Destiny 2: The 20 Quickest Ways To Raise Your Power Level

Destiny 2 is different from traditional role-playing games in that you don’t gain experience points in the conventional way of completing quests and defeating bad guys. In Destiny 2, your Power Level is a numerical value that represents your strength, and that value is decided by figuring out the average of all your gear.

So, at the most basic level, you’ll want to get better gear by completing objectives, missions, and public events. This is how you’ll quickly raise your power level, and thus your offensive and defensive strengths.

Luckily, there are tons of ways you can get better gear. For instance, with the release of Shadowkeep, Bungie closed the gap between casual and dedicated players, which means you can start off with a base Power Level of 750 and play the original Destiny 2 campaigns without having to grind. Even so, we’ll discuss reaching Power Levels above 750 here, too.

Here are 20 ways to quickly raise your Power Level in Destiny 2.

20 Vendor Drops

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It’s not too hard to raise your power level to the soft cap of 900 with blue, purple, and exotic items that drop. Vendor drops will help raise your power level to 900, but it means you have to grind it out and sit there farming and collecting rewards. You can then cash in your Crucible and Vanguard tokens over to Zavala & Shaxx and spend everything you have.

19 Using World Tokens

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Just like vendor drops, world tokens work for this too, especially if you have a massive stack of them. It’s a bit slow going, but you can get as many levels as you have world tokens to spend on. You’ll need to use a huge amount of tokens to get to the soft cap, but there’s really no other good use for them, so use these and accelerate your leveling early through the tricky bits.

18 Completing Activities

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There are tons of activities that you can do to quickly raise your power levels, regardless of how many leftover items you have from previous seasons. Such activities include running Crucible matches, Public Events, Lost Sectors, or whatever other activities you can find. As long as they drop blue pieces of loot, they can help raise your power level to 900.

17 Play The Shadowkeep Campaign

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It’s recommended that you don’t start the Shadowkeep campaign until you’re at 900 because the campaign tends to drop decent items, even if you’re over-leveled for the missions. The new system in Destiny 2 makes most blue items drop at your maximum gear score, which means if you’re 902 and you have a helmet stuck at 898, for instance, the new blue helmet will probably drop at 902, which gives you a big boost even after you’ve hit the soft cap.

16 Complete Challenges

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When you reach 900, you’ll unlock new Challenges all over the solar system. You can find them in Destination menu, with a gold star against a blue background. There are several new or revised Challenges that offer powerful drops. Some of the current Challenges available are: Complete three playlist Strikes as the same subclass as the daily burn (Tier 1), and complete three Gambit matches of any kind (Tier 2).

15 Level Up Your Artifact

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Your seasonal Artifact can help raise your levels by granting you bonus power without affecting your Light level. The bonus exists across all your characters. One of the best way to level your Artifact is to work on Bounties of some kind, which give great XP. Just keep in mind, your Artifact levels get more expensive every time you level up.

14 Repeat On A New Character

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You can have three characters across the board, and once you’re done leveling your first character, log onto a new one and do the whole thing again. Hitting 900 is even easier on a new character, because you can transfer all of your high level weapons over from your first character and give your new one an instant boost. Then go to your seasonal offerings and unlock seasonal armor— you should already be in the 850s before even using any tokens.

13 Pinnacle Rewards (Nightfall: The Ordeal)

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The only way to hit over 950 power level is through Pinnacle rewards, such as the 100,000-point reward in Nightfall: The Ordeal. You’ll use a coordinated team in one of the harder Nightfall: The Ordeal difficulties, and the two hardest versions have recommended Light levels of 950 and 980. So players who want the additional challenge will have to find teammates.

12 Grab Your Subclass

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After you reach 900, your next goal is to unlock the alternate subclasses as early as possible. When you complete the public event, you’ll receive an object that triggers a quest to earn your subclasses back. Complete the public events until the subclass milestone directs you back to Earth, and in Earth’s director map, a mission will take you to the Dark Forest, where you’ll complete a short mission to unlock the subclass.

11 Don’t Do Milestone Activities Until You Reach 900

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Until you reach 900, there are activities you should save for later so you can maximize your rewards— such as the Milestone activities and weekly bounties that drop powerful gear. These gear rewards are one of the only ways to surpass the soft cap, and like other rewards, they coincide with your current level. Don’t do Milestone activities until your power level is higher and you’ll get better rewards.

10 Clear Out Each Of The Planets

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Any drop before 900 will increase your overall Power level, so complete every mission and get every reward you can. A quick way to do this is to clear out each planet, complete the adventure missions, and clear out the daily and weekly bounties in Forsaken. Adventures give you new gear and Ability points to boost subclasses.

9 Raise Your Rep

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Everything you do on each planet raises your reputation tokens for those planets. So, once you have a good stack, take those tokens to the quest giver on each planet to fill your reputation meter. You’ll receive new gear that will be more powerful than what you have, which will help raise your power level to your cap. Completing adventures, clearing out Lost Sectors, finding supply caches, clearing challenges… it all helps.

8 Dismantle Old Gear

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In Destiny 2, unlike other RPGs, you don’t sell your gear, you dismantle it from your menu screen. Scrap any old green and blue drops with power levels below your most powerful items. Rare and legendary drops that are dismantled give you gunsmith materials, which you can take to the Gunsmith at the Tower to increase your reputation with him. If you give the Gunsmith enough parts, you’ll fill a bar on the screen and earn new, more powerful gear.

7 Complete Strikes

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When you’ve unlocked the Strike playlist, access it to be matched to a fireteam of three Guardians, then complete the lengthier missions. Each time you finish, you’ll open a loot chest with some decent gear (mostly blues, but some purples). You’ll likewise receive reputation tokens, helping to earn even more gear. There are also daily and weekly Vanguard challenges in the Strikes that can reward you with powerful gear, but avoid those if you’re not at the cap yet.

6 Enter The Crucible

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The competitive multiplayer arena, called the Crucible, is another great place to get new gear. You might not get a drop in every match, and most of the drops you find will be blue pieces topping out around 900, but you can pick up legendary purple gear, too. Completing Crucible matches will also give you reputation tokens which you can give to Lord Shaxx at the Tower for more loot.

5 Do Some Quests

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After completing the story campaign and the expansions, return to each planet to receive a special multi-staged mission called a Quest. There are more involved Adventures, and when you complete all of them on a planet (typically three), you’ll get some good rewards. Almost every Quest has a unique item that drops at the end, with the item requiring you to do more activities, but completing those objectives will earn you an exotic weapon.

4 Join A Clan

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Once you’re at a high enough level, you’ll receive a Milestone suggesting you join or start a clan with a powerful gear reward. Being in a clan has reliable rewards, as each week there are extra powerful engram rewards in the Crucible, Strikes, Gambit, Nightfall, and Raid activities when you play them with clanmates. This is a good reason to make friends in Destiny 2 and not be a loner!

3 Compete In The Iron Banner And Trials Of The Nine

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The best gear always comes from the hardest activities in Destiny 2. You’ll be sure to find some top-level gear drops in the Iron Banner Crucible tournament and in the Trials of the Nine. This also gives you an incentive to get good at the player-versus-player part of the game. Besides that, if you really want to push your levels higher, get a six-guardian fireteam going, gear up, and get ready to conquer…

2 Run The Last Wish Raid

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The best gear in Destiny 2: Forsaken comes from this six-person team raid, called the "Last Wish." Once you’ve beaten it, you’ll probably want to take the challenge again and again, because Bungie says it will be changing up the raid and the Dreaming City over time— and because you’ll get some great loot. This is one of the most challenging parts of Destiny 2, but it holds some great gear and is totally worth doing.

1 Get To Level 50

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Backtracking a bit, your first goal should be to max out your character level at 50. For most, completing the story campaign and expansion story missions will get you there, if not close. During this time, you’ll find weapons that are too powerful for you. Your power level will steadily increase throughout the game. Once you hit 900, dismantle any green or blue drops, since you’ll need legendary purples to carry you toward 950.

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