Dermatologists Share The Best Way To Dry Your Face After Cleansing

In this day and age, almost everyone is aware of the importance of cleansing and moisturizing the face, but dermatologists are now also sharing the best way to dry the face after cleansing, and it seems as if some people might have been doing it wrong. No matter the skin type, the skin in the face is more sensitive than the rest of the body, and therefore need special care with cleansing, moisturizing, and apparently also drying.

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The facial skin care routine for many people consists of several steps, and wash, dry, moisture are probably the three basic steps. On top of that a lot of skincare lovers also add toner, serums, essences, oils, and face masks, but it appears as if the correct drying method has been neglected until now. The obvious options for drying the face are air-drying and towel-drying, but which one is better than the other?

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As reported by Allure, dermatologists are concluding that the best way to dry the face after cleansing is to gently dab it with a clean towel. While some are saying that air-drying is fine too, only way too time-consuming for most people who have better things to do than watching their face dry, one of the interviewed dermatologists even advises against air-drying as it can dry the skin out.

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The one thing all dermatologists definitely agree on is that rubbing the face dry with a towel is a big no-no. Rubbing on the face with a towel, no matter how clean, can lead to skin irritation, increased dryness and skin sensitivity, and unfortunately, this is probably one of the most common methods of drying the face. Anyone who is in a bit of a hurry will most likely try to speed up the skincare process routine and shortening the time between cleansing and applying products by quickly rubbing the face dry with a semi-clean towel.

Another advice for drying the face is to leave the skin a bit damp when moving on to applying toner, serum and moisturizer since the dampness helps to maintain the moisture. However, when it comes to skincare, always confer with a dermatologist before making any drastic changes to the skincare routine as everyone's skin is different.

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