10 DIY Gifts For Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day happening literally every year, finding the perfect gift for mom can be such a drag. Especially since she already seems to have everything that she needs, and she probably doesn’t want more stuff that she doesn’t need. But she’s one of the greatest people on earth so it’s only right that we get her something as special as she is.

While it’s easy to take a trip to the store and get her another one of those generic Mother’s Day gifts, it’ll be much more special (and she’ll probably appreciate it more) if we instead handcraft a gift with her interests and favorites in mind. Here are 10 easy to make DIY gifts that you can make for Mother’s Day.

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10 Denim Wine Bag

This DIY project is awesome because instead of buying more stuff, you’re going to be re-purposing an old pair of jeans that you’ve been thinking of throwing away (or donating) for years. Not only are you helping the environment, but your mom is also getting her own personalized wine bag.

You’ll need scissors, pins, a fabric pencil, bleach if you want to dye the fabric, and a sewing machine. Don’t have a sewing machine? No problem. You could use a needle and thread, although it will naturally take longer. You can get the tutorial here.

9 Dimensional Photo Magnets

These are incredibly easy to make and you can use photos of yourself as a kid or recent photos of your kids (if you have any). You’ll need an illustration board, scissors, magnetic tape, a ruler, a pencil, a pin, some cups, Mod Podge Dimensional Magic glue, and of course, the printed photos you want to use.

Measure each photo to the board, cut the board then glue the photo to the board. Coat the photo with Mod Podge glue to give it that sweet, dimensional look, making sure to pop every air bubble with the pin. Let it dry overnight under a cup to protect from dirt and dust, and then adhere a strip of magnetic tape at the back.

8 Crossbody Purse

This project might seem intimidating at first glance, but DIY newbies could definitely pull it off. There’s very minimal sewing involved, which is kinda hard to believe especially when you know what the finished product could look like. But make no mistake, you can totally handcraft this crossbody purse without a sewing machine.

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You do need a lot of materials, however, including faux leather or any upholstery fabric, lining fabric, magnetic buttons, fabric glue, materials for drawing the pattern, a clothes iron and a damp towel for pressing the seams (if using faux leather), and a few more things.

7 Coffee Cup Sleeve

Unleash your creativity by making a coffee cup sleeve that your mom can take with her anywhere and show off to her friends. You have so many options with DIY coffee cup sleeves.

You can even make it reversible and turn it into a 2-in-1 gift. You’ll need to choose between using a hook and loop tape and a button (this might give the sleeve a cuter look). You’ll only need two pieces of fabric, cotton batting, a template, pencil, cutter, needle and thread or sewing machine, and a hook and loop tape or a button and a string. Here’s a tutorial.

6 Rope Basket

Rope baskets are an aesthetically-pleasing way to get organized. They look so cute and they instantly make a place feel cozy. Since rope baskets are usually round, you’re going to need a round basket (get it from the dollar store).

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If you want a lighter colored basket, spray your basket with matte white paint. Get some cotton filler cord in the color you want your basket to be, and glue it to the basket starting under the basket lip so you could get a nice starting line. Just keep it going until the entire basket is covered and you’re done.

5 Jeweled Sandals

Giving someone a pair of shoes as a gift can be a little tricky. You have to know their size and you really need to make sure that the shoes will fit. Only do this project if you know your mom’s size very well, as well as the types of sandals she wears.

Or better yet, give her old pair of sandals a makeover. You just need super glue and the jewels of your choice. Glue the jewels on the toe straps one by one and voila—your mom now has a new pair of sandals that you customized for her.

4 Moss Terrarium

A lot of people think that succulents are very easy to maintain. That’s not always true. In fact, it’s easy to forget to water them or remember the last time they got some water or sunlight. But what’s really easy to care for are moss terrariums.

They are beautiful moss gardens that need to be in a humid environment and only need watering once every two weeks or so. That’s pretty much it. And you don’t need to buy the materials separately as plenty of websites sell DIY terrarium kits. You can watch the full tutorial here.

3 Dog Collar

If your mom has a furry baby and you’re comfortable with using a sewing machine, make her a dog collar. It’s one of those gifts that will definitely be put to good use. You do need to measure the length of her dog’s neck before starting, though.

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You could use a fabric with a pattern she likes, or you could step up your game and use one of those services on the Internet that print photos on fabric. For this project, you’ll need a measuring tape, webbing, pencil, scissors, starch for spraying the fabric, clothes iron, a D-ring and a buckle.

2 Squishy Balls

We live in an era where practically everything can be stressful. At this point, anyone could use a stress-relief squishy ball to cope with life. But squishy balls don’t always need to look like balls. They can look like cartoon characters or cute little desserts.

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This tutorial will teach you how to make simple, basic squishy balls using a DIY squishy kit either straight from Japan or from Amazon. It also has instructions and a video tutorial on making really adorable squishies—just make sure to scroll all the way down to find the video.

1 Antique Teacup Candles

Antique teacup candles would be a great addition to your mom’s lovely home. Heck, you might even end up making some for yourself. Of course, you don’t need to go out and buy an actual antique teacup if you’d rather just use one that you already own, but you could find some really cheap ones at antique markets or garage sales.

You’ll only need candle wax flakes, candle wicks, pencils, your kitchen, tape, scissors, and a glass container, but you can get optional supplies like fragrance oil scents and coloring if you want the teacup candle to look even prettier and smell great.

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