Dangerous Trends: 15 Of The Scariest Beauty DIYs

We all enjoy learning about the latest DIY beauty projects, but some of them are turning out to be dangerous. I am not talking about the brown sugar scrubs, the avocado face mask, or the coconut oil hair treatment. Those are all fun projects that won't land you in the hospital. I am talking about the beauty hacks that advise you to use chemical products designed for cleaning the kitchen on your body or putting dangerous chemicals near your eyeballs.

We all want to look our best, and if we can get a bit of beauty from cooking ingredients in the refrigerator, all the better. Cheaper than store bought products? Fantastic! But if it is in place of going to see a doctor or some other professional, then beware. You could cause yourself far more harm than good.

Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube are loaded with all sorts of beauty hacks, DIYs, and advice. Read everything with a grain of salt. Test out what you feel sure is safe and know before hand what you are allergic to. Above all else, don't do anything to yourself that should be done by a trained professional. Your health and your well being is not worth the risk.

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15 DIY Braces


When I was a child, I learned about do-it-yourself braces from a friend. She would take a figure 8 ponytail holder, the kind with a plastic bead on each end, and somehow fit it into her mouth so that it looked like she had braces. The ick factor came into the scene when she used one that she took out of her hair. Now, the new disastrous trend is to use those little hair elastics to close teeth gaps. Unfortunately, many people have been harmed following this advice, with teeth falling out and the bands becoming painfully caught inside the gums. Of all the DIYs out there, steer clear of this one and turn to the professionals when you are ready to have your teeth properly straightened.

14 Deodorant on Bikini Area


We all know the drill. It is bikini time and we have to shave. We could shave two days before going swimming to avoid showing off razor burns and show off stubble instead or we can shave that day and treat the world to red chicken skin. An unsavory DIY suggests that deodorant can remedy this dilemma. It goes on to say that we should apply deodorant on our bikini area after shaving to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. However, the opposite is true. Putting deodorant down that can cause an infection and make your razor burn even worse. If you want a safe remedy for razor burn, try fresh aloe vera juice. It will soothe your skin and help razor burn heal.

13 Listerine Foot Bath


There is nothing quite like coming home after working all day and soaking your feet in hot water and epsom salts, but how about Listerine? According to one DIY, soaking your feet in a solution of one part Listerine, one part vinegar, and two parts hot water will remove the hard, dead skin from the heels of your feet after a 15 minute soak. Many people tried this experiment and wrote about it. The foot bath gave many testers a tingling feeling, but afterwards the skin on their heels remained tough and intact. A few people reported that their feet became stained, either blue or green, after the experiment.

12 The Stretch Mark Solution


Stretch marks can drive a woman to try strange things to get rid of them, but is Vicks VapoRub the answer? This DIY found on the web tells us to apply VapoRub on our stretch marks and then cover the area with plastic wrap. Sleep with this on overnight and the next morning, while in the shower, we are supposed to exfoliate the area. The remedy promises to show results in a few days. People that have tested this DIY report that their is no difference to their stretch marks and the only thing they get is to smell like menthol for the rest of the day. For those with sensitive skin, you will probably get a rash as well as the minty smell.

11 Homemade Diet Pills


Diet pills are a largely unregulated industry riddled with horror stories and terrible side effects. It is little wonder that people who want a boost to their diet are looking into making their own diet pills, but are they really worth the effort? Many people have reported that homemade diet pills did nothing to help them lose weight. In fact, they spent more money making their own pills than if they had bought the brand name, all natural diet pills. LiveStrong has a better, and safer, alternative to diet pills: homemade diet supplements. For the caffeine found in almost all diet pills, they recommend drinking one to two cups of coffee a day instead. Protein shakes, an apple cider vinegar drink, and some delicious fish are some of the great alternatives to taking a wishful magic pill.

10 Mole Removal


So, you’ve got a mole. Now what? Depending on where it is located, you will probably just ignore it unless it starts to change or hurt. If it does act up, you know you have to visit a dermatologist. Should it be somewhere visible to other people, you might learn to love the unique character it gives you or you might start to hate the darned thing. Just don’t be like other people who have harmed themselves with a DIY mole removal kit. These kits or online mole removal instructions have you prick or scrape the mole and then apply some caustic solution to it. It may work at getting rid of the mole, but there are many people who have suffered from severe scarring by removing moles on their own. This is one thing you should let a professional dermatologist handle. It is better to pay the money for the proper removal than to live life with a visible scar that could have been easily avoided.

9 Crayon Lipstick


Some people use crayons as a coloring in candle making, some melt broken crayon bits into larger crayons, and then there are those who take DIY too far and make lipstick out of crayons. On the surface, it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Crayons are, after all, labeled as non-toxic and with lead being found in some lipsticks, it seems that crayons would be the way to go. But not so fast. It turns out that there is lead in crayons, too. Depending on the color of the crayon, it could have anywhere from 2 to 5 ppm of lead. The average amount of lead in lipsticks is 1.1 ppm. In other words, stick with store lipsticks. They are safer than crayons.

8 Lip Pumping


Sort of like giving your lips a hickey, young women have started a trend to give themselves plump lips like Kylie Jenner without getting lip fillers or surgery. This dangerous trend involves girls sucking the air out of a small glass to create a vacuum that sucks in their lips. Their lips swell and, in some cases, they get a hickey-like lining around their lips. It looks terrible, but even worse it can cause permanent damage to their lips and, in some cases, paralysis. Instead of risking your looks for a silly trend, try out lip plumpers, instead. These lipsticks and glosses give you lovely full lips without harming the health of your lips.

7 DIY Teeth Whitener


Are you trying to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide? According to the British Dental Association, you could be doing more harm than good. Hydrogen peroxide can damage the enamel on your teeth and burn your gums. The only time hydrogen peroxide should be used is under the supervision of a dentist. Instead of taking a risk and potentially causing more harm to your teeth, speak to your dentist about teeth whiteners before proceeding with any DIY remedies.

6 Oreo Mascara


Of all things unholy, this one tops them all. A YouTube video came to light and has been making the rounds on the beauty forums, showing the process of making mascara out of Oreo cookies. The process involves crushing the cookies and mixing the crumbs with rubbing alcohol. Sound painful? This strange concoction could very well cause an eye infection or permanently damage your eyesight. It would be better, safer, and even cheaper to simply buy a tube of mascara at the drugstore.

5 Crayola Eyeliner


Just because a product is labelled as non-toxic does not mean it is safe to wear on your skin. Crayola coloring pencils are being dipped in warm water and used on the inside of eyelids as an eyeliner and used as lipstick. Crayola advises against this. While their products are non-toxic and safe if they are accidentally scribbled on the skin, these products have not been tested for cosmetic uses. You could very well be risking an eye infection using them on your eyelids or an allergic reaction wearing the pencils on your lips.

4 Glow in the Dark Nail Polish


Glow in the dark nail polish sounds pretty cool, right? But not if you make it yourself. Some beauty hackers are telling people that they can make their own glow in the dark nail polish by breaking open a glow stick and mixing it with a clear nail polish. While it may sound like a great idea, it’s not. The liquid inside of glow sticks is not meant for skin contact and almost all of these glow sticks are made overseas. The chemicals can cause chemical burns and skin irritation. Instead, buy a bottle of already made glow in the dark nail polish available online and in stores.

3 Fix Tanning Mistakes


Self tanning can be loads of fun. Okay, maybe not. It is rife with disasters and screw ups, but that doesn’t mean we should take further risks with our health. For instance, there is a DIY beauty tip that recommends using a Magic Eraser to fix streaks caused by self tanning. Not only is this just a bad idea, the eraser is loaded with chemicals that could cause allergic reactions and rashes. Instead, use a gentle body scrub or a slice of lemon to fix tanning streaks.

2 Alternative Eyelash Glue


Fake eyelashes can be awesome fun as long as you don’t get funky with the glue. Eyelash glue is available in nearly all drugstores and in many grocery stores. If you run out, it is just a trip to the store to remedy the problem, and while you are there, buy two tubes so you have backup. There is no need to turn to homemade or alternative glues, such as school PVA glue or a honey mix. Any of these alternatives can cause eye infections, allergic reactions, or act as an irritant. Be safe with your eyes and only use products that are specifically made for this delicate part of your body.

1 Sharpie Eyeliner


If you have ever had the mishap of getting something unpleasant in your eyeball, this DIY beauty hack should send you running for the hills. According to Cosmopolitan, Taylor Swift said that she would use a permanent marker for eyeliner as a quick, lost-my-real-eyeliner fix, but please don’t do this. There are chemicals in permanent markers that can irritate your eyes and cause redness. Also, let’s not forget that these are permanent markers, so if you make a mistake you will be stuck with it for the week.

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