Do Sleep Masks Damage Eyelashes? The Pros And Cons

When it comes to beauty, we're both blessed and cursed by the time we live in. Everywhere we look, there's a new product of some sort being advertised as the cure for that one particular thing we've been struggling with our whole lives. And because treating ourselves is a mandatory part of life, we have absolutely no problem investing and putting some thought into what we could potentially add to our beauty routine to make us look refreshed.

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But what happens when two worlds collide? In this particular case, we're talking about the absolutely necessary beauty sleep and the can't-go-without gorgeous look of our eyelashes. Sure, sleep masks can be a great ally when it comes to feeling rested. But what do they mean for our eyelashes, the one feature that can make or break our whole look? Let's take a look at the pros and cons!

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10 Con: Bad Masks, Bad Results

Deciding on a product, especially a product that's somehow related to our skins, bodies, and the like can often be extremely confusing. And more often than not, we find ourselves pondering on whether the high-end day cream is really worth the $100 difference when compared to the drugstore one.

It's the truth — sometimes, overpriced items aren't worth the money that they cost. Sometimes they can actually be worse than their cheaper counterparts. But when it comes to sleep masks, look for quality over price. Because if you fall into the error of selecting a bad quality mask, you'll inevitably get bad results on your lashes.

9 Pro: Keeping Eyelash Extensions Safe

Some people are lucky enough to have been blessed with absolutely stunning, long, silky eyelashes. Other people haven't, but they still enjoy what they've been giving, and prefer to save the more dramatic look for special occasions. However, some take full advantage of the cosmetic revolution and adopt eyelash extensions.

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For those who have them, they're very much aware that it takes some work to keep them looking nice and shiny. And as strange as it may sound, selecting the right kind of sleep mask—for instance, silicone—can actually protect your extensions and make them look better than if you didn't wear anything!

8 Con: Damaged Eyelash Growth

They might not grow at the speed of hair, but eyelashes still grow! Even if it sounds hard to believe, especially when we're looking in the mirror and longing for naturally long, dark, and beautiful eyelashes, these tiny little hairs are doing their fair share of growth.

Whether or not you're wearing a sleep mask, the position in which you sleep inevitably impacts the way your lashes grow. And if you do wear a sleep mask, there's the chance that your eyelashes will adopt a crisscrossed growing pattern, since they are being pressed throughout the night. Again, unless you sleep on your back, any position will have an impact on this growth pattern.

7 Pro: Looks Good On A Budget

If there's one thing that will almost certainly break our bank, it's beauty products. Everything from lotions to serums to hair masks, all the way down to makeup, will inevitably take a toll on the budget. Especially if we're looking for the best of the best; and in all honesty, when the skin is concerned, we should.

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And even though there's a clear distinction between the good and the bad sleep masks, like we mentioned above, there's good news. Even the best sleep masks don't have to completely ruin you, because they can be acquired at very nice and budget-friendly prices. And they can look super pretty too! There's a mask for every style.

6 Con: You Might Need To Call For Eyelash Backup

Here's the issue, though. Sleep masks might not be the most expensive item you're going to buy in order to improve your overall health, youth, and beauty, but if you want to prevent the damages that can inevitably come with the continuous use of this item, you might have to consider investing in other products.

For instance, lash enhancers do a wonderful job at strengthening and nourishing your natural eyelashes. In fact, even if you don't use a sleep mask, you should consider investing in one of these if you are very concerned with keeping them look gorgeous. The major problem here is the need to invest in a surplus product to counteract the potential effects of sleep masks.

5 Pro: You'll Actually Look Better

We have to be frank on one aspect. It doesn't really matter how much effort you put into looking your best, or if you've perfected your skincare and makeup routines down to a T, nothing will have the effect you're looking for if you don't have a good base to work with.

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And there's no better base than a face that's been well-rested. At the end of the day, a good night's sleep is the best beauty balm you can have because you'll wake up looking refreshed, youthful, and ready to take on the day. Not to mention all the health benefits it brings! The use of a sleep mask has been proven to improve sleep quality, and they are a great overall investment.

4 Con: Sacrificing Beauty For Sleep

If you are absolutely obsessed with the way your eyelashes look and go extreme extents in order for them to be perfect at all times of day, you have to be mindful that using a sleep mask can, in fact, damage the way your lashes grow.

But you're also very much aware that sleeping is not optional. There are very serious health risks associated with poor rest over extended periods of times, so you will have to consider wearing a sleep mask, no matter the risks associated with your lashes. This means that, to a certain extent, you will be sacrificing beauty for sleep. But don't panic! As we've mentioned before, there's plenty you can do to counteract these effects.

3 Pro: Take It Everywhere

If you're one of those gals that can't get enough of all things beauty products, chances are, you're also very much obsessed in taking them with you everywhere you go. Whether we're talking a weekend visit to your grandparent's house or a romantic getaway with Paris, you simply must be able to take your stash with you.

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This, of course, can be quite difficult for some items, especially when it comes to size regulations on planes. But there's absolutely none of that when it comes to sleep masks! If you're worried about getting enough sleep and looking fresher than a flower when you wake up, worry not. There are little things as portable as sleep masks!

2 Con: Eyelash-Skin Irritation

As this article has probably made pretty clear, everything demands a trade-off of sorts. Opportunity costs, if you will. And when it comes to sleep masks, on the one hand, they provide you with a fantastic opportunity to have a good night's rests, which in itself makes your skin look much better, younger, and eye bag free.

On the other hand, if you have extremely sensitive skin, having your eyelashed pressed against your skin the whole night, there's the possibility you'll experience some mild irritation. Nothing that can't be solved without proper moisturizing, though!

1 Pro: Sleep And Beautiful Eyelashes Can Co-Exist

Overall, it's pretty safe to say that your use of a sleep mask can co-exist with the maintenance of beautiful eyelashes. It boils down to the way you decide to go about it! For one, if you have eyelash extensions, using sleep masks can actually be extremely beneficial if you choose the right one.

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Plus, if you go a step further on the way you care for your natural lashes, with oils and lash enhancers, you'll be able to pair both a beautiful face that's had the rest it deserves with the added bonus of sporting strong, healthy, and silky eyelashes. Everything is possible if you're willing to try, right?

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