Destiny's Child: 20 Little-Known Details That Are Finally Surfacing

Destiny's Child might be one of the greatest award-achieving female singing groups of all time. Over their years together they snagged countless accolades, topped tons of charts, and performed more shows than the ladies can probably count.

For some of the members of Destiny's Child, performing was all that they had ever known. Being superstars was a goal that they had been aiming for practically since they could walk. And they didn't just reach that goal; they surpassed it by the greatest of measures.

Back in their heyday, Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle were everything. Every girl wanted to be them, and every boy wanted to be near them. The ladies were sparkly songbirds and icons in their own right, too. They sang they danced, they whipped their hair back and forth, and they always had the brightest most outrageous costumes draping their perfect bodies.

Destiny's Child was perfection, but even perfect doesn't last forever. And while the ladies eventually parted ways to work on solo projects, they left one another without anger, resentment, or negativity and continued to support each other throughout their lives as the best of friends.

Almost everything about Destiny's Child is pure wonder and gold. Almost.

As sparkly clean as their images were during their performing days, we managed to dig up some little-known and less than flattering details about this girl group.

20 Before They Were Destiny's Child, They Performed Under A Different Name

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It's hard to even think of Ms. Bey and the gals as anything but Destiny's Child, but many moons ago the ladies were part of a band known as Girl's Tyme. Better yet, the band was more of a rap group rather than an R & B group and consisted of six members, not the three who we associate with DC nowadays.

They first got together in 1990 (Queen Beyonce was merely a princess back then being only nine years of age) and stayed under their initial group name Girl's Tyme for seven years before they officially became Destiny's Child.

19 The Girls Had A Makeshift Studio In Beyonce's Garage

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Even though the little ladies of Girls Tyme were not even in double digits when they all got together, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, Támar Davis, Nikki Taylor, and Nina Taylor worked their tails off to hopefully hit the big time. They practiced their routines nonstop under the watchful eye of their manager, Bey's father, Matthew.

One of the most popular places to hold practice was in the Knowles family's garage. Another favorite practice spot was in mama Tina's hair salon. The ladies of Girl's Tyme did little else other than going to school, dance, and sing back in those days.

18 Initially, The Girls Were A Group Of Six

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Destiny's child has gone through plenty of transformations throughout the years. They started as a gaggle of six youngsters and then the numbers were shaved down to four members. From there two members "left" the group and another two members came in.

One of those ladies was Michelle Williams, who weathered the rest of Destiny's Child's days alongside Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, but the fourth lady, Farrah Franklin, didn't make the cut and eventually left the quartet. After so many changes, someone finally decided that Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle worked just fine together and there was no need to keep trying to add new members.

17 Two Group Members Claimed The Group Manager Showed Favoritism

Back when Destiny's Child found their rhythm with four ladies, half of them started feeling like they did not measure up to the other two members. Roberson and Luckett began to feel like they were not on equal footing with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. They claimed that the group's manager wasn't treating all members equally and they were the ones that were not measuring up.

The ladies felt like Matthew Knowles was showing favoritism towards his daughter and her best pal, who was living under his care. These feelings likely contributed to the group's breakup. There was too much tension between the underdogs and the boss's golden girls.

16 Which Could Be Considering WHO The Manager Was

Is it any great surprise that two of the Destiny Child's band members felt as if their manager, Matthew Knowles, preferred Bey and Kelly to them? No. Over the years, Matthew was not exactly known for his level of professionalism. LaTavia Roberson and LaToya Luckett probably felt how Knowles was more committed to boosting Beyonce and Kelly's performing aspirations and not theirs.

Bey is, of course, his firstborn child and Kelly had practically been a Knowles since she was a youth. She is often referred to as the family's adopted child because her home life proved to be far too unstable for a kid to be in.

15 One Member Got Fired From The Group For Not Keeping Up With Their Schedule

After LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett left Destiny's Child, two more band members came in ready for some singing and dancing action. Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin questionably replaced the fallen stars. They found out that they were out of the group when they saw the video "Say My Name." Their voices were heard playing on the track, but they didn't make the video.

Two brand new girls were in their place lip-syncing their lines. Ouch! Farrah eventually had to leave the quartet because she supposedly could not keep up with the hectic schedule that the ladies needed to maintain.

14 One Member Battled Depression

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When Destiny's Child was sitting on top of the world, enjoying massive amounts of success that the trio had never even dreamed of, one member was struggling in silence. Michelle Williams battled severe depression at the height of the group's fame.

Her brief reunion with Kelly and Beyonce at Coachella sent her spiraling further and landed her in a treatment facility. Michelle has since been on the up and up, is engaged, and is platforming against the stigma that still surrounds mental health. In our opinion, Williams is 100% a "survivor."

13 They Had A Moment In The Sun On The Famous Show Star Search

Before the well-known ladies of DC were performing at Coachella and The Grammys, they made their public debut at another famous venue. Back before Bey and the gals were Destiny's Child, Girl's Tyme got a chance to show the world what they were made of on Star Search.

Though they thought they had the win in the bag, the judges announced that Girls Tyme's opponents, Skeleton Crew, would be taking the win home, leaving the girls emotionally distraught. The ladies consider that loss a defining moment in their lives, where they suddenly realized you could give it all you had and still come up empty-handed.

12 The Name Of The Group Came From Their Roots

The name Destiny's Child came to fruition roughly eight years after Bey and a string of girls had been at the performing game. It seemed they needed a change in more than the band members. They needed a name change too!

The name is derived from a biblical source, in particular from the Book of Isaiah. The sacred name is something that meant something to the members and allowed them to connect more deeply to what they were doing and what they were trying to accomplish. Now we can't fathom Bey, Kelly, and Michelle being called anything BUT Destiny's Child.

11 Mom/Fashion Designer

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Pop stars in the nineties were all about the bright colored spandex suits, glitter, and bejeweled wonder. Bey's manager dad and supportive mother know the ladies needed a glammed-up look to match their powerhouse singing chops and off the wall dance moves, but they could not find designers to help bring their vision to life.

Thus, Tina Knowles, Beyonce's mama, took matters into her own hands and started designing the outfits for the group. They were known for showing up to awards shows looks sparkly, scantily clad and matchy-matchy all thanks to Mama Tina and her creative vision for the group's look.

10 Former Backup Singers

Matthew and Tina Knowles maybe didn't do everything right in their marriage, but they did two things right: they created not one, but TWO talented superstars. Beyonce is Hip Hop's reigning queen, but she is not the only artist in the family. Her younger sister Solange is a star in her own right.

Solange, too, has forged ahead with a path in music, and back in her younger years, she was the lead vocalist on the theme song for the Disney Channel's Proud Family. The members of Destiny's Child, Bey included, sang back up for Solange as she belted out the theme song.

9 The Three Most Recent DC Members Are All Friends Even To This Day

Destiny's Child (the final trio) had been together for several years and were riding high on major musical success and touring the world. Interestingly it was then that they decided to announce that they would be going their separate ways. The ladies made the announcement on-stage before 16,0000 fans in Barcelona, and immediately people assumed that underlying friction was to blame for the split, but that could not have been more false.

The members merely wanted to pursue individual projects, and the three women remain best friend even to this day. For them, going out on a high note made all the difference.

8 Kelly Rowland Was Practically A Knowles

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland were together from the very beginning. Of all the members of Girl's Tyme and Destiny's Child who came and went, Bey and Kelly, stood the test of time. Kelly came to know Beyonce, and that friendship evolved into a deep kinship and a partnership that has stood the test of time.

Kelly's mother had left her husband, and it wasn't easy for her to be a single mother, plus get her daughter back and forth to rehearsals. Because of this, the Knowles family took Kelly in and treated her as if she was their very own.

7 "Say My Name" Was A Deeply Personal Song For Beyonce

When the group dropped "Say My Name," it was an instant and massive success. What many people don't know is that the song was very personal to Beyonce. Beyonce had been dating a man named Lydall Locke for years. She was entirely and completed head over heels for him, but he might have had eyes for other ladies.

"Say My Name" reflects that relationship and Beyonce's tendency to make him say her name when he was on the phone with her, just in case other women were around. It turns out Bey has been writing songs about the men in her life roughly from the very beginning.

6 The Group Once Got Dropped From A Record Label

Beyonce's father and mother knew that their daughter would someday become a massive star. There was little doubt in their minds that their girl would eventually rule the world, but not everyone had that same confidence in Beyonce and the gals as her parents did.

Destiny's Child was once signed to Elektra Records but was then dropped. Holy buckets! Someone dropped Queen Bey from their label. Considering DC went on to be the top-selling female vocal group for about eight years, that means that Elektra lost out big time. After Elektra let the ladies go, they signed with Grass Roots Entertainment.

5 Sister Solange Was Almost A DC Member

It's interesting to know that Matthew Knowles had two super talented daughters under his roof, but he never put her younger daughter in the same group as Beyonce. He did come close once though. In 2003, manager/father Matthew Knowles announced to the world that Solange would become the fourth member of Destiny's Child.

Two months later, Beyonce let the world know that her sister would not be joining the group and would instead be devoting herself to working on a solo venture. We can't help but wonder what might have been if Solange had become a member of the world's greatest female group.

4 Bey's Parents Went Broke Getting The Group Up And Running

To say that Matthew and Tina Knowles sacrificed everything to make Beyonce's wildest dreams a reality would be a vast understatement. Matthew left his job at Xerox to become the group's full-time manager. Then in 1995, the couple was hit up with $38,000 tax lien. Mom Tina found herself accused of bouncing checks, and the pair eventually wound up in more financial trouble.

All of the financial drama was nothing compared to the personal drama Tina and Matthew underwent after it was revealed that he had not been the loyal and faithful partner that everyone had assumed he would be. Ultimately the couple divorced because of their compounded issues.

3 Michelle Williams Was Not The Member's Birth Name

After so many ladies had come into Destiny's Child and then left, no one took much notice to newcomer Michelle Williams, but after a while she proved her staying power. Michelle remained a part of the group until they went their separate ways.

But Michelle's name is not actually Michelle. Her given name is Tenitra Michelle Williams. She started going by the name Michelle at the encouragement of her manager. This name change thing was nothing new; Kelly Rowland's birth name is Kelendria. Matthew Knowles obvious had a creative vision for the group, even down to their stage names. So how did Beyonce get to keep her unique name and not get stuck with a stage name like Brittney?

2 Mother-Daughter Smackdown

BEy and her mom Tina have always been super close, but that is not to say they have not had their fair share of mother-daughter skirmishes. At one point a young Beyonce got a little bit too big for her britches at a promotional appearance and started giving her mother the business.

Tina was having none of that and had to put her in her place. She was not about to let her child forget that "pretty is as pretty does" and that one "has to be cute on the inside" as much as on the outside. You go Mama Tina. It's too bad other parents of celebs never adopted Tina's line of thinking.

1 The Song "Survivor" Has A Backstory

The group's song "Survivor" was written by Bey, her dad, and Anthony Dent. It went on to win praise as well as several awards such as Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals at the 2002 Grammy Awards. The song resonated with many listeners, but not everyone was a fan.

Two former Destiny Child members sued the group because they claimed that the tune contained derisive comments about them. Lyric lines such as, "You thought I wouldn't sell without you, sold 9 million," were especially cutting to the ladies who no longer rode the coattails of the group's success.

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