Country Star Madness: 10 Pics Of Carrie Underwood And 10 Of Faith Hill

There are a lot of beautiful celebrities out there, but have you seen the country stars? Talk about amazing women! We can go on and on talking about the beautiful women who have dominated the country music industry, however, we're only going to take a look at two particular faces of country music. From the 1990's to the 2000's, these two women have left their marks on the country music industry, with their first albums coming out nearly twelve years apart!

Not only have they left their mark on the country music industry, but they have also had their impact on football as well; specifically, we’re talking about Sunday Night Football. That's right, both Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood have sung the opening for Sunday Night Football on NBC. After six seasons, Faith Hill has passed the torch to Carrie Underwood, who has held the title since 2013.

Similar in many ways to one another, Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill have both managed successful music careers, both sang the opening to Sunday Night Football, and are both steamy women! Watch out; Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill are two steamy country superstars that will definitely give you a case of country fever!

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20 Carrie Underwood: The Steamy Girl From Oklahoma

Born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma, Carrie Underwood is the epitome of a country star! Looking back to her days on the farm, Carrie recalls having a very happy childhood saying, "growing up in the country, I enjoyed things like playing on dirt roads, climbing trees, catching woodland creatures, and of course singing." While she always loved to sing, Carrie actually put her singing career on hold. After, high school she went to Northern State University, where she studied broadcast journalism; however, during her senior year, Carrie took a chance and auditioned for the singing competition American Idol. From there, this country superstar not only charmed America wit her girl-next-door personality, but sung her way to the winning spot of the show's fourth season!

19 Faith Hill: The Beauty From Mississippi

Did you know Faith is actually Faith Hill's middle name? Her full name is Audrey Faith Perry, and she was born and raised in Mississippi. Faith grew up alongside her two older brothers and adoptive parents. Faith realized her passion for singing at a young age and would sing at her family's Baptist church as a small child. Then, when she was in high school Faith formed her own band, in which they would play locally. For the most part, Faith got her experience singing with the band at the local rodeos and local fairs. However, Faith wanted to explore her music career more. So after a year at a community college, this steamy country star-packed up her things and moved to Nashville, where she hoped to make her dream a reality!

18 Carrie Underwood: Definitely Breaking Some Hearts

A year after her debut on American Idol, Carrie Underwood released her first album titled, "Some Hearts." Having already won over America during her performances on American Idol, Carrie's album flew off the shelves, making her the fastest selling female country album since 1991, and earning her multi-platinum status! In fact, Carrie's album was so popular her first single "Inside Your Heaven" topped even the Billboard pop music charts! Her follow-up single "Jesus Take The Wheel," then moved on to top the country charts! Carrie's first album really set the tone for her career, especially with her other popular song "Before He Cheats" - which has become a trademark of Carrie as country singer Austin Webb references the song as "going all Carrie Underwood on my truck," almost a decade later in his song "All Country On You."

17 Faith Hill: Sizzlin' On Stage

Faith Hill met fame a little differently than Carrie. After moving to Nashville, Faith worked as a receptionist in a music publishing company, and then worked packaging fan merchandise for Reba McEntire, who just so happened to be her idol! However, it wasn't until Faith was spotted singing backup to Gary Burr in a popular bar in Nashville. At the time, Faith was married to the songwriter and music publishing executive Daniel Hill, when talent scout Martha Sharp saw this beauty singing backup. Martha saw a star in the making and signed Faith to Warner/Reprise recording company. By 1993, Faith released her debut album "Take Me As I Am." The album featured songs like "Wild One," which reached and stayed at number one on Billboard's country chart only to be followed by her second single, "Piece Of My Heart."

16 Carrie Underwood: Lovely In Lingerie

Just as her first album soared off the shelves, Carrie's second album also produced several popular songs, including number one country hits, "All-American Girl," and "Last Name." At only twenty-six years old, Carrie Underwood was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry by none other than the legendary Garth Brooks in 2008. This made Carrie the youngest member belonging to the institution. Also in 2008, Carrie took the stage with her fellow country singer, Brad Paisley to host the Country Music Association Awards. The duo became widely popular amongst fans, and so since then, Carrie and Brad annually hosting the CMA Award show has become tradition. After all, fans just can't get enough of the steamy Carrie Underwood's gorgeous dresses she wears during the show.

15 Faith Hill: The Steamiest Of Country Superstars

Just look at her! There's no way Faith Hill could get steamier if she tried. This country icon is absolutely stunning! As this steamy stars career began to take off, as her first album moved on to make triple-platinum, Faith faced an emotional roller coaster in her personal life. Wanting to know more about her biological mother, Faith began searching for her in 1990. She was finally able to meet her in 1993, the same time her first album was scheduled to release. To this day, Faith still keeps in contact with her birth mom. Then in 1994, right around the time she was meant to go on tour as the opening act for stars such as Reba McEntire, Alan Jackson, and Brooks & Dunn, Faith and Daniel decided on ending their marriage. However, this didn't stop this steamy star, as Faith continued to shine!

14 Carrie Underwood: Undeniably Steamy

Carrie Underwood has become an unstoppable force in the music industry. When the time came to release her third album, Carrie had another three songs topping the charts; "Cowboy Casanova," "Temporary Home," and "Undo It." But this was nothing compared to Carrie's next album in 2012, which also had top hits including "Blown Away," "Two Black Cadillacs," and "Good Girl. “Not only did this fourth alum produce more hits that reached the top of the charts, but the album also sold more than 1.4 million copies! Between her third and fourth album, the steamy Carrie Underwood took herself off the market in 2010 when she married NHL star Mike Fisher! Together the couple had their first child in 2015, Isaiah Michael Fisher. Not for nothing, but Carrie is one steamy mama!

13 Faith Hill: This "Steamy" Kiss

After her divorce in 1994, Faith remarried in 1996. Married to her husband Tim McGraw, Faith gave birth to three beautiful girls; Gracie Katherine in 1997, Maggie Elizabeth in 1998, and Audrey Caroline in 2001. The same year as her second daughter's birth, Faith released her second album, titled "Faith." Two number one country hits came off this album, including "This Kiss" - which also did well on the pop charts. In fact, it took only six before the album hit platinum sales! The success of Faith only solidified as Faith Hill performed on VH1 "Diva's Live," and then through her breaking headlines performance as a last minute substitution for Whitney Houston at the 2000's Academy Awards ceremony! Still, a country artist, between her performances and single "This Kiss," the steamy Faith Hill began crossing over into the pop music industry.

12 Carrie Underwood: There's Just Something Steamy About This Star

In 2014, Carrie Underwood released a "Greatest Hits: Decade #1," album, which of course featured all of her top hits. However, Carrie did add a few new songs to this track including "Something In The Water;" which would later go on to be a hit in and of itself. In the following year, Carrie would go on to release her fifth album titled "Storyteller," which featured the hit songs "Smoke Break," and "Church Bells." The album also includes a very personal and moving ballad "What I Never Knew I Always Wanted." The song is about the two very important men in Carrie's life; her husband and their son. When asked about the song, Carrie admits that she never really pictured herself getting married or having kids. She assumed maybe one day she would but it wasn't something she actively considered. Now, as a wife and a mother, Carrie can't imagine her life without her boys!

11 Faith Hill: Leaving Us All Breathless

Faith Hill was always a steamy country star; although believe it or not it wasn't until the release of her third album when Faith's image was considered to be significantly steamier. This most likely has to do with the steamy music video for her hit song "Breathe," which despite the title being breathe, leaves everyone a little breathless seeing this steamy star wrapped up in silk sheets. The 1999, release of the album "Breathe," was a success in both the country and pop industries, as the album served as a crossover album. Through hit songs, and a steamier look, Faith Hill's album hit triple-platinum sales, carrying her success from the country music industry, to the pop music industry, as well! However, in her 2005 album, Faith Hill returned to her country roots.

10 Carrie Underwood: The Hometown Cutie

Carrie Underwood has always been proud of her Oklahoma roots, and how it has molded her into the woman she is today. She forever grateful to the support she has received from her hometown. So as a way to say thank you, Carrie founded the C.A.T.S Foundation in 2009, in order to give back to her community. C.A.T.S stands for Checotah Animal, Town and School Foundation. The Foundation seeks to provide aid and support to the community as well as the surrounding areas through private and public donations. The Foundation helps the community in anyway it needs, including building new animal shelters, or aiding schools for projects such as new computer labs, new playgrounds, or even new musical equipment for the music programs. In 2017, it was announced that Carrie Underwood would be inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame!

9 Faith Hill: A Sultry Soul

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are perhaps one of the leading power couples in the country industry. In 2000, they decided to launch their joint tour, Soul2Soul. The duo's tour became the first joint American country artist's tour by a husband and wife. It also became the highest grossing country tour ever! With the success of that tour, as well as from the joy of going on tour together, the couple returned to the stage together in 2006 with their Soul2Soul II Tour. With that tour coming to a close in 2007 its been a decade since the couple has gone on tour together, and so in 2017, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill began their third rendition of the Soul2Soul tour. The Soul2Soul: World Tour began in 2017, and is continuing through 2018, with their sold out venues fans from all over want to see the steamy Faith Hill and her husband perform!

8 Carrie Underwood: Stealing Hearts, And Winning Awards

Carrie Underwood has long since charmed her way into the hearts of millions. Her sweet, yet sassy personality, powerful voice and her steamy looks, has made her a country icon. However, Carrie's career is known for so much more accomplishments, like the fact that she is the most awarded woman in the history of the Academy of Country Music Awards! With seventeen CMT Music Awards wins, seven Grammy Awards wins, nine People's Choice Awards wins, just to name a few, Carrie Underwood has managed to win well over a hundred awards, over the course of her career. She is also a part of the 2018 class of inductees to the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Talk about a steamy, successful superstar!

7 Faith Hill: Sunday Night Has Never Been Steamier

For six seasons, big time Tennessee Titans fans, Faith Hill, kicked off Sunday Night Football on NBC. Every Sunday, before the big football game of the night Faith Hill's "Waiting All Day For Sunday Night" would play, showing off a steamier side of football. "Waiting All Day For Sunday Night," was a reworked, a lyrically adjusted, version of Joan Jett's hit song "I Hate Myself For Loving You." While, Faith Hill is perhaps best known for singing the opening to Sunday Night Football on NBC, "Waiting All Day For Sunday Night," was originally sung by P!nk. That's right, in 2006, pop-rock star P!nk welcomed fans to the Sunday Night Football game, every week. However, by 2007, Faith Hill had taken over as the face of Sunday Night Football before handing the reigns to fellow country star Carrie Underwood in 2013.

6 Carrie Underwood: Taking Over To Keep Sunday Nights Steamy

In 2013, at the start of the Sunday Night Football season, Carrie Underwood sent out a tweet, hinting that she was waiting for something all day. This something was her taking over as the new singer of the Sunday Night Football theme song. The Dallas Cowboys' fan sang "Waiting All Day For Sunday Night," for three years, making the song ten years old by the time she changed it. The network had been toying with the idea of a new theme for Sunday Night, so Carrie played around with the 2014 duet she sang with Miranda Lambert, "Somethin' Bad." With some adjusted lyrics, the new theme for Sunday Night Football aired in 2016, as "Oh, Sunday Night." Carrie wanted to do justice to the NFL by creating the new theme to highlight the excitement felt during games, as well as give it a stomp-clap "We Will Rock You" vibe.

5 Faith Hill: Making Reading Steamy

Inspired by those closest to her, Faith Hill started the Faith Hill Family Literacy Project in 1996. The primary inspiration for her foundation was her father. Having to drop out of school at a young age to help support his family, Faith's father, who could only able to read at a fourth grade reading level. For Faith, she recognizes how brave he was and how much he had to have endured. wanting to make a difference, Faith started her foundation in order to collect books and raise money for literacy groups, and libraries. While on tour, in a little over three months, Faith had put millions of books in the hands of children, in hopes of combatting illiteracy and making a difference in the lives of children. Faith says, "I hope that I can give an adult the inspiration to teach a child to read, or a child the resources he or she needs."

4 Carrie Underwood: Radiant and Alluring

Beautiful and elegant in a dress, Carrie is an alluring country superstar. However, did you know Carrie is into fitness as well? Going to the gym or just buying comfy workout clothes to run errands in, Carrie noticed she could either wear technical unattractive styles, or cute but not functional to wear in a workout setting. Noticing this gap, Carrie chose to do something about it and began her own brand of workout apparel. Calia by Carrie Underwood is an athlesiure line of clothes, serving both as fitness apparel, but also perfect for a cute and comfy outfit to spend your day in. While we typically see Carrie, always looking radiant and glamorous in her stylish dresses, it's nice to know that this steamy celeb also enjoys comfortable leisure wear on her days off!

3 Faith Hill: The Smoldering Star

If there were an award for steamy superstars, Faith Hill would definitely take that win. While there might not be an award for that, Faith has won her fair share of awards. Out of seventeen Grammy nominations, this steamy star has taken home a handful of them, five to be exact. While this is impressive, Faith Hill has won plenty of other awards as well. Just to name a few, Faith has also won six American Music Awards, and fifteen Academy of Country Music Awards. Not to mention her Soul2Soul tour still holds the record for highest grossing country tour. In 2001, Ladies Home Journal also named Faith as one of the “30 Most Powerful Women in America.” With all her wins, and with a smoldering look, it's no stretch of the imagination that if there was a steamiest celebrity award, Faith would win hands down!

2 Carrie Underwood: The Steamiest Legs In The Industry

Carrie Underwood is without a doubt one steamy country superstar. But what is the steamiest part about this star? Could it be her luscious golden locks? Or maybe it’s her beautiful eyes? How about her thousand-watt smile? Well, while those are all gorgeous features of this country beauty, many would say her legs are the steamiest in the industry. In fact, even country superstar Miranda Lambert has stated that she wants Carrie Underwood's legs! Carrie Underwood’s legs have not only been noted by Miranda Lambert, but by several magazines as well, and have their own Facebook page. Blake Shelton even jokingly suggested them to win their own CMA Award. Toned, and lean, Carrie’s legs are a product of her lifestyle choice to eat fresh foods, especially fresh veggies, and works out with her personal trainer. Carrie Underwood is without a doubt a super steamy star!

1 Faith Hill: The Secret To Staying Steamy

Faith Hill has been an icon in the music industry for years, having produced songs that topped both the country and pop charts. While reigning a continuously successful career, she has remained one of the steamiest country superstars in the industry. Now at fifty years old, with three children, Faith Hill reveals her secrets to remaining one of the steamiest stars, and being in one of the steamiest marriages for the past twenty-one years. According to Faith, the secret is "laughter is sexy." Just laughing and making others laugh can be one of the sexiest things you do. Faith also reveals, "Just be yourself. Be real." And there you have it! From the country superstar herself, staying steamy for years to come just stems from laughter and from being yourself!

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