious as we are to know more about the Disney-bred star, read on.

25 Dove Cameron, Who?

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Dove Cameron, right? That is what we all know the adorable actress and singer as, but the flawless blonde was actually born Chloe Celeste Hosterman. So wait, where did Dove Cameron come from?

Born in Seattle, Washington, Chloe Celeste Hosterman decided to change her name for the most graceful reason. No, Dove Cameron is not just her stage name, but her legal name, as she went to get it legally changed to honor her father who passed away who used to call her Dove. We highly doubt her family and friends all call her Dove though ― the name totally suits her porcelain beauty.

24 Cameron Was A Troublemaker

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If there is anything about Cameron that we adore, it is the innocence and sweetness she radiates!

However, the 22-year-old was not an angel as a teen, especially since she was going through a tough time with the loss of her father. As teenagers, we all try to find ourselves, but since Cameron was experiencing such a difficult time in her life during her teen years and was broken, her teenage angst was heightened. And who was her victim? Her beloved mother. She took all her frustrations and monstrous behaviour out on her mother, even admitting, “I was definitely hard on her.” It’s alright Cameron, we still love you!

23 Cameron Was Almost Hitched

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You may look at Cameron and think that she is a youngin’, but the star with piercing green eyes has already been in love once before, before her now-boyfriend.

Many of you are most familiar with Cameron because of her role on Liv and Maddie, but what most of you do not know is that she fell in love on set of the show. Yes, the Disney-bred star was dating her co-star Ryan McCartan, and, to top it all off, not only did they date, but they were also engaged. Surprise! Cameron had a ring on her finger for a few years ― what a shocker! However, in October 2016, the to-be-wed couple broke it off.

22 Her Celeb Bestie

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The one person that Cameron has not said "Thank U, Next" to is the pop sensation who is making the world buzz right now, Ariana Grande.

The two Disney-bred stars starred in Hairspray Live! together, and if ever you need a dose of awesomeness in your life, just take a look at these two in action together, or a selfie. Actually, often enough, Cameron is mistaken for Grande because they have an uncanny resemblance. The two are super close friends, and Cameron shares her love for her to the world by often posting photos of the hot duo.

21 Cameron Has A Health Condition

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Be careful what you say if you're around the crazy in love actress, and we highly suggest you refrain from using the word blood.

Yes, the word blood shall not ever be mentioned around Cameron, so we assume she promptly rejects scripts if the word blood is inscribed. Why? She has vasovagal syncope reactions.

In other words, if you say the word blood or she sees blood, she'll go completely pale, even though she is already fair-skinned, Cameron with lose colour and possibly faint. Her reactions also include blood rushed, injury and stress. Is there a doctor in the house?

20 Cameron Is Hopelessly Devoted

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If you follow the starlet on Instagram though, you may be gushing over her page; she honestly has the cutest photos ever and we are envious. But, just in case you missed it, and have been hiding under a rock, Cameron is head over heels in love with her Descendants 2 co-star Thomas Doherty ― like TOTALLY in love (we see a trend here).

Some people even just follow Cameron because the photos of these two lovebirds together could literally makes us ball our eyes out. She totally gushes over her hunky boyfriend, and we gush over them because they are the definition of #couplegoals. The hardest decision thus far has been choosing one favourite photo of this couple who simply cannot hide their feelings for each other.

19 “Do You Speak Français?”

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By the end of this, you're going to be totally in love with teen queen who is taking over. Though Cameron is American-born, she does not only know how to speak English, in fact, Cameron could star in an entire French film ― we'd love that. Though she has American roots, Cameron has claimed that herself and her family are "crazy French."

Ou lala, does this mean that this beauty could also speak French? Oui. The star is fluent in French, and we're sure her boyfriend goes gaga when she utters words of the love language.

She is not that clueless after all!

18 She Has Been A Globetrotter From A Very Young Age

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While most of us spent our childhood growing up playing on the streets or doing the jungle gym in our backyards, Cameron was way ahead of us.

Travelling is nothing new to the gorgeous and fashion-forward actress, as she has been on the go since she was a child. Though she grew up in her Seattle neighbourhood, because her parents were jewelry importers, she had to be dragged (not) along with them to India and France (hence the French). Cameron said her years were spent in "huge warehouses and marble cutteries in India" because that is where her parents' jewelry business was based. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star also proudly claimed to Entertainment Weekly, "my parents wanted their kids to have two feet in their culture."

17 Her Embarrassing Food Quirk

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Cameron is super fit and looks like she's is sweating at the gym 24/7 with her killer figure, but this star does have her weird eating habits — like very strange.

So much so, that Gordon Ramsay would without a doubt yell at her. We all love cake pops, even the ones at Starbucks, which Cameron seems to love, but she put her own little twist on cake pops, and it isn't too appetizing. In an interview with Delish, Cameron said "I would take brownies and make them into little balls and dip them in ranch." Gross much?

We're not too sure how we feel about this concoction, and we'll pass on trying it.

16 She Did Not Climb The Mountains Easily As A Child

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With a pearly white smile, a perfectly symmetrical face and a contagious personality, Cameron is more than a pretty face. However, having gone through a rough childhood, the mutli-talented woman often shares on social media platforms her feelings on depression and morality (including her recent immortel tattoo). Why though?

Cameron explained in an interview with Cosmopolitan that her best friend was murdered by their father, who then murdered his other daughter and committed suicide. Can you imagine the trauma at such a young age? Because of that event in her life, along with the loss of her father, she makes a point of taking a stance and discussing depression.

15 She's A Drop Out

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Sometimes when we're young, we are "clueless" as to where we are headed in life, and Cameron was not any different. Though we are not filling up the Cher Horowitz designer shoes she is right now, Cameron never thought she'd be where she is at today.

As a matter of fact, the young and bold star, who has an Emmy award at home for her role on Liv and Maddie, had dropped out of acting classes.

When Irish Mirror interviewed the actress and singer with fantastic vocals, she said, " I took one acting class then I realized it wasn't for me." We know, you're wondering how she came out on top without acting school? She confidentially admitted that she did so with her own method.

14 Cameron’s Trendy Backup Plan

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Cameron has a huge following on Instagram, and though it is in most part because of her acting gigs, it is also because of her incredible sense of style.

Yes, besides the fact that lately there have been images splattered across social media of Cameron in her Cher Horowitz uniform, Cameron is a fashionista and a fashion icon for many.

However, her passion for fashion goes way beyond waking up and putting on a fabulous outfit, Cameron has a fashion gig as her backup plan, though we do not see her acting career slowing down anytime soon.

Cameron's blan B was to attend fashion school, as she told the Irish Mirror, "I told myself that if I didn't make it anywhere by the time I was 18, that I would go to fashion school because I've been sewing mostly my own clothes since I was 7, and I've always had a huge interest in fashion."

13 Cameron Has Another True Love

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Most people love chewing gum, for whatever purpose, but when most people chew gum you usually see it or hear it, unfortunately. That is, unless you are Dove Cameron — Cameron is a gum magician. She told Delish in an interview, "Little secret: Every time you've seen me on camera for anything — this is really unprofessional — but I always have gum in my mouth."

She clearly has another talent hidden up her sleeves: mastering the art of hiding gum.

12 Cameron Finds Social Media Rough

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We've let you in on her past, and evidently, it is still a part of her.

However, with social media sometimes, and leading the busy life of an actress that the world is buzzing over, things could get awful. We know that people in this world could be cruel, and Cameron has been a victim; people have left malicious and harsh comments on her posts, and Cameron does actually read them.

That being said, the actress needs her breaks because she freaks out. Thankfully, she has her loving boyfriend and meditation to help her out. She has so many projects up and coming, but she enjoys downtime with her handsome bf who, as she said, "lights candles and rubs her back."

11 Her Beauty Secret

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We can all easily admit that Cameron is as perfect as a doll; if they ever decide to make a real-life Barbie movie, we would hope that directors would not scratch their heads over who to cast. With bright skin, gorgeous eyes, and luscious and drool-worthy locks, the young beauty makes us go bonkers. And we cannot get enough of her selfies. What is our favourite thing about the 5 foot 2 inches fatal beauty though? Her flawless and perfect hair.

How does she do it? Evidently, you would think it is her personal hairstylist who makes magic, but, the item she uses lays in your cupboard. To achieve her shiny and soft locks, she uses olive oil in her hair. We know you're going to try this out tonight — make sure to rinse out in the morning.

10 Cameron Has A Band Under Her Belt

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Because of her stints in Hairspray Live!, Mamma Mia! and now Clueless, we know that the young Hollywood teen queen has crazy chops. She seriously does sound like a dove when we listen to her heavenly voice.

However, like us, you probably did not know that once upon a time, before Broadway picked her up, she used to be in her own band called The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. Because the other half of the duo consisted of Ryan McCartan, her ex-fiancé, the band was unsuccessful, and had to break off just like their relationship. What a shame — maybe we will hear stuff from Cameron and Doherty one day.

9 She Was Born To Be A Star

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Her beginnings certainly explain why Cameron has excelled at what she is doing now.

Despite travelling the world with her parents, Cameron did have the time to put her focus onto something else, which was theater.

Hailing from Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Washington, the triple-threat woman who is in puppy love with her one and only started acting at a community theater at Bainbridge Performing Arts. And look where that led her today, to sizzling hot fame.

Funnily enough, in an interview with Teen Vogue when she did not hit the Broadway medium yet, she said, "Broadway has always been a component in my heart. It’s definitely a dream.” She’s proof that dreams come true!

8 Cameron’s Musical Genres

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The Cameron train is not going to stop anytime soon; the world is in love with her — how can you get enough of her angelic face?

Whether on stage, on the big screen, or in the studio, one thing remains the same, and that is her musical preference.

You would think that just like her close friend, the "God is a Woman" singer, she would like pop music, but Cameron jams out to hard rap or punk.

Not to mention, Cameron also sings pop music, but we guess her off-time is split between bumping hard rap, rocking out to punk and then jamming and dancing to music theater music 20% of the time.

7 Cameron’s Go-To Hobby

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We hope that with all her upcoming projects and the Hollywood stress that comes along with it does not burn her out.

However, Cameron seems to be able to easily shut out negativity and take time off from her reality when it is needed; it does not seem much of a difficult task with her sweetie by her side at her beck and call.

Cameron has admitted to using her time off to take time for herself and write in her diary. Yes, the 22-year-old finds solace and peace in jotting down in her diary. Also, the cutie starts every entry with "Dear Diary."

6 Cameron’s Second Home

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As we mentioned previously, Cameron has travelled practically her entire life, especially now since she is a talked-about star.

Though some completely despise traveling, like you literally need to drag them to the airport or summon them, some simply adore it, like Cameron.

Cameron finds comfort in airports, probably because she lost her father and used to always accompany him around the world. The other reason she loves loafing around in airports? According to her, "They feel homey, and they have killer people-watching opportunities." We'll remember that the next time we hit the airport.

5 Cameron Is The Friendliest Person Ever

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We have this misconception that celebrities are snobby and rude, but Cameron is at the complete end of the spectrum — Cameron is that star that you want to interview.

All who have interviewed her, like Galore and Cosmopolitan, have pointed out how sweet and friendly she is. Cameron is that chick that you meet and that you instantly hit it off with and become besties with. As a matter of fact, the bubbly Cameron, who was a victim of bullying, has nothing but love to spread. She even happily exclaimed that she treats everyone like they're her bestie. How rad is this Clueless star?

4 Cameron’s Breakthrough

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Most of us know the coolest celeb ever from Liv and Maddie, but the sitcom was actually not supposed to exist.

Though Cameron, who is not a twin IRL, starred as the twins on the family-friendly show, that was not the role she initially auditioned for.

When she went in, the show was called Bits & Pieces, and the flawless actress auditioned for the role of a character named Alanna. However, Disney did not approve, and instead came up with the idea of the twin sisters. When news broke to Cameron, she immediately freaked out, as she thought there was no chance she could take on two characters. We're glad this babe pulled through!

3 Cameron’s Television Obsession

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While Cameron may be our most loved actress ATM, because who could resist such a face, Cameron has her own show that she binge-watches over and over again.

Let us start by telling you, that she is a Whovian — yes, Cameron is a huge fan of Doctor Who, and told RadioTimes.com, "I am a BIG Doctor Who fan. I am one Doctor Who mug away from being captain of the Doctor Who fans." So much so, that back in 2011, she bravely tweeted, "It's my goal in life to be the first female Doctor Who." We're just wondering why she did not get cast yet...

2 She’ll Be On Your Spotify Soon

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Okay so she may not be rocking in a band anymore, but the lovable blonde has so much to look forward to, and so do we. Fanatical fans are surely impatiently waiting for Cameron to hit their Spotify playlists, and we're pretty sure she is going to have a bunch of adorable love songs.

Luckily for us, Cameron has notably said that after her Clueless gig is up (we hope you get to see her live), she will lighten up our lives with her heavenly voice — her dad would be proud.

In case you missed it, Cameron tweeted that she was recording new music, and that its her current main focus.

1 Cameron Is So Peppy

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Seriously, we are just dying to have a chit-chat with Cameron — as if!

We already know by scooping through her Instagram feed that she is quite the cool cat, but after learning more about the starlet, and her friendly and humble personality, we would die to be her friend.

You know what else is totally rad about this down-to-earth actress? She acts just like a normie. When she is behind the wheel, she puts her celeb status aside and sings to people out her car window! How awesome? She does this because she loves to see people smile, and she wants to see them do their happy dance.

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