Does 5-Year-Old North West Already Have A Boyfriend?

North West rumored to be dating

The Internet is buzzing with the latest gossip about Kim Kardashian, and this time it is the rumor about her five-year-old daughter having a boyfriend two years her senior. Obviously, people feel a certain kind of way about North allegedly dating already at such a tender age, and so far nothing has been confirmed nor denied by the Kardashian West household. So who is her rumored boyfriend?

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According to Instagram, the boy who has fallen head over heels for the Kardashian West spawn is Caiden Mills, the seven-year-old son of rapper Consequence. Caiden's Instagram is full of photos of him and North together and posts where he is, not so subtly, hinting about his big crush on Kimmie's adorable daughter. According to the photos, Caiden is a friend of the Kardashian kids, and have been on several play dates and dinners with North and her cousins. He was recently on the guest list of Kylie's daughter Stormi Webster's extravagant birthday party, which has undoubtedly been the party of the year so far.

Is North West already dating?
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As reported by Elle, Caiden's father Consequence, whose real name is Dexter Raymond Mills Jr., has collaborated with Kanye West in the past, releasing his first studio album under Kanye West's music label GOOD. While the two musicians did not part ways under the best of terms, they have since then rekindled their friendship and brought their families together on several occasions.

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Caiden has his own YouTube channel where he uploads videos of himself rapping under the name of Caiden the Crownholder, so it is safe to say he is following in his father's footsteps. According to Caiden's Instagram, he bought North a heart-shaped necklace for Valentine's Day, from Tiffany & Co., so he is definitely not shy in sharing his feelings for the five-year-old.

While some are saying it is outrageous that North is dating at such a young age, others mean that this is obviously a publicity stunt run by Caiden's parents since it is unlikely a seven-year-old would be the mastermind behind the Instagram posts. Clearly, the two are friends, but most likely there is no need to worry about them being in a relationship.

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