20 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Anything And Everything

The Disney princesses are some of the most iconic characters in the world. Most people can name at least five of them off the top of their heads. They’ve inspired countless girls and women all over the globe, and their fame is such that almost all of them seem to be getting live-action remakes as of late. As long as the live-action remakes don’t tarnish the original animated films, we’re fine with that.

Artists and illustrators who grew up loving Disney have created their own takes on the Disney princesses, and some of them are stunning. People have done every quirky, original thing you can imagine, and sometimes Disney even takes note.

If you’re trying to work for a coveted position in Disney, what better way than to showcase your talents reimagining the princesses?

Here are 20 Disney princesses reimagined as all sorts of things.

20 With Tattoos And Piercings

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Disney hasn’t introduced us to a heavily tattooed and pierced princess yet, probably because of the stigma still attached to the lifestyles. Luckily, we have Italian artist Emmanuel Viola and Malaysian graphic designer Ephrem Rokk to give us a look into what they’d look like, and it’s pretty bada*s. Here we see Ariel looking pouty, and Jasmine with a complete body canvas of ink!

19 As Modern Millennials

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Kiev-based illustrator Daria Artemieva has shown us these fairytale princesses in a new, modern light, as what they would look like as millennials. We have Snow White taking a selfie, Cinderella enjoying some pizza, Pocahontas at a Coachella festival, and more. They’re all living their best lives, but still retain semblance of their uniqueness (such as Ariel wearing her seashell bikini over a white crop top).

18 As Fashion Bloggers

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It’s nice to see the Disney princesses reimagined as empowered, independent women. They go through a lot in their respective movies, so to see them find success is cool. Here we have a lineup of hipster, fashionable online bloggers, in comfy clothes and modern outfits. You’ve probably seen people just like this in real life. These pictures were made by Viria13 of DeviantArt.

17 As Renaissance Paintings

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Graphic designer Thunyamon Charoensuttikul has gone the other way with it, and instead of modernizing the princesses, she’s given them a Renaissance makeover. She took iconic characters like Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan, and Rapunzel, and made it look as though they were getting their portrait painted in the 15th century. The artist executed all of these Mona Lisa-esque paintings digitally, even though they look painted.

16 As Game Of Thrones Characters

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What better way to celebrate two incredibly popular franchises than to combine them? Artist Sam Tsui (known as DjeDjehuti on DeviantArt) has created a series of illustrations that exploits the huge popularity of Game of Thrones, as well as the timeless classics of the Disney princesses, by mashing them together. The artist aptly calls the series the “Wonderful World of Westeros,” and the characters match each other nicely (such as Elsa as Daenerys, both of whom are strong women in their respective franchises).

15 As Leonardo Da Vinci Portraits

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Painter Heather Theurer joined the ranks of Disney Fine Arts and immediately stunned people with her incredibly vivid, realistic portraits of the Disney princesses, reimagining what they would look like if they sat for a portrait by someone like Leonardo da Vinci. Besides this incredible rendition of Cinderella, she also drew amazingly detailed versions of Merida, Belle, Anna and Elsa, Lilo and Stitch, Mulan, and Rapunzel.

14 As Comic Book Heroines

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In keeping with “comic book art,” artist J. Scott Campbell has drawn the Disney princesses as they might look in comics. Marvel and DC comics especially have always overly objectified the female characters, which is a huge debate to this day, and it seems like the Disney princesses have gotten the same treatment. Even so, they’re pretty stunning looking, and the attention to detail is astounding!

13 As Marvel Superheroes

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Tumblr artist Robby at Cartoon Cookie has created a series of all-female Disney princesses in the guises of cartoon Marvel superheroes, and the cast looks great! We have Elsa as Emma Frost, Tiana as Storm, Belle as She-Hulk, Merida as Hawkeye, Rapunzel as the Invisible Woman, and more. These characters look like they fit right into the mythos, and we’d love to see an actual cartoon based on their exploits.

12 As 21st Century Girls

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Fernando Suarez of DeviantArt has created some of the most realistic, amazing Disney princesses, making them look as though they were “regular” 21st-century girls. Her modern interpretations include most of the princesses (which she made into a calendar) with their own respective background colors that fit their personalities and uniqueness that makes them tick (like Ariel’s bikini, Cinderella’s “A Wish” notebook, Belle reading a book, and more). She’s also made them into a calendar on DeviantArt.

11 As Stained Glass Paintings

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Louisiana-based artist Mandie Manzano has created these bright, colorful, vivid reimaginings of the Disney princesses as stained glass paintings. The perfectly rendered set shows what they might look like if they were adorning your favorite church or cathedral. Religious or not, it’s hard not to love a good stained glass art piece—they’re incredible to look at—and these princesses are no different! Can you imagine these life-sized?

10 As Criminals

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Illustrator Marilen Adrover has made quite the entertaining series of mug shot illustrations, showing what our favorite Disney princesses might look like as delinquent criminals. It’s a nice touch to see the goodhearted princesses playing into their bad sides. It comes complete with a lineup background, their booking numbers, and even the crime they were jailed for!

9 As College Students

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Freelance artist Charles Gwynnet Icasiano (known as Gwencha on social media) has taken the Disney princesses and dressed them in what they might look like if they were attending college in the Philippines. The blending of the princesses, with their trademark colors and looks, but with representations of how they might look in school, is both eye-catching and interesting to look at. We also see what school they might have gone to.

8 As Gothic

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These images seem to fit the personalities of the Disney princesses perfectly, and if you look up “gothic Disney princesses,” you’ll find lots of hits. But these ones resonate with us. It makes them all look a bit like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. They’re drawn by artist Skullyan, and he’s also done four drawings of the princesses for each season, with different colors to mix with their Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring backgrounds.

7 As Punk

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Australian illustrator HelleeTitch has brought a smile to everyone’s face by going slightly in the other direction with the princesses, and showing them in stylized punk outfits. Besides these alternate renditions, HelleeTitch has also created lineups of “High School Princesses,” “Steampunk Princesses,” and “Gothique Princesses.” When 9GAG shared them, they took off all over the internet, and this is probably our favorite set.

6 As Pinup Girls

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Because Disney has only ever had one tattooed character, and it wasn’t a princess (it was Chief Tui from Moana), lots of artists have created their own punk/bad girl/tattooed renditions of them. There have been other artists who’ve drawn cheeky pinup versions of the princesses, but they’re NSFW, so we’ll focus on these ones, which look pretty awesome.

5 As Noir Femme Fatales

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San Diego-based illustrator Astor Alexander has made waves by creating these vivid, incredibly realistic portraitures of the Disney princesses if they were heroines or Femme Fatales in some chic noir crime film from the 1940s. Instead of pink dresses and mystical villains, we have smoke, handsome partners, guns, and a bit of cynicism on the side. The effect is truly stunning, and the artwork itself is some of the best and most realistic around.

4 As Photo-Realistic

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Speaking of hyper-realism, ridiculously talented artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen has created a set of photo-realistic Disney princesses if they grew up with impossible beauty standards. These realistic portraits are great for people who want to decide which princess they most look like. They’re given healthy proportions, realistic expressions, and garb that matches their uniqueness. Sixteen different princesses/female characters were drawn.

3 As Villains

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We all love to see the Disney princesses going bad. That’s because they’re just so good, practically all the time, that we like to know they have a delicious dark side, even if it’s not canon. These three particular pictures were drawn by different artists, in different styles, but they all showcase the wild side of the princesses in a unique way. There are tons of “Disney princesses as villain” artwork out there, if you care to look.

2 Back In Time

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Swedish artist Beatrice Lorén has done an interesting thing here by creating a timeline of Disney princesses back in time. This fits pretty well, and the years aren’t random: they all correlate with the years that the films came out. For instance, we have Snow White reimagined in 1937 garb (the same year that Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was released), Cinderella in 1950, Aurora from 1959’s Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel from 1989. Beatrice has made other series with Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, and one with Tiana, Rapunzel, and Merida.

1 As Modern Day Bad Girls

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Finally, we’ll close out with more Disney princesses imagined as modern-day bad girls, also in a realistic way. Florida-based illustrator Joel Santana has created these bada*s pictures of Snow White, Ariel, and Belle as tattooed pinup girls, in a tattoo style that looks amazing. His art is so good that is was even featured in Cosmopolitan. He plans to expand the series to as many characters as possible, and we can’t wait.

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