Demi Moore's Daughters Open Up About Why They Did Not Speak With Their Mom For Three Years

Demi Moore’s Daughters Open Up About Why They Did Not Speak To Their Mom For Three Years

Demi Moore and two of her daughter's opened up about how they did not speak for three years due to Demi's alcoholism, and where they are at now as a family. Demi was invited to Jada Pinkett Smith's show Red Table Talk to discuss her new book Inside Out, in which the actress does not hold back on her struggles with addiction and how they have affected her family. Accompanying Demi were two of her three daughters from her marriage to Bruce Willis, thirty-one-year-old Rumer Willis, and Tallulah Willis, 25. Not present was the middle daughter Scout Willis, but Demi's eldest and youngest shared their experiences from those tumultuous years.

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The conversation got extremely personal, just like Demi's memoir, and a lot of it revolved around Demi's eight-year-long marriage to actor Ashton Kutcher, which ended in 2013. Jada opened up the interview by reading a passage from Inside Out, in which Demi explains what it was like at her lowest point ever in life, where she found herself cut off from her children, having just suffered a miscarriage. After having been sober for twenty years, Demi had started drinking again, and she quickly spiraled out of control.

Demi Moore’s Daughters Open Up About Why They Did Not Speak To Their Mom For Three Years
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As reported by ET Online, Demi is certain that it was her addiction to alcohol and to her then-husband Ashton that made her daughters distance themselves from her. Both Rumer and Scout moved out of Demi's house to get away from her, and Tallulah being the only one left, recalls feeling abandoned and unloved.

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Rumer also opened up about an incident in which she had to call 911 after Demi had a bad reaction to drugs at a party they were both at. The then-twenty-three-year-old was convinced her mother was going to die, and this episode was what made the three sisters stop talking to their mother for three years. Eventually, it was Rumer who tried to mend the severed relationship, acting as a peacemaker between Demi and her sisters, something which was extremely challenging for her.

Red Table Talk is known for not shying away from complicated topics, and the candid interview with Demi, Rumer, and Tallulah is not an exception. It is great to see how Demi has been able to find herself again and mending the relationship with her daughters.

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