Crop Top Tips From Antoni Porowski Of 'Queer Eye'

Say what you will about the "Fab Five" of the latest Queer Eye For the Straight Guy reboot on Netflix. There's no doubt that the preened quintet of Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness genuinely want to help the hetero dudes who are in need of their assistance. And they certainly know a little something about style.

Well, fasten your seat belts for the second run of episodes, because they're about to take that style into overdrive, if the sparkly pickup truck they drive on their new video teaser is any indication. Featuring music by Betty Who, it shows the lads ready to rock, complete with France in a corset and Porowski showing off a new midriff-baring crop top.

Porowski was reportedly planning to stay casual, until France opened the floodgates to don something more risque, so he upped the ante with that mini-top. The truth is, he's got the build to get away with it, with abs that peasants from yesteryear would have likely used to wash clothes with by the creek.

He wound up wearing the item for a whole day, figuring the shoot initially was only going to last an hour or so. Instead, he was under the spotlights and in front of the lens for 10 hours with the rest of the style squad, hoofing his way through a dance number.


This teaser is also a signal that the five are totally primed to up their game. Since the show was such a hit, it's a mystery why the original version was canceled by Bravo in 2007 after five seasons. The stars have even received a slew of accolades from folks on the street, ranging from LGBTQ followers to straight guys letting them know that Queer Eye played a huge part in them changing some aspects of their lives for the better.

June is Pride Month, which makes the second-season-launch extra timely. The show, which used to exclusively make over straight dudes, plan to mix it up this season with female and trans subjects, proof that more diversity is a good thing.

We cannot wait to watch the second season, and we are loving that crop top! Let us know what you think in the comments!


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