17 Disney Princesses Drawn By Thirsty Fanboys (And Girls)

With Halloween having just come and gone in the blink of an eye, the Disney princesses - as they do, year after year - were thrust into the spotlight. With the original eight princesses - Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan - as well as the modern additions along the lines of Anna and Elsa, Brave, and Moana, we saw all kinds of variations of the traditional princess outfits.

Adopting Halloween-styled tweaks one night of the year is one thing, but reimagining these princesses in more mature manners in the art world, well that opens up another realm entirely. Throughout this rundown, we'll see Jasmine rocking shorts that wouldn't be welcomed at a dinner party, a new twist on Anna and Elsa's relationship, and a Wolf of Wall Street take on Tiana, just to name a few. Alright, enough chitter-chatter - let's dive in!

17 Rapunzel Isn't Happy

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There's the regular thirsty fanboy interpretation of a Disney princess, and then there are the more obscure, zombie-like, rage-filled versions, just like the one we have pictured right here, folks. Taken from Jeffery Thomas’ Twisted Princess series, this one shows what would have happened to Rapunzel if the bad guys had won.

16 Cinderella Slays

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Making her first appearance on our list is Cinderella, yet not as we know her. Drawn by  Evvi Art, this rockstar, no-holds-barred approach on the usually-innocent princess is something very much out of left-field, and we absolutely love it. There's no way the evil stepsisters and stepmother would be messing with this chick.

15 The Most Captivating Ariel Stare

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Is anyone else utterly captivated by that warm, inviting blue-eyed stare? Drawn by Freelance illustrator and artist Isabelle Staub with a combination of Photoshop and Corel Painter, this take of the beautiful mermaid is nothing less than phenomenal. We're sure that Prince Eric wouldn't be taking a backward step after one look at this beauty.

14 The Hermione/Belle Mashup We've All Been Waiting For

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Who doesn't love a great crossover? This time, artist  Isaiah Stephens has taken two of the most magical worlds we have - Disney and Harry Potter - and merged them into one, creating a Hermione version of our favourite Beauty and the Beast star, Belle.  In reality, it makes plenty of sense - they're both book nerds!

13 Atlantis' Kida In Her Element

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Hailing from a lesser-known Disney film yet still a memorable one nonetheless - Atlantis: The Lost Empire - the warrior princess Kida faces plenty of on-screen struggles. In this piece of artwork, however, drawn by Karina Yordanova, she looks care-free and beckoning. It's a unique view of the character, that's for sure.

12 Don't Mess With Mulan

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If we learned anything from watching Mulan on repeat over the years, it's that the main character, Mulan, is not to be messed with. With independence and a strong will, she knows what she wants and knows what's needed to get there. Here she is in her captivating, realistic teenage-like form, drawn by Fernanda Suarez.

11 Megara Drawing Us In With That Stare

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Once, again, at the hands of Fernanda Suarez, we've been given a glimpse into a stunning crossover world of Disney and reality. With our beloved Hercules lady, Megara, on display, curling her hair and looking dead-straight into our souls, it's hard not to feel all of the feelings. This one would not look out of place on a teenage boy's bedroom wall.

10 Wendy's All Grown Up

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Thanks to artistic ingenuity of Fernanda Suarez yet again, we can take a peek into a realm of realistic Disney - and frankly, we don't mind it! With a genuine and caring personality as a young woman in Peter Pan, Wendy looks to have taken a mature step forward in this rendition, adopting some high fashion and style.

9 Sleeping Beauty Has Awoken

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To say that those purple irises are anything less than transfixing would be an understatement - we just can't stop staring at them! Aurora, the star of the show in Sleeping Beauty, has been peppered with some real-world flair, and once again, we've got the hand of Fernanda Suarez to thank for it.

8 A Film-Noir Cinderalla

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We've already seen a crossover between Disney and The Wolf of Wall Street, as well as a Harry Potter mesh, and this, folks, makes it a perfect three! From artist Astor Alexander, Cinderella takes on a film-noir aesthetic, blending almost seamlessly with one of the best films of all time - The Godfather

7 Jane Porter, Librarian-Style

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If there was ever going to be a Disney version of a modern, attractive librarian, Jane Porter would throw her hat in the ring, that's for sure. In this image, journal in hand, our favourite Tarzan girl is sketched by the very talented Fernanda Suarez in a very natural form, and it's fair to say that she certainly looks the goods.

6 Mature Moana

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As the star of her own film, we see Moana as a young, innocent, free-spirited yet strong-willed and brave girl. In this unique rendition, however, unlike Peter Pan, she's all grown up! It's not often that audiences have the chance to experience their favourite Disney characters in a different age group, so this might be a little hard to process - although not without making an impression!

5 Hipster Alice

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Without a doubt, of all the characters on the Disney roster, Alice from Alice in Wonderland is the one who showcases the personality with the most flair and imagination. She's a dreamer, and in this Fernanda Suarez take, the dreamer is wielding a mammoth iced tea and sporting a unique arm tattoo.

4 Ariel, Put It Down

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Forget about the fact that Ariel's lost her tail here and been given a pair of human legs instead, because we're more concerned with the fact that she's wielding a weapon. As a crossover with Leeloo from the video game, Fifth Element,  Ariel has adopted a persona that, frankly, we're not entirely comfortable with.

3 Millenial Pocahontas

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If you thought you'd seen every possible reimagination of Disney princesses then think again. Thanks to the artistic prowess of Daria Artemieva, we're dealt with what can only be described as a typical millennial version of Pocahontas. Is that Coachella in the background? You better believe it is.

2 A Natural Ariel

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This isn't Ariel from The Little Mermaid's first appearance on this list but it may well be the most memorable. With her instantly-recognizable flaming red hair and naturally-beautiful freckles dotted across her face, artist Junica Hots has made Ariel look like something straight out of a fairytale.

1 The Historically Accurate Cinderalla

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As much as we absolutely adore the costumes that the Disney princesses wear in their respective films, it's fair to say that historical accuracy hasn't been a thought at the forefront of the animators' minds. Here, however, we see what Cinderella would look like if she were, in fact, wearing a mid-1860s dress!

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