Demi Lovato Starts Purging Her Instagram By Unfollowing These Two Iconic Pals

Demi Lovato seems to be cleaning up her social media and has recently unfollowed two of her celebrity friends since childhood on Instagram. Since coming back home from rehab, Demi has also returned to her Instagram account, and it seems as if she felt like cleansing it from certain people or influences. Now, everyone has probably gone through the process of purging their Facebook or Instagram account and unfriending or unfollowing people and accounts that we don't like anymore. It can be for a number of reasons; the content is not interesting, the person is no longer a friend, or it is something that does not add positive energy.

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So, who didn't make the cut? Old Camp Rock co-star Nick Jonas has been unfollowed for some reason, although Demi is still following his parents and brothers Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. Another childhood friend who Demi unfollowed is Selena Gomez and some hardcore fans might remember that Selena actually unfollowed Demi on Instagram earlier this year, so that was perhaps less of a shocker. The two actresses have had a complicated friendship over the years, and they have both gone through a lot of things in their personal lives with stints in rehab, health issues, and, as anyone, broken hearts.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, Demi didn't stop with her childhood friends. Another celebrity and more recent BFF of Demi, Iggy Azalea was also in the group of unfortunate who the twenty-six-year-old chose to cut from her Instagram.

According to ET Online, a source has explained that Demi is trying to focus on herself and avoid any complicated relationships. She wants to put all her energy towards sobriety and being healthy, and she's got a sober companion and a strong support group of people she trusts around her. After her overdose in July, the Sober singer knows she is lucky to be alive, and that there is no quick fix to a full recovery.

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Demi has not herself stated as to why she has chosen to unfollow her former (?) friends, but hopefully, it is part of the program she is following. Unfollowed or not, everyone is just happy that Demi is on the road to recovery and that she is putting all focus on herself and her health.

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