Secrets Each Zodiac Sign Is Trying To Hide (His and Hers)

We’ve all got secrets. In many ways, it’s our secrets that give us motivation or propel us forward in this lifetime. Our secrets can give us character and that certain something that people can’t quite put their fingers on. It’s there lurking, behind our eyes, in the way our eyes twinkle. Secrets are fun because they are little parts of ourselves that we keep locked away, like treasures, and we can pull them out when we want to. That is, if we want to. When we explore our secrets we do so privately which adds another element –secrets are a way for us to delve into self and touch parts of ourselves that might be considering socially unacceptable. So what are you secrets? Of course, you don’t just have one, but many. Let’s see what your dirty little secret is based on your sun sign and see if you don’t also see your dirty secrets in your moon and ascendant, too.

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24 Gemini –She’s Got Tons of Boy Toys

It’s no secret that Gemini is a huge flirt. She loves flirting so much she flirts with everybody, no lie. And even when she’s being nice, it feels and looks and sounds like fliting. Removing that characteristic from Gemini isn’t easy. It would be like removing a body part. She adores flirting and experimentation. Having one lover for her isn’t enough. She’s got to have a backlog of lovers, lovers on layaway, and lovers waiting in line. If you think a Gemini lady is 100% faithful, think again. Her nature is to be out there, flitting about, collecting energies and relishing in them. She’s doesn’t last long with any one particular boy toy because, for her, life is about keeping it moving and sampling the variety of life.

23 Gemini –He’s Got a Weird Desire

Much like his female counterpart, the Gemini male is a flirt. Because Geminis don’t get too intellectually deep, they’ve got to find their own way to spiritual enlightenment and they do it through lewd activity. The Gemini male will have a weird desire which will be his form of intellectual stimulation. Mind you, his desire does not have to be all the way crazy. It can be a mainstream desire even. But Gemini male will have one and, at some point down the line, want to introduce it to you and explore it further. Pushing boundaries of what is or isn’t taboo is Gemini’s area of expertise. So beware, a Gemini male will have a freaky side, but for some signs out there, it will be a match made in heaven.

22 Cancer –She’s Reading Your Thoughts


While this secret might not seem so dirty at first glance, beware that it is indeed dangerous if used in the wrong way. Cancer is reading your mind. She can’t help it. Being a psychic, intuitive, empath, all those things just comes naturally to her. That’s not the part you need to worry about. It’s what Cancer can do with that information. And believe you me, she will be ready and willing to do something with it should she be provoked. Or should you mess with her emotions. Cancer is the queen of emotions, so be careful when playing on feelings. She will come back at you with some information she received from you brain waves, brought to her in a dream, from wherever –and not bat an eyelash in using that for her own benefit, whatever that means to her in the moment, being so moody and all.

21 Cancer –He’s Got a Closet Full

What does the Cancer man got a closet full of? Not just secrets, but secret desires. Sure, maybe they are feisty in nature and surely taboo, but they could be of a different sort altogether. Cancer men have a tendency to be label psychotic or sociopaths. With all those untamed emotions, it makes sense Cancer men would have a hard time harnessing it all. He can become confused by desire and create separate personalities that act out his secret desires. When he does this, he’s convinced himself that it’s not him acting on his desire, but another him. In this way, he escapes responsibility. And he can rid himself of any guilt he might feel. Beware the Cancer man –he’s quiet because he’s trying to reconcile a desire and figure out how to bury it or act upon it.

20 Leo –She’s Into Group Sessions

Leo’s desire to be into group activity does not mean she’s into polyamory, although don’t put it past a Leo female, one that’s dead set on getting as much attention as she can. Group encounters will give Leo space to be creative and explore her desires in ways that she might not be able to do in a one-on-one session of lovemaking. Surely, Leo devours the attention she gets in a group session. After all, it’s her driving force. But the part Leo likes the best is the endless possibilities involved. It will get her creative juices flowing in the moment and will continue to flow well after the session is finished. That energy is potent enough to be applied to other areas, those areas that Leo feels passionately about.

19 Leo –He’s Dying To Make a Video


Here’s the sign that will be like, Let’s make a  tape. He might be the one that’s also secretly recording your intimate moments without your consent. He wants so desperately to be the center of attention that even in intimate encounters, he’s got to have all eyes on him. Leo males often imagine themselves as adult film stars. If that’s not bad enough, he wants to see himself in the act as a way to bolster his self-esteem. But also a way to learn how to better his skills which we’ll give him credit for. He will also be the one that want to do it in front of a mirror or have mirrors on his ceiling. Hello, ego. The attention hog is alive and well in the intimate life of a Leo male.

18 Virgo –She’s Into Women

How would she not be? Virgo women don’t just represent the divine feminine and Mother Earth, she’s also into goddess worship. This means whatever she wants it to mean. But more times that not it will mean that she’s attracted to other women. The attraction is so strong, as it a force pulling her onto the bodies of other women, that she will experiment if not a little, then a lot. She likes women, the idea of them, and wants to be with them. While she might not act on all of her desires –know that Virgo woman is secretly fantasizing about women even if she considers herself to be heterosexual. She may never be in a relationship with a woman, but Virgo has had her fair share of escapades.

17 Virgo –He’s Judging Everything

It’s no surprise that Virgos are critical, like über critical. To the point that they often drive others away, far, far away as a matter of fact. Virgo male is so critical, he’s often pushed himself into a corner unwillingly. Sadly, a Virgo male isn’t so connected to the divine feminine and can miss may subtleties distributed by the universe. He’s got a real lack of self-awareness. So even if he doesn’t say what he’s thinking out loud, know that he’s judging you in his mind –he’s judging what you do, say, how you dress, what foods you eat (or don’t eat), who your friends are. Yep, it’s that serious with a Virgo male and for him it’s not a defect, rather it’s a gift.

16 Libra –She’s Got Secret Crushes Galore


Libra’s secret isn’t so secret. Libra loves love. She loves relationships and she loves everything that comes with a relationship, too. For her, life has not purpose without a partner by her side. And she gains tons of security while in a relationship, too. But one thing Libra will not tell you is that she’s already got a list of candidates should things not work out with you. Her secret crushes abound. You’d never even know it for how loyal she is. Yet for Libra loyalty and security are not mutually exclusive. She's got to have a backup plan in case things go sour.

15 Libra –He’s Got Secret Children

Yes, you heard it right, a Libra man is prone to have secret children. Not just one, but several. He will be the one that wants to spread his seed. For him, creating babies with his genetic imprint will be a life force that he can’t ignore. It’s in distributing his seed that he feels most connected to love. When a Libra man wants to make a baby with a woman, nothing will detour him, not even the woman herself. He gets dead set on his baby-making mission. So much so that before he realizes it, he’ll have more babies than he can handle. He’ll not tell you about all of them upfront, but with time he’ll reveal them, one by one by one by one.

14 Scorpio –She’s Hating You


The queen of darkness is upon us and we won’t soon forget. When Scorpio hates, she hates with such a passion it almost converts itself into love. For a Scorpio woman, hate is not on her agenda, actually, despite what most think they know about Scorpio. She’s often times lost in self and emotions and trying so desperately to pull herself out of her own dark spaces. But if you wrong a Scorpio, know that her hatred for you will grow so quickly, so massively, she’s got power enough to turn the entire world against you, family members and all. Don’t be surprised when her hatred grows into straight up ignoring you –it means she’s banished you from her energy field and you no longer exits to her.

13 Scorpio –He’s Controlling You


The primary objective of any Scorpio is to obtain power through any means necessary. However he gets that power is not the point, the point is to get it no matter that cost. Without power a Scorpio male ceases to exist. He seeks out power sources and use them to their full potential. A Scorpio male is not above sucking someone dry, either. The easiest way for him to collect your energy is through manipulation. Without much effort, he makes this possible. A few comments here and there, subtle glances, and out of this world intimate time will have you in the palm of his hand in no time. And working off his mysterious vibes –he’s sure to get you where he wants you, despite how cunning or clever you think you are.

12 Sagittarius –She’s About Taking Risks

Let’s talk risky business, let’s talk crazy Sagittarius lifestyle. On the outside, she won't appear so out there or even adventurous, but in no time at all, Sagittarius will let you know the life she’s about. She’s about that risky life. Whatever that means to her. She might be into risky scenarios, like outdoor or elevator status stuff. She might be into activities that push her to the limits, whether through substances or mental manipulation. A life without risks is no life for a Sagittarius female. She’ll likely to take some of her risks, too far and not be ready to handle the repercussions. It will hit her like a ton of bricks, but once she recovers, she’ll be back at her own risk-taking game again. Living life, as she would say, to the fullest.

11 Sagittarius –He’s Super Jealous


He will likely not admit it, but a Sagittarius man is jealous. Known as the straight shooter of the zodiac, Sagittarius isn’t prone to shy away from telling the truth. That is if the truth isn’t about them. Sagittarius men can call a spade a spade from a mile away. They can even talk all day about somebody else’s truth. But when the mirror is directed back at them, they recoil or run. It’s not easy to face the truth of who we are and Sagittarius, despite talking a big game, will not be into looking at himself in the mirror. At least, not for long and not long enough to make any effective change. He’s insecure through and through. When he senses threat, he’ll attack with his quick wit and fiery attitude. So jealous that sometimes he’ll even turn off his flame and leave you cold for days on end.

10 Capricorn –She’s Prone to Obsess

She’s hard-working and not afraid to show it. So dedicated to work, she’ll fall into a trap and end up getting labeled workaholic. Capricorn females obsess over every detail that it’s hard to pull them away once they get stuck on something. Her obsessions don’t stop at the work place. They are easily transferred, then applied to other aspects of her life –from relationships to family and from interest and even thoughts. While she is known as one of the more practical signs, it’s there that her obsessions start. Being so controlled and dogmatic can push her to break her own boundaries and find herself in dangerous territory. Often times, no one will know about her obsession because she will hide it so well, but she’s got one. Does she ever.

9 Capricorn –He’s Got a Secret Fixation

Much like his female counterpart, Capricorn males are obsessive. They have tendencies to be workaholics or alcoholics. They take to addiction more readily than a Capricorn female. However, they do have one fixation that isn’t so naughty. The adore sleep. The Capricorn male is meticulous about his sleeping arrangements –from the bed to the bedding and from the temperature to the lighting. It all has to be just right otherwise Capricorn male won’t get the sleep he so desperately desires. Sleep, for him, is a way to escape the world. He’ll rarely talk about his feelings, so this is a way for him to bond with himself while pushing away the world at the same time and try to figure things out. Often time, he’ll prefer sleep to a romp in the hay.

8 Aquarius –She’s Cheating, But She’s Not


Don’t start to define what a relationship is or isn’t with an Aquarius female because it won’t even make sense to her. She lives beyond boundaries and rigid rules set up by society. Breaking those limits is what she’s about. Rebel is just the icing on the cake for her. In every way possible, she aims to break rules. This will mean that cheating to her will not be perceived as cheating. Rather, she’ll feel she’s simply following her life force and desires that she has every right to explore. If you try to convince her otherwise, you are entering into a battle that you will surely lose. She’s not into being convinced or talk to, either. She lives life like she wants and if you don’t like it, you can leave. It’s that simple for an Aquarius female.

7 Aquarius –He’s Just Not That Into You


He’ll sweep you off your feet with her intellectual banter and he’ll win your heart with his quirky sense of self and style, but at the end of the day, he’s just not that into you. Aquarius males can travel the world ten times over alone, in complete solitude, and not see anything bizarre about the life they’ve chosen to lead. He will be so aloof that it’s becoming. And many women will get fooled by his character. They will be tricked into thinking he’s playing a role, but soon enough they’ll learn that the Aquarius man is meant to be the journeyman, the man alone on the road trying to solve life’s mysteries. He’ll leave women behind like kicking just one more pebble down the road and not feel bad about it because for him each encounter is but a moment, one that can’t last forever.

6 Pisces –She’s Plotting Your Death


She is the accumulation of all the zodiac signs which means she’s full of energies that manifest whatever it is her heart desires. The Pisces female knows how to harness those energies and it can be dangerous if you’re on her bad side. She’s one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac and that might be just another reason why she’s plotting your death. She’s trying to eliminate you from her life because, quite frankly, there’s no purpose for you in it. This is not a physical death –she’s plotting a way to remove you from her heart and soul. If you were a lover who wronged her, your death will be a difficult one, one that will last many years and one that will leave you suffering and constantly pinning for her until death do you part.

5 Pisces –He’s Already Dead

The Pisces male engages in power play much like a Pisces female, but the difference rest in the fact that he’s not, in the least, attached to this world. He considers himself a walking spirit among the living. At times, he might even say spiritually enlightened. His dark secret lies in the fact that he’s tricked you into thinking he’s alive. Once you fall for him, be ready for an abrupt breakup that will have zero logic. He’ll leave because he can. He’ll leave because he wants to. And he’ll leave because he’s got another spiritual mission lined up that doesn’t involve you. One might call him cold or even heartless –but he’d prefer to say something like he’s beyond attachments and beyond the confines of this world.

4 Aries –She’s Got a Temper

Aries full of fire? Who knew, right? If you’ve had your fair share of Aries experiences, then you will surely know the heat of an Aries woman. It’s like the phrase, Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn, was made by a lover who had been burnt, big time, by an Aries woman. That’s how an Aries rolls, full of passion and fast acting energies. Get her mad and you’ll see a fire rise in her like you’ve never seen it before. With Mars running through her body twenty-four seven, being an aggressor and a warrior come naturally. However, be warned, should you evoke a fire unwarranted or unjust in Aries, you will get licked by her flame, one that’s meant to scar you for life.

3 Aries –He’d Rather Go Solo

If you think we’re talking about independence here, you’re wrong. Aries men are independent. That means in everything they do, even down to self-pleasure. They are fast to start relationships with women and just as fast to finish. Same for their bedroom game. Although there’s nothing wrong with being fast considering the average man lasts about 2 to 5 minutes. Aries men surge with the energies of Mars that make him want it more than most. Since Aries doesn’t always have a lover by his sie, he’s fine to handle his business alone. After all, being so independent and self-motivated, he’s used to flying solo in all walks of life. Plus, it’s not likely that Aries men will have many long-term relationships where he can exert that energy anyways, so his solo game is really tight.

2 Taurus –She’s Hoarding Food


You already know Taurus is about food. It’s hard to get a Taurus to concentrate when they’re hungry. Like you cannot even hold a basic conversation with a female Taurus who needs to eat. Her whole body will be motivated by eating. And because she’s an earth sign, she’s in touch with these energies inside herself. She knows that food is vital in helping her get through the day, but also emotional moments. Her eating is usually on a schedule or done every few hours and she’s obsessed with cooking. Cabinets empty at a Taurus woman’s house, not likely. But that’s not all –she hides food away, saving it for a rainy day. She’s got her secret stash of favorites stored for her own private eating. She’ll do small binges of secret eating, too, should her obsession burgeon.

1 Taurus –He’s Addicted to Luxury

Come on, it’s no secret that Taurus love luxury. It’s about a lifestyle and a quality of life that surpasses all else. When a Taurus has found their standard of living that suits him, don’t even think about pulling him away from it or you will see the horns come out. Taurus is stubbornly set on having that high class life. So much so that he dreams about it day and night if he hasn’t already achieved his goal. He’s willing to take chances, too –which means he’ll like the lottery and gambling. A little too much, though. This is the one sign that will get addicted and get risky af when it comes to his money. But for him, it’s worth it. He’s betting on a life he’s envisioned for himself, one he can’t let go of even when time and again universe shows him different.

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