According To Experts, Eyelash Extensions May Do More Harm Than Good

The number of women getting eyelash extensions has exploded in recent years. Whether you're getting them just to add some pizzazz for a special occasion or to shave off some time in your morning routine, many love them for how they make the eyes look fancy, glam, and wide awake. Despite their positives though, they come with a laundry list of negatives.

According to InStyle, getting eyelash extensions is expensive and high maintenance, making it a difficult trend for the average person to keep up with. But the biggest issue is that eyelash extensions can damage your real eyelashes. They can become thin and sparse as the extensions fall out due to the latter interrupting the growth cycle of one's regular eyelashes. The hairs can grow back fine, and the glue used to keep the extensions in place can irritate the eyes. Your eyes can become red, itchy, or even develop painful blisters.

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If you can't bear the thought of giving up eyelash extensions, you can reduce the amount of trauma done to your eyes. Doctors have advised consumers to be gentle when both applying and removing any eye makeup, as well as trying not rub your eyes so much. Also, condition your eyelashes appropriately to maintain their strength and shape. When you do get eyelash extensions, make sure that your technician doesn't overfill your eyelashes so that they don't shed so quickly.

While there are many steps to take care of your eyes while wearing eyelash extensions, experts stress that you need to give your eyes a break on a regular basis. The recommended period of time is several months at a time to keep your lashes relatively healthy. Since it can take your eyelashes a year or so to fully recover, you need to nourish them so they do exactly that.

So, what does all this mean for those that love eyelash extensions? Basically, you need to remember that extensions can be costly for your real eyelashes in more ways than one. If you don't take care of them properly, it could cause some serious damage that might not be fixable.


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