This Concealer Will Now Have A Range Of Thirty Shades

Clear some space on your vanity table and in your makeup bag, and get ready to up your face game. ColourPop, the inexpensive yet result-yielding make up brand, has good news for its fans and makeup connoisseurs everywhere.

Previously, the brand had only fifteen shades of concealer which may seem like a lot at first glance. But, when you consider the wide variety of light, dark, and everything in between that are the skin tones around the globe, fifteen doesn't cut it... not even close. Now the brand has expanded to thirty shades total as of Thursday, March 29th.

Social media beauty icon known as @makeupbyjesi on Instagram posted a photo showing all of the different shades PopColour would be releasing with the caption, "?????????? @colourpopcosmetics has extended their no filter concealer shades! This is definitely one of my favorite concealers and I’m so glad they’ve added many more shades! ????(I believe it launches Thursday!)"


If @makeupbyjesi's follower's reactions are any indiciation to ColourPop's success in the launch of their new products, the company has good reason to celebrate. Remarks such as, "Halelujiah!!", "IM GONNA CRY", "Yesssss", and "Love them", soon filled up the comments section.

@makeupbyjesi is what is known as a "beauty influencer", and through the power of social media and the many followers that take her word seriously, posts like hers can either make or break a new product line. ColourPop's increase in concealer skin tones got great feedback, so the company is likely breaking out the champagne glasses after they saw a post like this. But it's a tough call as to who is happier: the company or the consumers. It appears that fans of the brand have been anxiously awaiting a change like this for some time.

Another reason for consumer happiness besides the wide range of colors to choose from? Each matte cover-up concealer costs only six dollars! They each have their own wand application stick and the makeup promises to be free of shine, creasing, caking, and completely blendable. They are sure to make your already beautiful self even more beautiful... on the outside, of course.

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