20 Disney Channel Romances We Couldn’t Get Enough Of

Disney Channel has been holding it down on the small screen for decades now, and it has brought the world some of the most entertaining shows of all time. The network knows exactly who they want watching their shows, and they have done an exceptional job in crafting solid programs that have been able to stand the test of time. Many of these classic shows will be on Disney's upcoming streaming service, and a new generation of fans will get to see what all the fuss was about back in the day.

Today, we want to shine a light on the romances that blossomed on some of the most popular shows in the history of Disney Channel! These couples are the ones that set the bar for all the other ones that will follow.

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20 Cody And Bailey (Suite Life On Deck)

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This popular couple was able to blossom a romance on screen, and fans quickly fell in love with what they brought to the table as a couple. Disney Channel is no stranger to bringing romance to their most popular shows, and when this couple debuted, fans were quick to accept them.

19 Sonny And Chad (Sonny With A Chance)

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Looking back on it now, Disney Channel had a wealth of talent to work with, and many of these people have gone on to do some amazing things. Demi Lovato was perfect for the lead on this series, and the couple of Sonny and Chad was one that made fans of the series happy.

18 Hannah And Jake (Hannah Montana)

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To say that Hannah Montana was a massive hit would be a gross understatement, as it helped launch Miley Cyrus into the stratosphere. Hannah didn't have a boyfriend the entire time the show was on, but once she finally locked one down, people were more than happy to appreciate him.

17 Maya And Lucas (Girl Meets World)

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Maya may not have been the lead on her series, but people loved Shawn Hunter when he was playing a secondary role on Boys Meets World. Maya would find a romance with the handsome Lucas, and seeing her grow up and have a boyfriend was met with a lot of applause from fans.

16 Andi And Jonah (Andi Mack)

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This series had a lot to like about it, and Disney was willing to ship a couple that people were clamoring for. These two wound up being a lovable pair during their time together on the series, and while this show may not be a classic like some others, this relationship helped make it memorable.

15 Phil And Keely (Phil Of The Future)

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This series came along at just the right time for Disney Channel, and it was a sizable hit while it was still on the air. These two seemed destined to be together, and watching their love blossom on the small screen was great for fans. The series actively built to them getting together, making their coupling all the more impactful.

14 Justin And Juliet (Wizards Of Waverly Place)

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After coming on the air and becoming a huge hit for Disney Channel, this series wound up being a launching point for some huge names in the entertainment business, Selena Gomez in particular. This couple was greeted with a lot of love from fans of the series, and it remains a classic tale of love for the network.

13 K.C. And Brett (K.C. Undercover)

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Now that she is basically running things in the movie business, it is amazing to see the beautiful and talented Zendaya during a time when she was still finding her footing. This couple materialized on her television series, and while they have taken some flack, we simply had to include them.

12 Riley And Lucas (Girl Meets World)

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As the lead character on Girl Meets World, Riley was the character that people could not wait to see grow up on the small screen. She was not on television for as long as her dad was back in the 90s, but she went through a lot, even hopping in a memorable relationship with Lucas.

11 Teddy And Spencer (Good Luck Charlie)

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Good Luck Charlie has to be one of the most endearing shows to make it onto the Disney Channel, and it wound up doing well for itself as soon as it made its debut. While the show was about preparing a young girl for the world, this couple certainly made their presence felt.

10 Joe And Vanessa (J.O.N.A.S. LA)

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Joe Jonas has been doing well for himself since growing up and moving on, but we wanted to take a look back at his character and the relationship that he had with Vanessa back in the day. This was a couple that had its fair share of fans, and we have to wonder if the performers still stay in touch.

9 Cece And Logan (Shake It Up)

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Shake It Up was a series that did all the little things right on the small screen, and it helped several performers amass tons of fans in no time. Bella Thorne made her name on the series, and her character, Cece, made magic on the small screen with the lovable Logan.

8 Austin And Ally (Austin And Ally)

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These two were fantastic together on the small screen, and people loved watching them each week on their very own show. Sure, this series may never become as iconic as Lizzie McGuire or Even Stevens, but it was still able to find some fans and give the world something to enjoy.

7 Farkle And Isadora (Girl Meets World)

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The fact that we are featuring this couple on this list just goes to show you how great Girl Meets World was while it was on the air. It's unfortunate that it isn't still around, but that is another entry for another day. Farkle was an odd one, but his romance with Isadora was downright adorable.

6 Logan And Jasmine (I Didn't Do It)

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After being on for just two seasons, some fans out there may have forgotten about this show and placed this couple on the back burner, but we wanted to show them some love here. I Didn't Do It had a lot of potential, and this couple was one that the show was better off for having.

5 Nick And Macy (J.O.N.A.S. LA)

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Considering that there was little in the way of feelings between these two characters in the first season of the series, most people did not see this one coming. However, once they did became a couple in season two, there were enough people cheering to warrant this being on our list today.

4 Lilly And Oliver (Hannah Montana)

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Hannah wasn't the only person finding love on Hannah Montana! This couple wound up being lovable as the show went on, and as the series grew in popularity, their shipping from fans grew louder. It was a huge moment when they finally took the next step with one another. Who didn't love Lolliver?

3 Kim And Ron (Kim Possible)

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Kim and Ron had been friends for some time before allowing their feelings to come to light, and when it finally happened, fans lost it. These two had been instrumental in saving the day so many times, and they deserved to find happiness with one another as the show went on.

2 Alex And Mason (Wizards Of Waverly Place)

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Alex and Mason made a lot of people happy during their time together on this popular series, and shippers loved to refer to them as Malex. They did not get together during the beginning of the series, but things were able to unfold in the most perfect way possible later on.

1 Lizzie And Gordo (Lizzie McGuire)

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This is the definitive Disney Channel couple, and there is simply no one close to being in contention. Lizzie and Gordo were best friends before making things official, and the fans that had been around since the beginning could not have been happier to see them finally realizing their love.

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