10 DIY Hacks For Peel-Off Face Masks

Peel-off masks are the next big thing as they are easy to use and don't require the mess of smearing clay across your face. They can be made of a variety of materials like paper, cotton, and kelp, and they have holes for your facial orifices. These masks can be bought at any local drugstore, but there are some tips to follow to ensure you are obtaining its full effect.

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We have uncovered several things you should know before using your fist peel-off mask. The goal is to help your skin flourish, rather than give it more problems than what you started with. Keep reading to learn about ten DIY hacks for peel-off masks!

10 Cleanse Your Face Before Applying

You must wash your face before applying your mask because it releases the built-up dirt and grime that is resting on the top layer. The mask is made to saturate your pores, but this is a difficult task when there is a disgusting layer blocking the way.

It is also recommended that after washing your face you use steam to dilate your pores. This opens them up even further and allows the cleansing properties of the serum on the mask to work their magic. Some people even take a brush and run it over their skin to exfoliate, as this also grants the mask better access to your skin.

9 Make Sure To Wash Your Hands Too

You already know how bad it is to touch your face due to the bacteria and dirt that rests on your nails and fingertips, and the same rule applies to your face mask. You should thoroughly wash your hands before applying the mask so nothing gets in the way of it doing its job properly.

If possible, you should consider wearing gloves or using some tools to place the mask on your face as this negates the possibility of any dirt clogging your pores and causing damage.

8 Cucumbers Are Not Just For Show

We often hear of consumers placing cucumbers over their eyes while receiving spa treatments, and it happens to be more than just a luxury. Cucumbers contain two different kinds of acids that decrease the amount of water in your skin, which is why it is a good idea to place them on your eyes during a peel-off mask session.

This will reduce the visible puffiness in the skin around your eyes when you remove the mask as the properties of the cucumber keep this side effect at bay.

7 The Sheet Mask Gauze Shouldn't Go To Waste

When you remove a mask from a package, there are two components to it. You have the mask and the gauze-like film that you remove off the back of it. This film keeps the helpful serum within the mask itself, rather than allowing it to wash away as it sits on a shelf.

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Many people usually throw this part of the mask away, but nothing should go to waste. You can place this piece on your neck or chest to utilize all of the moisturizing particles the mask contains. You paid a pretty penny for this single mask, so you should ensure you are receiving your money's worth.

6 Never Leave On Longer Than Recommended

Masks usually come with instructions that tell you to leave them on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Some people believe that leaving them on longer will provide them with added benefits, but it actually does the opposite.

If a mask is left on longer than necessary it can irritate your skin and dry it out, which are two things you are trying to avoid. The mask is meant to help you solve your skin problems, rather than create new ones that are harder to fix.

5 They Aren't Restricted To Your Face

Peel-off masks are not restricted to your face, as they make butt and breast masks as well. These were created to help these areas appear smooth and taut as your skin is rejuvenated beneath the mask.

You can buy specialty masks for these areas, or you can use simple face masks on these areas as well. They might not fit as the others do, but it will achieve the same results as you give your entire body the lift it needed to look its best.

4 Roll The Product Into Your Skin After Removing the Mask

You have probably heard of skin rollers, and more specifically jade rollers, which are used to contour a person's face. Supposedly, jade has properties that reduce swelling and boost circulation, which is why it is the perfect thing to use after your mask.

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When you remove your mask it is a good idea to take a roller and run it across your skin so the serum is thoroughly absorbed. It is also used to help rub the serum into particular areas that you feel need more assistance from the mask.

3 You Can Use Moisturizer If Your Skin Feels Dry

After you remove your mask, sometimes your skin can feel dry based on the sensitivity of your skin and the type of mask used. It is recommended that you rub moisturizer into your skin if this happens as this will rejuvenate these dry areas and prevent any breakouts due to the use of a mask.

The goal is to bring out our healthiest skin, but by neglecting the signs our body gives us, it can turn the mask into a few useless dollar bills.

2 Reuse The Leftover Serum

Some masks are packed with so much helpful serum that after it is removed, there is still a lot left over. Instead of letting it drip down your face, you should take it and apply it to other areas of your body.

Many people choose to rub the excess serum into their neck and chest so nothing ever goes to waste. You paid good money for a mask, and you should try and stretch those dollars as far as they can go with this hack.

1 Research Before You Buy

Our skin is unique, which is why it is important to research a mask before you buy it. Your skin might be oily, dry, or prone to acne, and there are masks out there that were made specifically to help with those issues.

You don't want to slap on a mask that is going to worsen your condition or a mask that the reviewers say had negative effects on their skin. It can be tempting to choose based on the packaging or listed ingredients, but this does not guarantee a good experience like a little bit of research does.

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