20 Craziest Demands Eminem Made Behind The Scenes

From Slim Shady to 15-time Grammy winner to Recovery, Eminem has evolved over the years. From humble beginnings to making millions—and going on to become the fifth richest rapper in history at $192 million—he has everything he could ever want (Playback.fm).

Yet what can often come with fame and fortune is a penchant for overindulgence. If there’s something Em’s tour riders say about the rapper—which is a list of backstage requests—it's that he's got some peculiar tastes.

Behold, in all its glory, items that leaked off of Eminem’s tour riders over the years, which reveals a lot about this beloved rapper’s taste in libations and cuisine.

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20 Koi Fish Pond

via MEME ; iol.co.za

Arguably the most bizarre and entitled request on the list has to be Em’s koi fish pond. According to Capital XTRA, the famous artist requested it in 2011 for a performance in Northern Ireland. Was Em just trolling the venue, his crew and the ones who actually had to produce this pond for him?

19 25 Pound Dumbbells

via Heightline

At first glance, Eminem’s tour rider looks ordinary—drinks, snacks, WiFi access, dumbbells—wait a second, dumbbells? Yup. In a scan of the document from The Smoking Gun there’s listed, “25 lb dumbbells.” We would’ve thought Eminem would be more the arcade-playing type rather than the weight-lifting kind leading up to a big show.

18 Lunchables

via Thrillist

It’s not as high-class as Beyoncé’s juicy baked chicken and steamed garlic broccoli—as her tour rider revealed—but it’ll do. Eminem is easygoing, has simple tastes and doesn't ask for much—just throw him some Lunchables and he’s ready to perform. That is, “6 Lunchables snacks (3 turkeys & 3 ham with cheese),” to be exact (The Smoking Gun; Business Insider).

17 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

via worththewhisk.com; The Independent

One thing really stands out on Eminem’s tour rider from 2010: “Large fresh jumbo shrimps ‘w/ cocktail sauce & plenty of lemons.'" There's no skimping on the shrimp or lemons on Em's tour. We can just imagine Em chowing down on these before going back out on stage for an encore.

16 “NO Evian” Water

via Eminem News

Amid all the sugary drinks, Em didn’t forget to request water—and lots of it. From a 2010 tour rider, the rapper has a specific water brand in mind: “48- Bottles Water 12oz bottles (Dasani, Poland Springs) "NO Evian.” In case it wasn’t clear, he wanted his water in bottles.

15 Mountain Dew

via we heart it

Em does the dew—two whole cases, according to the New York Post. It’s kind of appropriate considering rapper Earl Sweatshirt said, “If you still follow Eminem, you drink way too much Mountain Dew.” That was part of an interview with SPIN in 2015. That certainly seems to fit, as Eminem definitely takes to the sugary carbonated beverage.

14 Bottled Diet Coke

via David Icke

Em loves his diet coke. So much so, he requested it two different ways. Making the very top of a tour rider back in 2010, as per The Smoking Gun, the rapper made sure to put “24- Diet Coke 16oz Plastic bottles" on his wish list. We’d hate to see how much he’d flip without them.

13 Canned Diet Coke

via thecoli.com

After listening diet coke in plastic bottle form, Eminem made sure to also request plenty of canned versions as well. “12- Diet Coke 12oz cans” reads the second line of a tour rider from back in 2010 for the legendary rapper. It’s safe to say that, considering they’re both the top two requested items, Em needs his diet coke.

12 Red Bull

via We Heart It

An oldie but a goodie. Remember when Red Bull launched in the US and it was the greatest thing since sliced bread? That was back in 1997 and now that Em is big and famous, he can get all he wants. All his tour rider requested though were “6 - Cans Red Bull,” yet there’s more where that came from further down below (The Smoking Gun).

11 Sugar-Free Red Bull

via We Heart It

If Em’s tour rider tells us anything, it’s that our approaches to dieting are the same. On the one hand, he’s trying to watch his sugar intake by ordering “Sugar-Free Red Bull” as revealed in a 2010 tour rider. On the other hand, he asks for “16 cans,” so he’s not exactly watching his intake (The Smoking Gun).

10 Bacardi And Hennessy

via RESPECT. Mag; giphy.com

Rappers love their Hennessy. It seems that Em is no different. According to the New York Post, he asked for 2 bottles of Bacardi and 2 bottles of Hennessy. It’s not exactly clear what tour rider or year the list of liquor was on, but we hope it was pre-Recovery.

9 One Loaf Of White Bread

via Celebs On Sandwiches

There’s a whole lotta fixings listed under the aptly titled “Sandwich Stuff” section of a 2010 tour rider for Em. At the top of the list is “White bread (1 loaf).” While he’s specific about what kind of bottled water he wants, he seems willing to consume any kind of bread brand.

8 Dannon Yogurt

via adweek; We Heart It

Kanye prefers Yoplait, Lady Gaga asks for non-fat Greek yogurt and Eminem eats “Dannon Light & Fit yogurt"—at least, that's what his concert rider from 2010 reports. According to The Smoking Gun, he specifically asked for “four containers, strawberry/banana” as his preferred flavor. With strawberries (as part of a fruit smorgasbord), strawberry jam and strawberry yogurt all on his riders, we’ve an idea what Em’s favorite fruit could be.

7 Taco Bell

via Complex

Tony Yayo the rapper once said, in a quote Food Beast reports is from First We Feast, "Every time we around Em and you backstage, there's, like, Taco Bell everywhere. Shout out to Taco Bell, but sometimes you want something a little different.” Is it all that surprising to find out Em requested it on his tour riders?

6 Banana Pepper Rings

via PepperScale; Twitter @JoePerovich

This one’s odd. It’s humorous that Slim Shady thought banana pepper rings were essential enough to include on a list of requested items on tour. Yet when one considers how many condiments and fixings get requested for sandwiches on Em's tours, we can't say it's all that surprising he’d require "1 Jar of banana pepper rings” (Business Insider).

5 Vitamin Water “No Diet”

via Fitness Magazine; Walgreens

As is a recurring theme throughout Em’s tour rider, he’s willing to go healthy—but not too healthy. Case in point, The Smoking Gun reports that he asked for “Vitamin Water” in a 2010 tour rider but specified “No Diet.” Considering his buddy 50 Cent had a minority stake in Vitamin Water, he’s making sure he shows his support for the brand (The Smoking Gun).

4 “Verner [sic] Ginger Ale”

via Spin; Stalkram

It’s either considerate or annoying to be so detailed in a tour rider that an artist actually lists specific brands. When it comes to ginger ale, Em’s tour rider from 2010 makes it clear, “6- Verner Ginger Ale Sodas 12oz cans (or Schweppes).” It’s technically Vernors, but we’d never dare to correct Eminem (The Smoking Gun).

3 One Loaf Of Wheat Bread

via NME.com; MyRecipes

For the health-conscious sandwich eaters, Em requested a loaf of “Wheat Bread” to go along with the white one. There are also tons of different cheeses, Boar’s Head deli meats and of course, strawberry jam and peanut butter. He even made sure to ask for some toothpicks so he and his crew can get rid of all those pesky food remnants lodged in their teeth. Now that’s thinking ahead!

2 Gundelsheim Pickles

via Pinterest; Dula Notes

Gundelsheim pickles—that’s apparently a thing Eminem needs to perform. We can only assume that’s why he put it on the tour rider from 2010, as The Smoking Gun reports. Not Mt. Olive, not Claussen—not even Vlasic. Only Gundelsheim will do. In Em’s defense, they are delicious. Plus, with all the other sandwich items, pickles are a mandatory item.

1 “Snider [sic] Pretzels”

via webstaurantstore.com; City Pages

Whoever wrote the rider wasn’t the best speller, but in the end we hope the recipient understood Em needed his Snyder's pretzels. These make for a perfect savory snack and the rapper wanted “2 bags.” The real question that the rider fails to indicate is whether he prefers them in snaps, mini pretzels or sticks?

Sources: Playback.fm, The Smoking Gun, Business Insider, The Smoking Gun, Capital XTRA, New York Post, SPIN, Food Beast, First We Feast

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