Not Just For The Thanksgiving Turkey: Cranberry Hair Is On Trend For Fall And Beyond

A new season calls for a new hair color! Dark reds have been trending fall colors in the last several years, and 2018 is no different. This year, the trend is to look like something you’d see at a Thanksgiving dinner table—cranberry.

The #cranberryhair photos on social media this holiday season show deep red, almost magenta locks, either as highlights or full color. Cranberry highlights are most often paired with a dark brown or black base color. The contrast between the base and highlight colors really tones down the cranberry red, making it a great business-appropriate option if the all-over red is a bit too much for you. The look is also gorgeous as an ombré/balayage.

Stylists, looking to give this look to your clients? Massachusetts stylist Rachel Christine shared on Instagram her process for providing vibrant cranberry hair. She started with Prepare Malibu Treatment, which deeply cleanses hair and removes minerals and product build up, to prep the hair for color.

Then Rachel used different shades of Pravana Wild Orchid, which is suitable for all hair types, mixed with some cooler tones and magenta to make the color brighter on the ends. The best part to this process is that it used no bleach! How awesome is that hair transformation?

As pretty as cranberry hair is, shades of red are often the most difficult to maintain, so caring for your color after your appointment is key for keeping it vibrant. The good news about this color is that it isn’t a super-bright red, so fading won’t necessarily look noticeable or bad. In any case, it is recommended that you wait a few days to a week before washing your hair when you come home with cranberry red. You should also cut back on the number of times you wash—dry shampoo is your best friend for the skipped days! When you do wash your hair, cold water and a color-enhancing shampoo is recommended. Ask your stylist which shampoo is best for your color.

Some of the most beautiful hair colors seem to be inspired by foods and drinks we encounter every day. This summer, we saw cold brew hair and La Croix hair; there was dark roast and light roast; and even a few chocolate-inspired hair colors. What could be next?

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