Dermatologists Are Citing The Benefits Of Honey For Skincare

Dermatologists have concluded that adding honey as an ingredient in skin care products has great benefits for the skin, and anyone who enjoys using natural products will be pleased to hear that. Now, most people tend to have a bottle of honey in their kitchen, but before anyone goes and slabs it on their face and hope for a miracle, it is important to note that not just any honey will do. When it comes to the types of honey that will actually add benefits to the skin, the ones that work the best are the raw and unprocessed sorts. It does make a lot of sense though since these kinds will contain way more potent enzymes than the more processed types of honey do.

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Many skincare fanatics enjoy a good old do it yourself task when it comes to skincare, and for those who are in to that sort of thing, honey is a great staple ingredient to have on hand. Honey can be used for homemade face scrubs, face masks, body scrubs, and much more. Add a bit of sugar for a stronger exfoliating experience, or use the honey on its own to battle breakouts and dullness that tend to appear at this time of the year.

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According to Allure, the most effective honey is called Manuka honey, as it is jam-packed with enzymes carrying antioxidant, antibacterial and healing qualities, which is strongly beneficial for any skin care problems. Raw, unprocessed honey like the Manuka honey can, thanks to its antibacterial properties, also be a great help for anyone battling bacterial acne.

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For those who are not so keen on whipping up their own skincare products, there are, of course, also a whole lot of options on the shelves. Most skin care brands will carry products that contain honey as it is a natural ingredient that has been proven to add tones of benefits to the skin. From face masks, bath products and scalp treatments, to shower gels and hydrating serums - there is a honey infused skincare product for every need.

As with all skincare, it is recommended to confer with a dermatologist before venturing out and incorporating a new type of product, but it is refreshing when natural ingredients are in fashion.

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