Corduroy Is Making A Comeback For Autumn Fashion

If you say you didn’t own a pair of corduroy pants growing up, you’re probably lying. And if you say that you didn’t suddenly begin to hate corduroy once 2010 hit, you’re probably lying again.

The ribbed fabric has an interesting history—corduroy was mostly popular from the 70s-early 2000s, but it has really been around for centuries (as in, Egyptians wore it in 641 AD). But at some point, the world just collectively decided to condemn wales altogether (Fun fact: a “wale” is the term used to describe the number of ridges per inch that corduroy has). For whatever reason, corduroy has been high and low in the market ever since. It started creeping its way back into stores last year, and now fashion experts are predicting that corduroy will be a high seller for fall 2018.

With the big comeback that 80s-90s fashion is making this year, it’s no surprise that retro stylists are loving corduroy. Corduroy pants were a high trend in the 80s as an alternative to jeans. In the 90s, the fabric made its way to other typically-denim products, like overalls and jumpsuits, dresses, and jackets. For men, corduroy button-down shirts were a staple item. Today, you’re likely to find corduroy just-about-everything, from shoes to fanny packs to skirts to sweatshirts and more.

As Cosmopolitan pointed out, corduroy pieces are great for fall fashion because they’re so cozy and warm. Corduroy most often has traces of cotton and other gentle fabrics in it, which makes it extra soft. The thickly twisted fibers also keep warmth in, so you stay nice and toasty all day. Bonus: corduroy is extremely durable because of its woven pattern—basically, your cords will last much longer than your denim.

Corduroy also adds an excellent source of texture to any outfit, no matter how small the product may be. Again—corduroy is taking over, so if you aren’t too sure about something as big as a corduroy jacket or pants, you can start small with a purse or a hat. Corduroy accessories are a great way to pull together an outfit.

Will you be caught in corduroy this fall? Let us know in the comments how you’re going to incorporate cords into your looks!

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