15 Craziest Demands Madonna Made Behind The Scenes

The most celebrated entertainers in music history are often referred to as royalty. We have to wonder if they sometimes forget that they are not ranking alongside true Kings and Queens.

Many of the biggest names in stardom sure act as if they deserve a throne. Their demands during travel and work are astounding. Rider requests show us who is a down to earth performer and who thinks that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Madonna is one of those musicians who thinks herself above all. Check out the wild demands that she has made behind the scenes.

15 Personal Furniture Required

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Madonna wants to feel at home in any space that she might find herself in. Dressing rooms often appear cold and depersonalized, but that design scheme won't do for a true Queen of Pop! Per thedailymail.co.uk, Madonna has her personal furniture items shipped from her home to wherever she is performing.

14 200 Plus People

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Lots of celebrities travel with an entourage. It is not unusual for a couple of bodyguards, a hair and makeup specialist, and a publicist to move around with their famous employer. Madonna is not just any celebrity, however. Per thedailymail.co.uk, she requires 200 people to join her on her work excursions. This number not only includes a full staff that we would expect to accompany a Queen, but also twenty bodyguards. No one is getting near the Queen of Pop Music, it seems.

13 An On-Call Yoga Instructor

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Tour the world without a personal yoga instructor? Heaven forbid such a thing! Madonna is a big believer in yoga practice, so it makes perfect sense (in her world) that her personal yoga instructor would accompany her on her tours. Per dailymail.o.uk, Madonna has her yogi as one of her 200 person entourage.

12 Her Own Acupuncturist

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Another vital person that Madge can not seem to be without while performing all over the world is a highly skilled acupuncturist. Acupuncture is an ancient tradition used to relieve pain, and we have to believe Madonna has all sorts of aches from the intense shows that she puts on.

11 Phone Lines Galore

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It has to be challenging to jet-set as much as Madonna does while trying to raise children. Madonna has a few kids who are still young and at home with her, but her oldest son and daughter are out in the big, wide world doing their own thing these days. So how does she stay in contact with her family and dearest friends? Twenty international phone lines, of course! Per thedailymail.co.uk, the singer demands this of every room that she stays in.

10 Roses Of Perfection

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Madonna loves herself some flowers. Roses are a particular favorite. She loves them so much that she once penned a children's book entitled, The English Roses. Madonna is said to need roses surrounding her while she travels.  Per thedailymail.co.uk, her dressing rooms must include select white and pink roses with stems cut down to only six inches.

9 Specific Fabrics

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They don't call Madonna The Material Girl for nothing! Madge loves herself some decadent fabrics. Per thedailymail.co.uk, Madonna requires her dressing rooms to be full of distinctive fabrics that sweetly smell of flowers. We aren't surprised that this superstar needs to be wrapped in luscious materials of all sorts.

8 Fresh Toilet Seats

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Madonna has been known to flash her private parts while singing and dancing for thousands of cheering fans. She loves to share those buns of hers with the world, but she keeps pretty protective of them elsewhere. Per eonline.com, Madge requires a new toilet seat at every gig that she plays.

7 Candles For Protection

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The soft glowing warmth and light from a lit candle can often set a serene and calming mood for people trying to relax. Madonna doesn't just use them in her rooms to settle in after a rousing performance, though. Per eonline.com, she lights candles because she believes that they protect her from spirits.

6 24 Hour Dry Cleaning Services

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Madonna loves her costumes. She is known for putting shows on that display her more creative side. All of those outfits need to be cleaned and taken care of once Madge steps down from the stage. Because of this, she brings along her own dry cleaner. Those frocks can not be trusted to just anyone!

5 Several Specific Chefs

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A superstar has to eat! Madonna needs exceptional chefs included in her 200 person entourage. She totes around a vegan chef when she tours so that her favorite meals can be prepared at a moment's notice. Per radaronline.com, when Madonna appeared on The Ellen Show, she had expensive, specialized vegan meals at her disposal.

4 Air Conditioning Ban

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Dressing rooms can get heated and stuffy, and most entertainers are more than happy to have air-conditioned quarters to retreat to. Madonna is not one of those entertainers, though. Per eonline.com, she once had a ban on air conditioning put in place to better preserve her vocal cords. That ban was overruled in England back in 2006 because people were fainting from the sweltering heat.

3 Strange Lighting Requests

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Rita Ora once met the Queen of Pop music in person, and she found herself down on her knees. When Ora and Madonna first met in 2013, Madonna strolled in with her lighting team in tow. She then decided that the lighting was better at knee-level, so per channel24.com, they dropped down and chatted on the floor.

2 Personal Hair And Makeup Team On Ellen

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Madonna spent an entire week hanging out with talk show host Ellen and many accommodations had to be made. Several trailers had to be brought in to house Madge and her team. Madonna also required that the show pay for a select group of hair and makeup artists. Per radaronline.com, the ones provided to her were not good enough.

1 Special Script Changes

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When Appearing on Ellen, Madge requested script changes, which is something that is never allowed on this production. Clearly, The Queen of Pop gets special treatment even when appearing on other people's talk shows. Ellen might be the ruler of her own show, but Madonna is the ruler of the entire universe!

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