10 Of The Craziest Reasons People Have Been Dumped

Relationships can sometimes go south and can leave people feeling a bit heartbroken. Sometimes there are legitimately good reasons for breaking up, while other times a former significant other can send us into a complete spin and leave for some ridiculous reasons. At times, these crazy reasons may not make any sense to anyone other than the person who is doing the dumping.

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When your partner leaves you for something that sounds so insane, sometimes it’s hard to not want to laugh and cry at the same time. Today, we are going to share ten of the craziest reasons people have been dumped. Continue reading to see what they are!

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10 When Being Immortal Puts A Damper On Things

A Reddit user by the name of Furiousdanny admitted that he dated a girl for one whole day before she decided to dump him because he was too “immortal” for her, according to Thisisinsider.com. He said that he believes his now ex-girlfriend meant to say “immoral” but it came out as something completely different. Can you image being dumped because your immortality got in the way? Neither can we! You would think that some people would want their significant other to live forever, but not this girl!

9 Coming Second To His Cat

Animals are like children to so many people, but sometimes love for a furbaby can get in the way of human relationships for some people as well. Especially once you start giving your pet their own spot in your house where no one else may sit. According to Twentytwowords.com, one user on Reddit left her feline-loving boyfriend because she couldn’t stand the fact that he had a chair just for his cat which she made the mistake of sitting in. Perhaps this woman didn’t like coming in second to her boyfriend's cat?

8 Questioning His Manhood

Reddit user Breatheinthesilence didn’t like to do things stereotypically when she would cuddle with her boyfriend, and for most people that is usually not a problem. According to Thisisinsider.com, she liked to be on the outside – the “bigger spoon” – when she would be laying with her boyfriend.

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He dumped her because he said he felt like his manhood was being questioned. We were unaware that there was a rule book on the proper ways to cuddle. Perhaps it’s called, “Cuddling 101?”

7 Dream It And Believe It

A Reddit user by the name of LorenzoGomez confessed that he was once dumped because his ex-girlfriend had a dream that he did something bad, according to Thisisinsider.com. Some believe that your dreams may help you sort through real-life situations symbolically, and some believe that dreams help us work through stress. The real cause of dreams is unknown, but this guy’s ex really took things to an extreme by taking her dream literal. I mean, I may have wanted to slap my boyfriend after those types of dreams, and we all get them, but I wouldn’t leave him over the dream!

6 The Twilight Zone

According to Thisisinsider.com, a Reddit user named AnnoyingDetails confessed that she had no idea she was in a relationship with a guy that she only went on one date with. She said that she wouldn’t even go on a second date with this man after he started pouting when she didn’t agree to a good night smooch. It gets stranger than that when this guy messaged her on the dating site they met on 10 long months later saying that he noticed she lied about her age because she was 29 when they met and now her profile says she’s 30-years-old. AnnoyingDetails explained how this guy had no concept of how time works and passes and that he ended their “relationship” after that.

5 When Your Girlfriend Acts Like Your Mother

Some people cannot stand when their girlfriend acts just like their mother. Some people find that whole thing to be a major pet peeve. However, according to Buzzfeed.com, Reddit user bobrobertsonson couldn’t stand the fact that his girlfriend wore the same exact deodorant as his mother. How could she, right?

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He hated it so much that he actually broke up with the poor girl over that. Perhaps for now on when we go on dates, we should check what kind of deodorant our date’s mom wears first. Who knew it would come down to this?

4 Commercials Are The Best Part

Some people know exactly what their priorities are and they will not tolerate people who don’t share the same as they do. However, some people’s priorities may not make sense to anyone but themselves. Like the commercials that tore one relationship apart. According to Buzzfeed.com, a Reddit user by the name of happilybitter decided to break up with his girlfriend after she refused to fast forward through the commercials while watching shows on their DVR. Some people claim that social media is bad for relationships, but no one else ever told me a DVR could be damaging!

3 New Groupie

Some women know what they want and they are not afraid to chase their dreams! In most cases, that is an excellent thing unless you happen to be Reddit user IllogicalFuturity. According to Thisisinsider.com, his girlfriend broke up with him at 2 a.m. all because her favorite singer was coming to their town and she had some serious goals in mind. She told him that she was trying to meet this singer at the concert so that she could make him fall in love with her so that he would marry her. Ouch, talk about a tough break!

2 One At A Time

Sometimes doing things one at a time can be helpful. Even eating certain things one at a time can help keep you from swallowing your food wrong. But there are just some things that you should not take your sweet old time doing if you want a long-lasting relationship. According to Buzzfeed.com, a Reddit user by the name of No-Mas-Pantalones admitted that he broke up with his girlfriend after he realized that she really took her time eating her peas since she liked to eat them one at a time. Perhaps there is such a thing as being a little too cautious when eating your vegetables.

1 She Couldn’t Keep Up

Slow and steady does not win the race, and in some cases going too slow can cause you to get dumped as well. According to Buzzfeed.com, a Reddit user by the name of daveysaurusrex confessed that he once dumped a girl because she walked too slow for him. He said that they would go for a walk down the street and he would turn around and she would still be about 20 feet behind him. Sometimes people want someone who can keep up with their pace – literally.

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