10 Creams Everyone Should Have In Their Arsenal

Creams are generally used for improving skin quality by keeping an area hydrated. They help skin retain its elasticity, which everyone hopes to achieve as they age to stay young forever. There are so many different types of creams on the market, but there are certain types you should have tucked away in your closet.

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These creams will help keep you looking like your best self as you beat the odds and continue to look young forever. You will also feel better too as your body continually thanks you for the excellent care. Keep reading to learn about ten creams everyone should have in their arsenal!

10 Face Cream

The number one place on a person's body that should be kept in tip-top shape is your face. It is the one thing everyone looks at as they pass you by and it can be a major confidence booster when it is kept healthy.

One way to ensure your face remains beautiful is to apply a facial cream that will hydrate your skin and improve its overall quality due to the vitamins and nutrients it contains. They also help protect you from the elements and act as a shield as they try to rip the youthfulness from your body.

9 Hand Cream

You use your hands every single day for a variety of tasks, from brushing your teeth to opening doors. This is why it is vitally important to use hand cream to prevent them from aging and cracking. It can be extremely painful when your hands split open at the knuckles, but hand creams can help stop this process from happening.

It is also a great way to keep them clean and make your skin as smooth and soft as that of a baby's. Some people may not like the feel of this product on their skin, but they won't mind it when they see the effects it has on their bodies.

8 Lip Cream

Lip cream often comes in a tube similar to that of lipstick, but it is so much better than that for your lips. It is more commonly known as lip balm and it has so many benefits that there is no reason you shouldn't be using this product daily.

This item enhances the healing quality of the skin on your lips, prevents chapped lips from ever happening, and gives them a plumper look. It obtains this supple glow as the moisturizers within the lip balm dig deep and make them as healthy as they can possibly be.

7 Eye Cream

The skin beneath your eyes is very thin and sensitive, as well a prone to aging. Eye creams help prevent this by hydrating the skin in a way that makes it look full and youthful despite the many years under your belt.

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It is best to start using them once you hit your later twenties as this is the time when this area of your body begins to deteriorate and show signs of aging. It should only be used beneath your eye, and make sure not to put any in your eye, as this can cause severe irritation and discomfort.

6 Body Cream

The cream is not just for your face and hands, in fact, it should be applied all over your body. This is different from lotion as it is a denser material that acts as a better defense mechanism and shield from the outer elements.

Many are infused with sunscreen to help provide better year-round protection, and they prevent moisture loss which can occur more rapidly when you only use lotion. It usually comes with a scent as well that will keep you smelling fresh and clean throughout the entire day.

5 Cuticle Cream

Your cuticle is the clear layer of skin that sits where your nail meets the rest of your body. There is something called a cuticle cream that helps keep this small layer healthy and happy despite its ability to crack and become infected.

You may not care about the attractiveness of your hands, but for those who crave to have pristine nails, this is a must-have product. You should always try to prevent them from becoming too dry or cracking, and if your hands are prone to this unfortunate action, then this is the product you need to be using.

4 Hair Cream

If you like to style your hair every morning with some sort of heat-releasing device, then you should buy some hair cream to accompany it. It not only helps your style hold all day, but it helps restore any broken pieces and keep them from becoming brittle.

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Your flowing locks will look healthier, as well as have a natural shine that most people would kill for. The cream will help hold everything in place and make it appear more natural than most hairsprays do, which generally end with a block of cement.

3 Underarm Cream

This cream is usually applied before you go to bed every night, and it actually whitens them to provide an even skin tone throughout your underarms. Many of us, even after shaving, end up with dark patches that prevent us from wanting to raise our arms above our heads.

This cream changes that as it makes them look flawless and smooth in a few short days. Most of them even act as mild deodorants and antiperspirants so you don't have to worry as much if you forget your deodorant one morning.

2 Foot Cream

Foot creams are not just for people with dead skin or callous problems, as they also have other benefits as well. They have been known to reduce foot odors by killing off fungus and bacteria, as well as keep them moisturized to prevent any future growths or cracks.

It is also very therapeutic for your mental health as a foot massage will help relieve any person's pent-up stress. You should always choose a cream based on your need for your foot and it is good practice to apply the cream when your foot is wet.

1 Breast Cream

Breast creams are usually formulated to help prevent dry skin, or to enlarge a person's breasts. Some claim the enhancement creams are dangerous, which can be true, but many do not contain any harmful nutrients or hormones.

They are made to increase breast size and shape them in a way that is appealing to the eye. It might even be considered false advertising, but if this is your dream then it might be worth a shot.

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