CoverGirl To Release 40 New Foundation Shades

CoverGirl has been a long-time leader in affordable cosmetics. They have a massive product range, with everything from mascara, to eyeshadow, to foundation and powder. Their products are available at most drug stores, and picking up a couple of them won't set a buyer back a pretty penny.

One of the more recent big beauty trends has been producing a massive variety of shades of any given product, so that the cosmetics can be used by a wide-range of people with different skin tones. Iconically, Rihanna released 40 foundation shades with her brand, Fenty Beauty. These foundations boast full, matte coverage, and there is a great likelihood that anyone can find a shade, no matter their skin tone.


CoverGirl has now hopped onto the shade bandwagon, releasing a line which also includes 40 shades of foundation. The line is titled TruBlend Matte Made, and claims to provide medium to full coverage in a matte format (eerily similar to Fenty Beauty, but that's not the point). The foundations are also said to minimize pores, control oil, and be comfortable on the face for everyday wear. Previously, CoverGirl's largest shade range included 21 colors, but now that number has been nearly doubled.

The fan response has been positive on Instagram thus far. Users are excited that such a popular brand with a long-standing reputation is growing to be usable for a multitude of makeup-wearers.

This release is especially important for babes-on-a-budget. Fenty Beauty foundations are available for purchase at $34 (U.S.), which truly is not a terrible price for a higher-end beauty item. The CoverGirl product, however, will be available at $8.49 to $11.49. The price varies based on which store the product is purchased from.

The CoverGirl foundations are beautifully organized to make it easy for buyers to find a shade. They use a letter and number system to help clients find shades in the ranges of "Light", "Medium". "Tan", and "Deep". After deciding which more broad range they fall under, the number system can be used to more precisely identify the shade that is needed.

These foundations will be available in stores as of June, just in time for summer! We're sure that the heat will put them to the test! Will you be trying out these new products? Let us know in the comments.


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