17 Crazy Demands Cardi B Made Behind The Scenes

In her meteoric rise from rags to riches, Bronx-based rapper Cardi B has emerged as a top artist today. Having reached such lofty heights in such a short time, she’s managed to garner attention for a lot of reasons –one of which is her recurring penchant for throwing out demands.

Cardi doesn’t hold back in giving the public her opinions, nor does she hesitate whenever she’s not in the limelight, off-stage, or away from the comfort of her own home. Through her social media account, backstage rumblings, and other avenues, we’ve got the lowdown on not just any old demands this rap diva has made, but incredibly insane ones.

17 Requested Six Dozen White Roses Backstage At Coachella 2018

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Every artist has a tour rider— which is a list of requests they can make backstage before a show. For her 2018 Coachella performance, Capital Xtra reports that Cardi asked for two bottles of Hennessy, fresh coffee, and– most puzzling– six dozen white roses. It makes one wonder why Cardi demanded something as specific as this, other than the mere fact that she can.

16 Wanted $1 Million To Perform At 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Fact: musical artists don’t get paid to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show. Although Cardi was a possibility for February 2019, rumors emerged she had requested a lofty $1 million to perform. A source informed Page Six of this information, which if true, could be one of the biggest demands Cardi has ever made.

15 Her Own Set At Super Bowl Halftime Show

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There’s more to the supposed story regarding Cardi performing at the 2019 Super Bowl on top of demanding a rumored $1 million to perform. Supposedly, she also wanted her own set all to herself. Yet according to Page Six, one of Cardi’s reps denied the rumor and she ultimately performed alongside Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl Music Fest.

14 Demanded To Know Where Her Taxes Go

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Here’s a demand many of us can relate to. This time though, it wasn’t on Love & Hip Hop: New York or during a concert, but rather on social media, where she decided to make demands. She said, as per CNBC, “...when you donate to a kid in a foreign country, they give you updates on what they’re doing with your donation... I want updates on my tax money.”

13 Wants $300K Minimum For Performances After Giving Birth

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Since Cardi hit it big, she’s gained bargaining power. After having her baby last year, in a report by TMZ, she demanded at least $300,000 for every show she performs going forward. While that may sound ridiculous at first, the same source notes she was getting offers at the time close to $500,000, so it's not outside the realm of possibility.

12 She Performs On “Her Terms”

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Cardi is asking for more than just big money for her performances going forward, though it’s a little more vague than the former demand. According to TMZ, performing has to be on her terms only. That fine print sure sounds like a way for Cardi to dictate anything and everything as she sees fit when it comes to her performances.

11 Won’t Perform Too Far From Home

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Accepting her newish role as mama bear, Cardi B is making sure she’s putting her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, first. TMZ reports that Cardi demands that her shows take place not too far from home. That’s so she can still be close to her little one while still making bank.

10 Demanded She Needed To Recover From Giving Birth, Left Tour Early

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It would seem that giving birth took something of a toll on Cardi. She had to exit her tour with Bruno Mars in order to, as TMZ reports, recover "mentally and physically” from giving birth to her daughter. In Cardi’s defense though, she admits to underestimating the “whole mommy thing.”

9 Called On Fans To Stop Hassling Her Publicist

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Long story short, Offset interrupted Cardi during a performance and fans lambasted Bacardi's publicist for it. That led Cardi to come to the defense of her publicist, to the point where she demanded fans put an end to it. Cardi said, in a quote provided by Vibe, “I’m not gonna let y’all drag my ----- for that.”

8 Demanded New York Reopen Brooklyn Strip Club Where She Worked

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“OPEN THEM LOCKS,” wrote Cardi on Instagram, as per Billboard, regarding Club Love & Lust, her former employer. In her rise to fame, Cardi used to work at this strip club, and once it fell on hard times, she advocated for its reopening again. “Justice for LUST!!!” the rapper wrote. Back in 2018, NYPD shut down the strip club.

7 Demanded Fans Give Her A Break At A Show To Fix A Wedgie

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Cardi has never hesitated to make demands, even going so far as to ask favors of her most loyal fans. According to The Sun, she demanded her fans at a show in New Zealand give her a break. “I’ll be right back,” she said. “I gotta take this wedgie out of my a--!”

6 Demanded More Coverage Of Fellow Female Rappers

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Even though she’s received a lot of attention and fame over the last few years, Cardi doesn’t just want it all for herself. In a story by That Grape Juice, Cardi took to Instagram to post a video about fellow female rappers today such as Kamaiyah, Rapsody, and others. In the video, she expressed her desire to see them featured in more magazines and blogs so that they can get the attention they deserve.

5 Demanded Respect For Strippers

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“Just because somebody was a stripper don’t mean they don’t have no brain,” said Cardi to People Magazine, as per a quote provided by Rolling Out. Cardi decided to use her platform to demand that others respect strippers. Since she was a stripper herself, she knows what it’s like and wants everyone to treat them better.

4 Demanded More Money From Ex-Manager She Sued

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Cardi had a falling out with a former manager which led to a lawsuit where she initially sought $15 million. Yet according to The Blast, she later amended it to $10 million in compensatory damages and $20 million in punitive damages. Without a doubt, it’s another case of the rapper not being afraid to demand more money.

3 Demanded Gillette Razors Backstage For Show

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Venues want the artists they host to be happy in the hopes that they’ll come back in the future. So in Cardi’s case, whatever Cardi asks for, Cardi gets - even if that means Gillette razors. Capital Xtra reports that Cardi added this to her tour rider for Coachella back in 2018.

2 She Demanded That The Government Shutdown End

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Since Cardi got a platform, she’s been using it every chance she gets. Zero Hedge reports that in January 2019, Cardi went off during the government shutdown and demanded the authorities bring it to a halt. She did not hesitate to express her strong opinions, even going so far as to say the country was in a “hellhole” at the time.

1 Demanded To Know How Someone Heard About Her Gang Affiliations

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Although she’ll admit to being an “emotional gangster” in an interview with The Cut, she’s less willing to entertain other gang-related questions. According to the piece, the interviewer asked whether she has an affiliation with the Bloods. In return, Cardi demanded the interviewer tell her where they had heard it.

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