19 Craziest Demands Michael Jackson Made Behind The Scenes

Being the King of Pop means expecting a certain quality of life. It just so happens that this type of life includes demands that must be met at the drop of a hat. Michael Jackson was one of the most incredible performers to ever grace the stage, and his list of demands was even larger than his shows! Michael Jackson lived a life fit for royalty, and taking a look back at his demands reveals just what he was like when the cameras weren't rolling.

Today, we are taking a look back at some of the demands that Michael Jackson made during his time on top of the music business. Get ready, because some of these demands are sure to come as quite a surprise!

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19 Rumors Going Around

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Many people involved in the entertainment industry actively avoid this type of nonsense, but Michael Jackson was all about it. Michael Jackson wanted to keep his place at the top, and he was willing to demand that rumors be spread about him. He was always known to do things his way, and this is a perfect example.

18 A Painting Of Himself With Children

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Being eccentric is the name of the game for Michael Jackson, and this demand was one that was met by a talented artist. This painting is one that hung at Michael's lavish pad, and we have to imagine that he was thrilled with how the artist was able to depict everything.

17 A Hyperbaric Chamber

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Michael Jackson wanted nothing more than to be youthful forever, and in order to make this a reality, he made sure to let his demands be heard so that he could get his hands on a hyperbaric chamber. This photo made its way around the media back in the day, and it shows Michael chasing the Fountain of Youth.

16 Himself In A Batman Suit

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As much as we would like to be Batman, this is something that is simply out of the realm of possibility. Well, that wasn't the case for Michael Jackson who was more than happy to have this made for himself. Michael was able to become the Dark Knight, and he kept the suit at his house.

15 Edward's Scissorhands

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It makes sense that someone as eccentric as Michael Jackson would demand to have some famous props from his favorite flicks, and when these bad boys appeared on his radar, he simply had to have them. Tim Burton fans must have been bummed out when Jackson scooped them up back in the day.

14 A Private Jet For A Concert

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Musicians need to make it safe and sound to the venue each night to perform for their adoring fans, though most artists do this by way of rickety old buses. Michael Jackson, however, demanded that a private jet transport him to and from his intended destination. Talk about having champagne taste.

13 A Private Country Estate For His Family

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Musicians that travel with family members no doubt want what is best for them, but these people typically use hotels. With his family in town, Michael Jackson wanted them to have a taste of the good life, so he demanded that they be put up in a lovely estate in the country.

12 Walls Be Knocked Down Between Hotel Rooms

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If any regular person made this request, the hotel manager would laugh in their face and send them home. However, Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson, so the hotel that agreed to this demand was forced to make it happen. He did this so that his kids could have some room to roam.

11 The Guinness World Record Reps Be Present

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Breaking a record is always an amazing feat, but most people keep things on the down low. Michael Jackson is a true showman, and he wanted to document his record-breaking concerts by having the Guinness representatives head on over to the show and take note of the accomplishment. Talk about making a grand statement.

10 Shutting Down A Grocery Store

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Going to the grocery store is never fun, especially when the place is crowded. However, someone like Michael Jackson isn't able to do this seemingly normal thing without being bombarded by fans with cameras. So, he made his demands and was allowed to grocery shop all by himself back in the day.

9 Private Tour Of Madame Tussaud's

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Popular tourist spots thrive on having tons of people stroll through the doors with tickets, but the crowds can also be what keeps certain people away. With an abundance of wealth and a ton of power to make his demands a reality, Michael Jackson was able to get his private tour and not be disturbed.

8 An All Children's Choir

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Putting on the best show possible is the mission for every performer, and they will eventually have ideas that can seem a bit odd for the occasion. With this demand, Michael Jackson felt that he could make an impact on the audience by using an all children choir, but it came across as odd by some.

7 His Own Video Game

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Retro gaming fans rejoice, because this one is for you! Back in the day, video games were becoming more commonplace in living rooms everywhere, and Michael Jackson wanted nothing more than to have his own game. So, he made sure to make his demands heard and his film Moonwalker was developed into a video game for the Sega Genesis.

6 A Personal Theater

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A night out on the town can be a pain, so why not bring the night out into the home? With more money than some of the richest people alive at the time, Michael Jackson could do whatever he wanted with his home, and this remarkable addition was something that few people would have gone for.

5 His Own Chimpanzee

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At this point, many people are familiar with the things that Michael Jackson had at his home, but this was one that truly took the nation by storm. This chimpanzee is none other than the famous Bubbles, and the bond that he shared with Michael was the subject of many pieces from the media.

4 The Entire Beatles Catalogue

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After getting a smart investing tip from none other than Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson knew that he had to make a big move. His demands? Just the music of The Beatles. All of it. Needless to say, this did not sit well with McCartney, and Jackson was able to make a pretty penny from their music.

3 A Life-Sized Power Ranger

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As someone that enjoyed living life to the fullest, it would make sense that Michael Jackson would get his hands on some fun memorabilia from time to time. This particular demand was one that materialized for the singer, and it must have been funny for people that came over to visit.

2 To Be Spider-Man In A Movie

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Spider-Man has had a ton of success while appearing in films, and this is largely because studios have found solid actors for the character. Michael Jackson was a massive fan of Spider-Man, and he was apparently willing to buy Marvel Comics to make this demand come to fruition. Thankfully, it never happened.

1 Midnight Shopping At TopShop

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It is one thing to get a store to cater to some privacy, but it is something entirely else to have them open in the middle of the night to help someone scratch an itch. Never one to shy away from his demands, Michael Jackson made sure to get his midnight shopping on as soon as he could.

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