"Does He Miss Me?": Here's How To Be Unforgettable In His Eyes, Based On Astrology

You discover he doesn't miss you at all. In fact, he's moved on to a new girl...

When a relationship ends, it is always expected for you to miss the other person. It seems everything reminds you of your lost love and the pain that follows can be nearly impossible to work through - then you discover he doesn't miss you at all. In fact, he's moved on to a new girl and doesn't seem to care about the relationship you shared in any way. What can you do? Rather than continue to mourn a dead relationship, try picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and moving forward.

That relationship is over and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that, especially since he seems to have moved on without any hint of guilt or remorse. Some things are just out of your control, but what you CAN do is turn to your horoscope! Your astrological sign has already helped you in other aspects of your life, so why not this one as well? When you need help, you know your can always turn to your horoscope to give you a little advice and remind you how to shine a little brighter. Make sure you are unforgettable in your next relationship by following the truth within your sign! Here's how:


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17 Capricorn - Relinquish Your Self-Control For Just One Night Of Wild Fun


Capricorn are disciplined, responsible and have excellent self-control. You know this because this is who you are - but how can you stand out when you're just like everyone else on the surface? It's time to dig deep and surprise your man with a night of wild fun. Maybe you spent the majority of your relationship doing fun, but responsible, things at home, and while you both might be comfortable with your weekly game nights or sips of wine with dinner, it's time to surprise him with a night of wild partying! Take him out to a club and dance the night away! Grab an Uber and go club or bar-hopping to show him you know how to have a good time. Letting your hair down every now and then will keep him on his toes and ensure an unforgettable you.


15 Aquarius - Let Loose Your Progressive Mind And Don't Be Afraid To Be Yourself From The Start


As an Aquarius, you tend to run from emotional expression and can be aloof. To be unforgettable you've got to be confident enough to put your true feelings out there! Be unapologetic about who you are and let him know what you're all about from the very start. He'll have no idea how to handle you at first but it'll be in a good way. Most women play games and pretend to be one thing while slowly emerging from their shell and gradually letting him see her silly, fun, wild side. Guaranteed if you show him who you are from the start, he'll be more impressed and will feel a stronger pull toward you. He'll want to get to know more and more and once you've revealed your true self, he'll want to play into your personality for sure.

14 Pisces - It's Time To Use Your Inherent Wisdom To Plan An Unforgettable Date


Pisces, you're artistic, intuitive and wise. You know how to get creative and you know what he likes, so what's holding you back? If you want to be unforgettable, you need to do something that will stay with him forever. You can't just go an an average date - you need to try a little. The man doesn't always have to be the one doing the whole sweeping-off-her-feet thing, you can do it too! Nothing will firmly plant you in his mind and heart quite as much as offering him an unforgettable time. All it takes is a little effort and some churning of your creative gears and he'll be putty in your hands. Put that wise mind of yours to work and plan a date that'll leave him coming back for more!

13 Aries - Hold Back The Burning Passion And Make Him Work For It


You know you're a passionate person and you know your confident, enthusiastic and determined sides can get the better of you if you're not careful, so make sure you stand apart from the crowd by reeling in the passion. If you make him work for your affections, he's going to be consumed by thoughts of you and what it will be like when he finally gets you to open up to him. It's okay to be flirty and please, feel free to offer kisses and cuddles, but when things start to heat up, take a step back and breathe. You don't want to be just another notch on his belt, you want to be the reason he wakes up in the morning and the most unforgettable girl he's ever met.

12 Taurus - Loosen Up That Strict Practicality And Do Something Spur Of The Moment


A Taurus is practical, responsible and reliable. It's hard to admit but this can sometimes translate to boring. You don't want to be "just another girl" - you want to be memorable and possibly the last woman he ever loves. Your possessive side sometimes interferes with your ability to just let go and live in the moment, but if you want to be unforgettable, you're going to need to learn how to let loose. Try starting out small. Maybe you see there's a fair in town. Normally you'd go online and check out which bands will be playing, what events they have and which days are best to go, but this time you should grab your man and just experience a night where nothing is planned. Part of the fun is discovering for yourself what's out there and the bonus is he'll never forget you for it.

11 Gemini - Stop Your Indecisive Ways And Plan The Perfect Evening


Gemini are known for their indecisive behavior, but they're also known for their adaptability, ability to learn quickly and their affectionate natures. Turn your weakness upside-down and plan the perfect evening. He's probably already tired of asking you what you want for dinner, only to hear "I don't know" from you, so get out of that funky place and live a little! Think about what he likes and combine your perfect night with his. You can even take a hint from your Virgo sisters and make a list to ensure the night goes smoothly. It doesn't have to be a physical one, just mentally prepare something that will wow him and let him know you're capable of being in control sometimes. The perfect evening is sure to leave the perfect impression.

10 Cancer - Utilize Your Powers Of Persuasion To Convince Him To Try Something Wild


Cancer, you know you're loyal, emotional, persuasive and tenacious - so use your gifts to make yourself unforgettable! Do something out-of-the-box to catch his attention, then do something especially wild to capture his heart. You know you like having fun and you want him to see what you're capable of, so grab your man and do something crazy! It can be as simple as playing in the rain or as complicated as signing up for pilot lessons! Whatever you decide to do, he's going to remember you for it forever and may even want to be your forever. Remember, no girl ever made an impression by holding back and playing it safe. The winners are the women who step up to the plate, ready to hit home run after home run!

9 Leo - Use Your Sense Of Humor To Your Advantage And Keep Him Laughing All Night Long


Creative, passionate, generous, lazy, stubborn, funny...these are all words that come to mind when we think of a Leo. You may not fully embody every aspect of your sign but you know they're all there, shimmering just beneath the surface. It's time to set aside your stubborn lazy sides and really let your passionate and humorous sides shine through. Plan a date night at a comedy club and crack jokes all the way there. Have a great time and don't be afraid to make him laugh at your witticisms and silly comebacks. Give him a night he'll never forget simply by being the best you. What's great about this plan is you don't have to do anything you don't want to do or that doesn't already come naturally. Guaranteed a great night of nonstop laughs will make you unforgettable!

8 Virgo - Ditch The Lists And Live In The Moment! Do Something Unexpected!


Virgos are known for their constant planning, hard work, practicality and loyalty. While there's nothing wrong with these attributes whatsoever, they can make you seem a little drab. You don't want to be just one of many faces he sees, so it's time to ditch the lists and live in the moment. It may come as a surprise to you, but some people live moment-to-moment every single day. It can be difficult when you're first starting out, but learning to loosen the reigns a bit can help you grow as a person and also show your man that you're more than capable of having spur of the moment fun. You don't have to completely change your lifestyle, but at least learn to let go every now and then and throw something random at him to ensure you're unforgettable.

7 Libra - Show Him Your Hidden Passionate Side While Camping Under The Stars


Libra, you know you're a gentle soul with a hidden passionate side and it's time to let it out. You already enjoy the great outdoors, so why not have an unforgettable night while camping out under the stars? You can find a secluded place to hike to and flirt all the way there so when it's time to sit down by the camp fire, you both will be ready for something special to happen. You don't need to rush into things but no worries. You'll know by the general mood how fast or how slow to take things. Even if all you do is offer some passionate kisses, he'll be enraptured by the natural beauty surrounding you and the feelings you elicit from your embrace. Let's face it - no man can have that kind of night and ever forget about the gorgeous girl he was with. Ever.

6 Sagittarius - Take Your Generosity To The Next Level By Getting Him The Perfect Gift


You're already a generous person and you give what you can when you can. This is great, but how many other people can say they do the exact same thing? He already likes you and he knows how you feel about him, but a mediocre relationship does not an unforgettable woman make. If you want to stand out from the women he's dated in the past, and if you want to be unforgettable, you're going to have to play to your strengths and be a little out-of-the-box. Not everyone can express their love with gifts. In fact, most women show their feelings by physical touch or verbal affirmations. Not Sagittarius. You know how to give the best gifts and they don't even have to break the bank! You know what kind of present will touch his heart so go out and get it!

5 Scorpio - Use Your Resourcefulness To Create A One-Of-A Kind Night Of Passion


You know you're resourceful, brave and passionate, so why not use these gifts to the best of your ability? Anyone can create the perfect mood at any time, but what you need is to do something extra special. If you want to stand out, you're going to have to put a little effort into it, and that's where your resourcefulness shines through. Plan something you know he'll love and make sure it's original enough that it turns into a night he'll never forget. You know what he's into and you know how to set the right mood, so combine the two and sit back while the sparks fly. Sometimes all it really takes to be unforgettable is a little planning, a touch of originality and a one-of-a-kind night of passion.


3 Pisces BONUS - Escape Reality With A Cozy Movie Date Day


We all know what great fun Pisces are, especially when they reveal their artistic sides, but every now and then it's a good idea to keep things chill and stay indoors. Order a few pizzas and set up the perfect at-home theater experience. Watch a few good movies neither of you have ever seen before and make sure to snuggle the entire time. This may sound boring on the surface, but what you're doing is showing him that you can have fun without being constantly on the go. Guys like well-rounded girls who know what they like and who aren't afraid to relax from time to time. While you enjoy a few movies back-to-back, there's plenty of time and opportunities for cuddles, kisses, whispered secrets and passion. Use this time to your advantage to be his unforgettable girl.

2 Gemini BONUS - Work Through The Nervousness And Turn Up The Sweetness! Pepper Your Man With Compliments


We all have a love language and, surprisingly, men really do need to hear that they're wanted, that they're doing a good job, and that they're fun to be around. While flirting and spending time together are universal signs for "I like you," sometimes men need a little more from us, and dishing out compliments is a simple but effective way to do it. Gemini can be nervous but your gentle affection and adaptability are perfect for making your compliments mean all the more to him. He knows you love him and he knows how hard it is for you to be in the spotlight, so when you shower him with compliments, he understands how much you really care. There's no way he'll ever forget a girl who knows how to make him feel wanted, there's no way he'll ever forget you.

1 Virgo BONUS - Overcome Your Shyness And Make The First Move!

Wedded Wonderland

Virgos may be strong women but when it comes down to showing their affections, it can be really hard. Shyness and being overly self-critical combine to form a special kind of anxiety for Virgos, but for those who push through it, they often discover it was worth the fight. You've been with your guy for a little while and you want desperately to kiss him, but you keep second-guessing yourself. What if he doesn't really like you? What if he likes you, but he doesn't "like" like you? What if he wants to kiss you too but you're not giving off the right signals? There are too many factors you consider when all you really have to do is look him in the eyes, smile, and lean in. It might sound like a frightening leap, but he'll definitely catch you, making your brave act as unforgettable as you are.

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