Models Are Using This Dior Serum For Sweat-Proof Makeup Looks

Summer is here, which means barbecues, garden parties, beach days, and outdoor weddings. So much fun, but also a nightmare for a makeup look. Sure, as long as we remain in an air-conditioned, cool environment we'll look as fresh as a daisy, but most of the time we're under the scorching rays of sunlight and can end up looking like a melted painting. Well, there seems to be a solution to all of our melting makeup problems! Dior has a serum that will make skin look flawless even during summer's hottest days, and it's already been approved by the Paris Fashion Week models.

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Dior makeup artist Peter Philips had to deal with creating looks for a runway show in 90-degree heat, and making sure models looked fresh and flawless in their full faces of makeup. Sounds tricky, but he swears by this Dior serum, and if actual models approve of a product, it has to be must be doing something right. 

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Philips, also Dior's beauty creative and image director, told Allure that his trick is to use a serum called "Capture Youth Glow Booster." This serum is supposed to mattify the skin all while at the same time keeping makeup in place during the most trying heatwaves.

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So, rather than putting all trust in some long lasting foundation, it's all in the preparation, which actually makes total sense. The serum contains ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid and vitamin C which work together to both smoothen and brighten the skin. The light-weight formula will last forever as only two drops are needed to help set the foundation and keep it there. It can be used as a prep or, for anyone in a rush, mixed in with foundation, so it's perfect regardless of how much time someone has on their hands for a makeup routine.

Not everyone likes to wear a full face of makeup in summer, and there is no one telling you that you have to do so. But for those of us who like to "put our face on" in the morning no matter the temperature outside, or those of us who at least like to be able to do a full makeup look for special events, this is excellent news! A product that will keep your makeup from sliding off is a dream come true!

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