18 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Other Disney Princesses

It’s hard to imagine a world where Disney Princesses don’t exist. Since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs debuted in 1937, Disney animated movies have been the backbone of the entire company. They’re also cash cows. Girls love to dress as princesses, especially when meeting them at the various Disney parks.

Naturally, fan artists have gone wild reimagining the Disney ladies in anything from modern clothes to being super-heroes. Fan artists often go out of their way to imagine Disney Princesses in each other’s roles.  Dylan Charles Bonner has provided many such images but he’s not alone. Swapping the Disney ladies is a popular pastime so here are 20 of the best ways fans have imagined the Disney Princesses trading roles while retaining that Disney magic.

18 Enchanted Under the Sea


Enchanted boasts the great plotline of a Disney style princess named Giselle entering the real world. Amy Adams was gorgeous in the role with her bright red hair in particular standing out. Mixing her with Ariel makes total sense as, like Giselle, Ariel is a bright redhead with a fun attitude in a strange world. Adams might well have made a fun live-action Ariel in her youth and makes this a great combination of red-haired beauties.

17 Swapped Sisters

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The power of Frozen lies in the sisterly bond between Elsa and Anna. The duo are there for each other through thick and thin as true sisters are. Having them swap with each other is only logical and this piece is very nice. Anna’s darker hair mixes well with the blue dress while Elsa seems a bit more reserved in Anna’s colors. No matter the looks or powers, that sisterly bond remains as unshakable as ever.

16 A Mixed Party


A huge highlight of Ralph Breaks the Internet is the scene where all the various Disney princesses get together. It’s a fun mix of them dressed in modern clothes and joining together to save Ralph. This image puts a spin on it by having the ladies playing dress up as each other. Mulan as Jasmine, Jasmine as Belle, Belle as Aurora, Cinderella as Snow White, Snow White as Mulan, Aurora as Ariel, and Ariel as Cinderella. 

15 Porcelain Princess


Snow White was the very first Disney princess and perhaps she's not as strong or independent as those that followed her. She seems far too perfect at timest. This image has her as Mulan from the early part of that movie where she’s being presented as part of a parade for prospective suitors. The white makeup and dress do fit her well to show Snow can handle that part of the role easily.

14 In Nature


Pocahontas is naturally a woman very tied into nature. She loves her forest home and prefers staying there over civilization. Mixing her with Rapunzel is an interesting choice given the woman’s love of forests and how she prefers skin dresses over a lush gown. It’s also a bit off not having her with the very long hair. Still, it’s an interesting swap to put this princess in a different setting.

13 Desert Mermaid


Much of the comedy of The Little Mermaid comes when Ariel gets legs and tries to adjust to the surface world. Given how she’s lived in the ocean, Ariel might have trouble handling a desert world. It can’t be denied she looks great in Jasmine’s outfit with the blue satin mixing with her bright red hair, though. Loyal tiger Rajah is on hand to protect her as well.

12 A Blue Wish


Aladdin has been a huge hit as an animated film, live-action remake, and Broadway musical. The story of a genie granting wishes remains classic and Aladdin and Jasmine are well-liked main characters. Having Aurora in the role of Jasmine is an offbeat choice yet her lovely face and form lend themselves well to Jasmine’s outfit. Having grown up with three fairies, hanging around with a genie wouldn’t shake up Aurora at all and hopefully, she uses a wish to keep spinning needles away.

11 Golden Mermaid

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Disney animation was actually in a down period during the 1980s. Then The Little Mermaid became a massive hit that kick-started a new “renaissance” of animation. Ariel remains one of the most beloved Disney princesses of all time so it’s only natural fans imagine her in other Disney roles. Here, Ariel dons Belle’s classic golden dress and it mixes well with her bright red hair and smile.

10 A Tasty Treat


Tiana isn’t looking to marry some wealthy prince or live in a castle. She wants to earn enough money to open up her own restaurant in New Orleans and is an expert chef. She and Elsa may seem an odd pairing at first, but it makes sense when one thinks about it. Tiana could easily use those icy powers to create some fantastic desserts that stay cool all day long. Olaf seems to be an eager helper to aid in Tiana's fun treats.

9 A Different Warrior


Mulan is about to get the live-action movie treatment and the story remains a classic. To save her father’s life, a young woman poses as a man to join the army and become a hero. The character was great, handling combat and fighting well. Crossing her with Brave’s Merida makes some sense and Mulan looks terrific with her bow and arrow. The Once Upon a Time series had Merida and Mulan as good friends so this image is an even better mix of the two.

8 A Book To Bed


One of the best aspects of Belle’s character is how she’s a major reader. While everyone else in her village seems to look down on books, Belle adores them. Having her head to bed with a book in hand would fit with her. That puts a nice spin on this drawing that crosses her over with Aurora of Sleeping Beauty. It’s as if Belle just nodded off while reading instead of being under a spell which makes this a fun image.

7 Brave Indeed


While technically a Pixar movie, Brave is recognized as a Disney film with Merida a full Disney Princess. She’s very independent and would much prefer fighting and archery to being pushed into marriage. So crossing her over with Mulan makes sense. It’s totally within character for Merida to be charging an enemy army on horseback and looks to be having a grand time doing it. She lives up to her name in terms of courage.

6 A Different Beauty


Disney fans love to debate whether Snow White or Beauty and the Beast is the better fairy tale movie. Each has their strengths and boasts some amazing classic heroines. This image has Snow White donning Belle’s famous golden gown for her dance scene with the Beast. Given she hands out with dwarfs, being with the Beast is little problem for Snow; although he looks unsure. It’s a great mixture of two animated masterpieces.

5 Cinder-Frog?


The Princess and the Frog put a spin on the old story as Tiana ended up transformed into a frog herself. Of all the princesses, Cinderella can best understand what it’s like to take a big chance to achieve one’s dreams. This image has Ella’s classic white dress replaced by a green one to fit the swamp setting. She seems to offer shoes of her own to the Prince who looks a little wary of them. Let’s hope she’s able to get out of the swamp by midnight.

4 Woodsy Hair


It took Disney a long time to finally get the Rapunzel story to work. It paid off as Tangled was a huge hit with Rapunzel’s hair used in great ways. The woman grew up in a tower in the forest so mixing her with Pocahontas makes some sense. Here, Rapunzel sits with Meeko brushing out that hair lush against the forest background. It must be a major task getting all the leaves out of that mane.

3 Losing the Shoe


A major part of The Little Mermaid sees Ariel taking on legs and turning into a princess to woo Eric. It’s sort of like a Cinderella deal except instead of a fairy godmother, she has a sea witch. So having Ariel as Cinderella isn’t a hard pill to swallow. This image is great with her running down the steps and leaving that iconic glass slipper behind her. No wonder Ariel is better off in the ocean than on land.

2 Frozen Under the Sea


Fans are getting excited for the upcoming Frozen II which has Elsa and Anna embarking on a major quest. The trailers show Elsa using her powers to freeze water so she can walk on it. This drawing imagines Elsa as a mermaid and freezing what looks like Ursula’s tentacles. A mermaid Anna is hiding with Flounder and letting big sis take charge. The oceans are icy enough, but Elsa would only add to that.

1 Snow White Jasmine


It may seem a bit off for Jasmine to pose as Snow White. The gorgeous woman is used to a desert setting, not the forests, and hangs around with a tiger, not woodland critters. But that classic dress works on her, offsetting her dark skin, and she stands out in this lovely setting. It shows how Jasmine can work with the Seven Dwarves just as well as with a genie and a monkey.

Sources: Pinterest, Eonline.com, deviantart.com

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