#CoupleGoals: 20 Times Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Made Us Melt

Anyone currently living with access to Netflix has scrolled past Riverdale at least once. Some of us have even watched an episode or two. A few others amongst us have legitimately obsessed over the show, thanks in part to the Betty and Jughead characters. Not only are Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart both fantastic actors, but they play the most adorable couple ever. The only thing better than that? The fact that they’re the most adorable couple ever in real life as well! For those that haven’t heard (which is likely no one at this point) Sprouse and Reinhart have been in a relationship for… Well, no one is really sure how long. They kept it low-key for the first little while, and it wasn’t until EOnline released an article about their relationship supposedly being confirmed at Comic-Con in 2017. As it stands now, both of their feeds are full of adorable photos. They might just be the most photogenic couple out there right now, which is why we just had to compile 20 of the best photographs of them. While they’re not always pictured together, these are the still the 20 times that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart were total couple goals.

20 They've Been BFFs From The Start


Riverdale is an incredibly popular show. However, it takes a really long time to film. Anyone who’s been on a film set knows that a day of filming can easily stretch to 14 hours, with a whole lot of downtime. That means that there’s a whole lot of time when the actors can hang out together, just being themselves. Obviously, this means they get close, right? Well, yes and no. In the case of Cole and Lili, yes! Since day one they’ve been close companions, with Insider reporting that since 2016 they’ve been posting photos with BFF levels of closeness and camaraderie.

19 They're Super Chill, Even While Working Together


This photo, which features the two of them (plus an awkward third wheel) cuddled up behind the scenes on the set of Riverdale. Just Jared Jr. released this photo, and mentioned that it was definitely a cast member snapping and posting the photo when naptime was happening. But was KJ Apa there from the start? Or did he crash Cole and Lili’s party? Either way, we think that it’s cuddly proof that there’s more to the two of them than meets the public eye. While they’re both pretty private about their romantic lives, it’s innocent moments like this that prove they’re just as great working together as they are being together.

18 They Can Pull Off Fabulous...


Remember when the two of them decided to go to the Met Gala together? Insider reminds us that this happened just this past year, with the two of them looking as fabulous as can be. The dress is certainly a far cry from what Betty wears on the show. Ditto for Jughead over there in the dark and dramatic tux. Put the two of them together and it’s undeniable that they can rock a red carpet like no other couple. They posed for photos, smiled, and looked cool and confident in every possible way. While it’s not exactly how their characters would spend time, it’s certainly a good look for the two stars.

17 And Casual Incredibly Well


We had to throw this photo in just because it’s the perfect example of the two of them in their off hours. Not only does this couple ooze sophistication, as we saw with the Met Gala red carpet photos, but they also can rock a denim trench coat and artistic turtleneck. These casual photos always show more about a couple than any red carpet shots ever will. For example, look how happy the two of them are. It’s definitely proof that they make each other happy. We admit it: we’re a little jealous. If only we looked this good walking around with our partners!

16 Their Parisian Adventures Made Us Swoon


Okay, okay. It wasn’t exactly the romantic getaway we might have made it out to be. According to US Magazine, Lili and Cole were in Paris for RiverCon. They just so happened to spend another day together. Maybe the city of love inspired some passion in the two, as there are a whole lot of photos that show the two of them getting cozy and comfortable with each other. Honestly? We’re not surprised. When the two of them mesh so well and look so good it’s almost impossible to not fall in love, especially when given downtime in a city that’s so full of passion.

15 They're The Sweetest Couple To Meet IRL


According to all of the convention photos we’ve seen of the two of them, they’re definitely the greatest people to meet. Kind, hilarious, and full of sweet smiles, it’s the perfect couple. We know that we would love to have the two of them over for dinner, just based on how we’ve seen them in paparazzi photos and at conventions. While there’s not a whole lot of photos out there that show them caught on the sidewalk with no warning, the ones that are out there definitely show them as being courteous and kind to those they meet; rare qualities in such big, young stars.

14 She's Definitely Sprouse's Muse, Even At 1 AM


Sure, Reinhart might have posted this photo from her own account. But Insider reminds us that she not only tagged Cole Sprouse in it, but she also explains the circumstances surrounding the photo. According to Insider, this was an all-of-a-sudden photo that was taken likely by Sprouse, while Lili Reinhart was feasting on toast and eggs. One in the morning might be the perfect time for a snack, but the perfect time for a visit? We’re not so sure about that one. After midnight is usually the time our friends leave; not when they arrive! This was definitely another hint into their relationship before they announced they were a couple.

13 Not To Mention All Those Beautiful Photoshoots They Do


It’s not just late night camera snaps that make their way onto the feeds of Cole and Lili. Both of them have been posting a lot of photos from various photoshoots they’ve done too. Sprouse, it turns out, is actually quite a prolific photographer. Insider reports that this was a photoshoot he did with Lili Reinhart back in 2017. They seemed to get quite a lot from the photoshoot, and posted many snaps to their various social media platforms. Honestly, even if they weren’t together we’d love these photos. Cole is an incredibly talented photographer, and it makes sense that Lili would want to mess around with-- Sorry. Work with him.

12 The Cast Hit Up Coachella, But Cole Couldn't Keep His Hands Away


Alloy had caused quite a stir when they reported that Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse had skipped out on Coachella. Why was this big news? Apparently, they had gone on a romantic vacation together, which we’ll come back to in a little bit. However, they might have jumped the finish line just a little bit; Lili and Cole did, in fact, get out to Coachella; Vogue says they were only there the second week, however. They partied the weekend away with the whole Riverdale cast, but specifically snapped quite a few great shots of each other. Not to mention how they got caught all close together quite a few times that weekend, like in this photo.

11 He's Such A Gentleman (Most Of The Time)


There’s something to be said for working with your partner. While some people think that it’s a bad idea to introduce romance into the workplace, it’s a little more understandable when it comes to the world of celebrities and stars. Often the relationship blossoms in those confined, intimate spaces, like in the case of Cole and Lili. Luckily for everyone involved, Cole Sprouse is a stand-up guy. Just look at how he’s keeping Lili safe from the wild rains of Vancouver, where Riverdale films. Proof that he’s always going to be looking out for her. And the sweetest couple award goes to…

10 Including That Night Where He Let Lili Wear His Suit Jacket


This is the big moment that tipped fans off to the fact that they might have been more than just friends off-screen. It’s hard to tell in this photo, but Cole Sprouse was wearing a maroon suit jacket, which just so happens to be wrapped lovingly around Lili Reinhart’s shoulders. According to US Magazine, this happened back in July of 2017 at the Entertainment Weekly Comic Con party. It might not seem like a big thing, but for fans of Betty and Jughead, the idea that the actors are in a relationship off-screen is like icing on that sweet Riverdale cake.

9 They're Twinning More Than Dylan And Cole Twin


It’s probably hard to remember now that they’re not on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but Cole Sprouse has a twin named Dylan. The two of them might be a little less inseparable now that Cole’s filming for hours and hours every day, but they’re still twins. Looks like there might be an unofficial triplet, though, found in the likes of Lili Reinhart! This photo shows that they’re definitely on the same wavelength. The same style of t-shirt and both rocking the glasses, we’re legit shocked at how similar the two of them look. Move over Dylan; there’s a new twin by Cole’s side.

8 Their Candid Photo Game Is Top Notch


Remember when we talked about their red carpet game in regards to the Met Gala? Apparently, the two of them aren’t only photogenic on the carpet; they’re also photogenic behind the scenes too! This candid photo takes mirror selfies to a whole new level. It helps that Cole has a passion for photography as well. No doubt he’s always got his eyes peeled for a great photo opportunity. Lili Reinhart always seems to be game for snapping a couple photos too. Yet more proof that they’re the most perfect couple, right? We certainly think so, especially based on this unique mirror selfie.

7 They're Literally Always Sitting Beside Each Other


Seriously. They’re sitting beside each other so often that their castmates have started teasing them about it. Business Insider reports that Reinhart didn’t end up joining the cast for their Labor Day boat getaway (a photo which is different from the one above). Due to her absence, KJ Apa apparently decided to “troll” the couple by writing, “omg, Cole's not sitting next to Lili.” That’s the kind of teasing that only comes about through years of sitting close beside each other, like in this photo here. They certainly are sitting very, very close. It’s sweet that they want to be together like that. Nothing can come between them!

6 Both Lili And Cole Share The Best Birthday Messages For Each Other


There are so many reasons to love and appreciate the two of them as a couple. Here’s another one. We all wait eagerly for our birthdays to come to see what our friends and partners post about us. Sometimes the photos are embarrassing, while sometimes they’re adorable. Lili and Cole have been consistently posting lovely birthday messages for each other, accompanied by beautiful photos of them either separately or together. We suspect that this photo came from their Mexico vacation, just due to the color of the wall that Cole’s sitting on. However, we’ll get to that later. The important thing to note is that their love is in full bloom in those birthday messages, according to Insider.

5 They Laughed Off All The Prying Questions Before They Were Public


Both Cole and Lili are on various records as saying that they prefer to keep their private life private. However, Just Jared released a sneaky clip from the Riverdale PaleyFest panel. This clip shows a fan asking if they’re dating. Cole awkwardly mutters, “no comment,” which is basically as good as a yes in our books. Prior to that potential confession, however, they both got very good at sidestepping and laughing off all the comments and curiosities surrounding them dating. So, is it true? At this point in time we have to say yes. But back when this first released? It was still a bit of a mystery for sure.

4 These Outfits Don't Necessarily Match, But Their Unique Style Certainly Does


Style is the one thing we can never get enough of when it comes to celebrities. Celebs are often more willing to take risks with their style, as well as trying to find new and innovative outfits. It’s not even an attention-getting thing; we’re willing to be that these celebrities just want to opportunity to express themselves when they’re so used to being told what to wear for movies and TV shows. This can result in some pretty unique styles, like in the case of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart. While their styles are unique, they actually mesh really well together. While these outfits don’t necessarily look like they should go together, there’s something about the red accent in Cole’s look that pairs well with Lili’s dress.

3 They've Gone On A Few Vacations Together


Most notably this Mexico vacation. Not only have Lili and Cole been photographed in Paris, but they also were caught (by their own phone photography) going on a potentially romantic trip to Mexico. Alloy says that they spent weekend one of Coachella at the Cuixmala Resort. They also mention how none of their photographs were taken together; the two of them kept snapping separate photos of each other, which is starting to be a theme. Cole Sprouse definitely got some photography of Lili in, and they both seemed happy and refreshed afterward. Honestly, we want the two of them to always travel together if it means getting travel snaps!

2 It's No Surprise They're So Close When All They Do is Hang Out Together!


At the end of the day, part of what makes them an amazing couple is the fact that they know each other so well. Spending 24/7 with each other, even if it is mostly at work, is one of the best ways to truly get to know someone. After all, we need to know what a person is like in all scenarios before truly loving them. At least, that’s our opinion, and one that Lili and Cole seem to agree with. We’ve seen them hanging out in a variety of places: work, Mexico, and even at home eating eggs and toast. If this doesn’t make them the cutest couple in the world, we don’t know what does.

1 They're Not Only Our Favorite Real Couple, But Our Favorite Riverdale Couple Too


Not to mention the fact that they also play a couple on TV! This is some next-level perfection. The only question left that we have is whether it was the show romance or their personal romance that happened first. Based on some of these photos… Well, we won’t speculate anymore. We’ll just look forward to yet another episode and hope that there are more amazing photos of Lili and Cole soon. If they want someone to join them on vacation next time, we’re more than willing to be the unofficial photographer for the two of them. Then they’ll finally get some shots together!


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