Disney's Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Backpack Has Already Sold Out

With an estimated worth of 92 billion dollars, Disney knows how to sell. From creating incredible movies that bring families together, to producing merchandise that kids and adults love to have, Disney is a sales powerhouse. The new rose gold Minnie Mouse backpack is just one item in the ever-growing list of memorabilia, and fans have gone wild for it.


Disney had already capitalized on the rose gold trend, releasing a rose gold tee, mouse ears and even a cupcake in the past. But the backpack is brand new. The beautiful accessory was so wildly popular that it sold out in a single day. The lucky shoppers who managed to pick up one of the backpacks have wasted no time in making us all green with envy, sharing snaps of their precious new purchase via social media. We can't say we blame them.

The sequinned backpack retails for $85 and is a perfect accompaniment to the previously released ears and wallet. Has there ever been a more heavenly trio for Disney fans? Probably not since The Three Mouskateers.

With only a handful of die-hard Disney lovers having been able to buy one, many users have taken to their various social media platforms to implore the company to make and release more - as quickly as possible. Other users did their fellow mouse-lovers a solid by sharing updates on what stockists still had them available, tweeting live updates on stock levels.

Have you ever gone this crazy over a backpack? We'd bet not, but it is a thing of beauty. With a stylized bow, full of rose-gold sequin goodness and a handy size and shape for all of your handbag needs, it's a no-brainer of a purchase if you ask us. With the demand so high, it's unlikely that Disney will keep these off of shelves for too long, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on where and when they go live once more.

Alternatively, ask your fairy godmother!


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Disney's Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Backpack Has Already Sold Out