DNA Braids Are A Stunning New Summer Hair Trend

DNA braids are the incredible new summer hair trend that is taking the world by storm.

Would you like to show your support of science by wearing it on your head? Then the DNA braid is the hairstyle for you. This latest summer trend takes its inspiration from deoxyribonucleic acid (or DNA for short) and it is taking over social media.

But be warned: the DNA braid is not for the faint of heart. You must stand strong in support of the scientific method, you must denounce ignorance and misinformation wherever it may be found, and you have to have a lot of upper body stamina because it takes forever to do.

As with everything, this is a lot easier to do by having someone else do it for you, but it’s still doable on your own. You just might need to take a break or two to let your arms rest.

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To create the DNA braid, you must first separate your hair into three sections. The two outer sections should be roughly the same size, while the inner section can be a bit smaller than the ones to either side.

Start by grabbing a small piece of the leftmost section of hair, and then bring over the rest of the left portion, continuing so that it then goes underneath the smaller middle section of hair. Then just integrate into the rightmost section of hair.

Next, grab a small piece of hair from the right side and essentially perform the opposite operation you did on the left: go underneath the rest of the right section, then overtop the middle section of hair. Once again, integrate with the left section on the other side once you're done. Repeat ad nauseam or until you run out of hair or breath.

For a visual guide, here’s YouTuber Alex Gaboury to show you what we mean.

The braid isn’t particularly hard once you get the over under-under over pattern down, but it is a long and arduous process. You can take a break as the braid doesn’t need to be extremely tight to work, but it also can’t be too loose without looking like a hot mess.

Once the braiding portion is done you’ll want to recreate the double-helix look of DNA. To do that, just twist the braid and then stop it with a hairband, and then you’re done!

Now head on out there and share your love of microbiology and astrophysics with the world!

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