A Dermatologists Says Don’t Do This Viral Face Cleaning Hack

There’s a video circling around the internet on a home remedy to get rid of your blackheads that you should absolutely not do.

Besides the fact that it’s kinda gross, it’s also sort of dangerous.

But first, the video. Korean beauty YouTuber Fei Yang posted a video March 18 that shows how she gets rid of blackheads using only vaseline and saran wrap.

Step one: apply vaseline to the face. According to Fei, it’s non-comedogenic and doesn’t block your pores. It is, however, petroleum jelly and therefore kinda gross. She also said it starts to itch after being on your face for a while.

Step two: tightly wrap your vaseline-covered face in saran wrap. Be sure to leave holes to breathe out of, otherwise this life hack doesn’t work. Also, you'll suffocate.

Step three: go to sleep. Actually, you don’t really need to fall asleep, you could just wait a few hours. The idea is that the vaseline will open up your pores, dissolve the dirt, and make it easier to remove your blackheads. That doesn’t take all night, but Fei is a “go big or go home” kinda gal.


Step four: use two cotton swabs and gently bring them together over your blackheads, pushing out the yucky stuff, and collecting it on the cotton. Don’t be alarmed if the gunk is green-- that apparently happens when you combine blackheads and vaseline.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what this whole process entails, here’s why you shouldn’t do it.

“There are a couple of issues with this,” says Kerry Benjamin, founder of Stacked Skincare and speaking to Hello Giggles. “Pores extends downward through several layers of skin, and if you are extracting yourself, you don’t have the right angle like a professional does.”

"If you are squeezing, poking, and rubbing the blocked pore, it adds more hand oils, dirt, and unwelcome physical pressure — making it worse, which may make your pores stretch out more."

Kerry also notes that vaseline has a similar effect to steaming, which warms the skin and makes the oil that coats the blackhead easier to extract.

Rather than using this grossly bizarre lifehack, Kerry recommends you use topical treatments and exfoliate. If things get really bad, call a professional and leave the saran wrap for yesterday’s leftovers.


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A Dermatologists Says Don’t Do This Viral Face Cleaning Hack