Does He Love You Just As Much As You Love Him? Look Out For These 16 Signs

It's no wonder we subconsciously put our guards up when it comes to love.

Do you want to know if he loves you just as much as you love him? He says, “I love you,” but it doesn’t sound convincing at all. Every now and then you feel insecure about your relationship because you can't decipher his feelings for you. We all know — Love is a tricky matter. Falling in love is beautiful, but it can definitely be daunting. It's no wonder we subconsciously put our guards up when it comes to love. No one wants to get their hearts broken. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable because every relationship has problems.

Even if your man doesn’t express his feelings the way you want him to, it’s not because he doesn’t love you. There are other ways to know if he loves you or not. If he prioritizes you over his friends, then he obviously loves spending time with you. You guys fight? All couples fight. We say things we don’t mean, but that doesn’t mean we stop loving each other. If he apologizes to you shortly after a fight, then he wants to work things out with you. If he didn’t love you, he would’ve broken up with you right then and there or even ghosted you!

Take a look at these 16 signs if you’re wondering how much he loves you.


16 He Doesn't Break Up With You Every Time You Guys Have A Fight


All couples fight, and breaking up during mid-argument is very common in a relationship. It could’ve been a stupid argument where neither of you remembered what started it, but it happens. In almost every fight, we say things we don’t always mean. Things get heated up, and sometimes it’s hard to control our emotions. We say things like — “It’s over, I can’t do this anymore.” If your boyfriend doesn’t breakup with you every time you guys have a fight, then he wants to work things out with you. He may be upset with you at the moment, but he always makes up with you later on. He doesn’t want to close the door on the relationship because of some argument you guys had. Overall, he loves you when he doesn’t do impulse break ups.

15 He Remembers The Little Things


When we’ve been in a relationship for quite some time, we often forget to remember and appreciate the little things. You know what they say — it’s the little things in a relationship that count. It’s true; they keep the sparks ignited. You don't need to doubt his feelings for you if he remembers the way you take your coffee, your favorite ice-cream flavor, and even your favorite candle scents. He remembers the date of your first date, first kiss, and the first time you guys exchanged, “I love you’s.” He's a total keeper if he remembers special occasions like anniversary and birthday. They say men aren't interested in celebrating, but if your man is, then you're lucky. He cherishes every moment he's had with you because every moment with you is special to him.

14 He Spends More Time With You Than With His Friends


You’ve probably heard complaints from your friends, or perhaps you’ve complained to your friends — “My boyfriend spends more time with his friends than with me.” We get it. Guys like to play video games and watch sports together. We like to have our girls’ night out and take yoga classes together. But… if he constantly prioritizes his friends over you, then that’s a big no-no. It goes without saying that your boyfriend loves you when he wants to spend more with you. If he’d rather stay inside and watch Netflix with you than to go to a bar with his friends, then he puts you first. Even when he has plans, he spends the very last minute with you before he leaves. His friends might call him whipped, but he doesn't care.

13 He Will Bend Over Backwards For You


Does he do whatever it takes to keep you happy even if it’s out the way? He had a long day at work, and you’ve had a bad day, but he still tries to put a smile on your face. He brings you your favorite drink hoping it’ll cheer you up. When you tell him you’re out of olive oil, he runs to the supermarket to get it for you. You need to pick up clothes at the dry cleaner, but he offers to do it for you. Even if he’s busy, he sacrifices his time to make your life comfortable. Sometimes he even does things without you having to ask him. It says a lot, doesn’t it? He will bend over backwards for you because your happiness is of utmost importance to him.

12 He Surprises You With Romantic Gestures

We Heart It

There’s no price tag on love. Grand romantic gestures are not the only way to express love, like in movies. Little romantic gestures every now and then are better. As long as he makes you go, “Aww,” is what matters. It’s the thought that counts. If your boyfriend surprises you with a candlelit dinner, and he made it himself, then it's romantic enough. He writes a cute note on the front door for you to see before you head out. He prepares a bath for you so that you can relax. Had he ever gotten you something out of the blue, and it’s what you had your eye on when you were with him at a store? Like a mug. He noticed it! All these things show that there’s still love floating in the air.

11 He Hangs On Your Every Word


If he maintains eye contact and listens to you intently, then it’s a good sign. It’s important to have a conversation in a relationship without any distractions. It might be hard without one of you looking at your phone. But if he ignores or puts his phone away when he receives a call or a text because he knows they’re not urgent, then it means he cares about what you have to say. Even when you talk about how your day went or go on a rant about someone or something, he doesn’t mind at all. He hangs on your every word, and he remembers it the next time you bring it up. It's also good if he opens up to you, too. If he asks for your opinion, then you matter to him.

10 He Shows You Off To His Friends


Maybe you already met some of his friends and family, but there’s always going to be new people for you to meet. When it happens, your boyfriend never misses the opportunity to introduce you to them as his girlfriend. It might be a bit awkward for you, but it should also be flattering. He wants everyone to know you’re his girlfriend because he’s proud to call you his. It certainly helps if you’ve had any doubt about the way he felt about you. It’s obvious he loves you if he shows you off to everyone he knows. He has no shame in doing it, either. Have his friends or your friends tell you how your boyfriend can’t stop talking about you? How he’s lucky to have found you? He appreciates you!

9 He Can't Stay Mad At You For Very Long

We Heart It

Every relationship has problems, and you shouldn’t sweep problems under the rug if you want the relationship to work. Either way — in a heated argument, hurtful things are said. You’re mad, and he’s mad. It’s hard for a lot of us to admit when we’re wrong. Taking the first step is a big deal. If it’s always been you who apologized first, then it’s possible you love him more than he loves you. If he calls you, shortly after the fight, to tell you he’s sorry about the things he said, then it’s likely that he can’t stay mad at you for very long. Does he try to hug you after an argument? He can’t bear to go to bed or go back home without making amends with you. It’s all because he loves you.

8 He Loves To Cuddle And Kiss You

We Heart It

Affection is one of the surest ways to know how he feels about you. They tend to fade after a while (unfortunately). Guys don’t want to cuddle like they used to anymore and they’re not as affectionate as they were before. It’s good news if your boyfriend’s nothing like that. He holds you close while you’re watching a movie with him. He puts your head on his shoulder when you fall asleep, and he kisses you on the forehead. If he spontaneously kisses you on the cheek, nose, and lips, then it’s a sure sign that he loves you. You know the saying — Actions speak louder than words. Does he make you feel like you’re at the beginning of a relationship even though you guys dated for a while? You still make his heart flutter.

7 He Talks About The Future With You


It’s the most obvious sign that he loves you if he talks about the future with you. He tells you about the goals he wants to achieve and that includes family. He mentions how many kids he wants and asks you how many you’d want. He wants to move to a suburban neighborhood with a three-bedroom house with a huge backyard and asks what you’d like. If he doesn’t just babble about only what he wants and also asks for your opinions, then he’s in the relationship for the long haul. He doesn’t use the words, “I” or ”me.” He instead says, “we” and “us.” If he considers you part of his future, then he’s serious about you. He can picture you as his wife and the mother of his children.

6 He Gets A Little Jealous When Other Guys Try To Flirt With You


No one wants an overly jealous and possessive boyfriend. It’s exhausting. It’s nice to have a pretty laid-back boyfriend who doesn’t mind when you talk or go out with your guy friends. It’s all about trust. But… it’s not so bad if he were to get jealous once in a while. It confirms his feelings for you, too. If a good-looking guy approaches you and your boyfriend starts talking to him, then he was obviously bothered by it. He showed the other guy that he’s your boyfriend, and you’re clearly unavailable. Maybe your boyfriend felt threatened. He knows you’re beautiful and amazing and he didn’t want to give anyone a chance to sweep you off your feet. It’s kinda cute, right? Sometimes a little bit of jealousy is good.

5 He Calls And Texts You Just Because...


If he calls and texts you randomly throughout the day, then it’s because you’re on his mind. There’s no “cat and mouse game” here. He doesn’t wait for you to contact him first. He texts you because he misses you. He texts to just say hi and see how you’re doing. He also sends you good morning text right when he wakes up because you're the first person he thought of in the morning. He sends you good night text because he wants you to be the last person he talks to before he goes to sleep. Basically, he wants to be in constant touch with you especially if you guys won’t see each other for a while. He wants to be with you virtually if not physically. It's better than nothing.

4 He Stands By Your Side No Matter What


Things don't always go the way we wanted. Life throws you curveballs. We often turn to our boyfriend when we get upset about something, and expect him to be all ears when we vent to him. You probably know or heard of people who complain to their partners for not being supportive of them. If your boyfriend is empathetic with you, and he gives you the comfort you need, then he truly cares about your feelings. Even if he doesn’t understand the situation, it still means a lot. Another scenario is when you want to drop everything and chase your dream. While some people might doubt your ability to succeed, your boyfriend stands by your decision. It's clear that he loves you when he stands by your side through good and bad. He's your rock.

3 He Makes The Effort To Impress Your Friends And Family


It’s understandable why some guys aren’t too thrilled to meet their girlfriend’s friends and family. It’s nerve-racking. They don't want to get judged. It’s also possible they don’t think the relationship is that serious yet. If your boyfriend’s always down to hang out with your friends and attend your family events, then you’re fine. If you see how hard he's trying to leave a good impression on everyone you love, then it's because he loves you. He wants to be liked, and he cares what they think of him. He feels like it might affect your relationship with him if they didn't like him, so he wants to show them that he’s a good guy. If he didn't love you that much, then he wouldn’t put in the effort to impress your friends and family.

2 He Gives You Meaningful Compliments


We absolutely love compliments. Who doesn’t? They put a smile on our face and make our day when we’re not at our best selves. If your boyfriend compliments you every chance he gets, then it shows that he's very appreciative of you. He wants to let you know that you still wow him. It's even better if his compliments are specific. He doesn't just say, "You look good." He says, “I love the way you put your hair up when you wear a strapless dress because it shows off your beautiful décolletage.” It's like the compliment was only made for you. He says you're an amazing girlfriend, and he also tells you exactly what makes you amazing. It's sweet. If he makes you feel special through his compliments, then he loves you.

1 He Means It When He Says 'I Love You'


How does your boyfriend say “I love you” to you? Does he look you deep in the eye every time he says those three words? You can tell he means it by looking him in the eye and from his body language. If he looks at you lovingly when he says it, then he means it. If he says those three words over his shoulder as he walks away from you, then it’s really hard to tell. It’s not as sincere as facing you and saying it while he’s holding your hands or face. It’s also better if he says it first sometimes, so he doesn't automatically say, “I love you, too,” after you say it. Most importantly, you should trust your intuition. If you feel like he meant it, then he probably did.

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