A Complete Timeline Of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Relationship

They haven't been together for long, but Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have already achieved more than most couples who've been dating for years. These two are, for many, the epitome of relationship goals - she's the youngest self-made billionaire ever, thanks to her makeup empire, and he's one of the most beloved hip-hop artists in the industry.

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As would be expected, their relationship has been anything but simple. Paved with more ups and downs that we can count, cheating rumors, wedding rumors, and a pregnancy, Kylie and Travis' time together is hard to keep track of no matter how hard you try.

With so many scandals looming over the Kardashian-Jenner clan lately (or constantly), it's time to put together a complete timeline of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship. It's going to be wild, so get ready!

12 March 2017: Kylie & Tyga Are No More

Remember Tyga? He and Jenner were known for their on again, off again relationship, one that became even weirder when Kylie's half-brother, Rob, started dating Blac Chyna, Tyga's ex and went on to have his baby. The relationship between those two is a whole other story, and enough to feel the pages of a romance novel.

Either way, Kylie called it quits with the rapper sometime around March, which was when People magazine officially announced their split. What many thought at first would be a temporary "we-are-on-a-break" sort of thing, ended up being the definitive ending to their rollercoaster relationship.

11 April 2017: Kylie & Travis Spark Dating Rumors

The first time the pair were spotted looking close and in love was at Coachella, two years ago. They were seen holding hands, but the two later described the event as a "hang out" that just so happened to turn out for the best.

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At the time, sources told People that two had been friends for a while, also heavily implying that Kylie was just trying to make ex-boyfriend Tyga jealous. Life does work in mysterious ways because the two ended up really hitting it off. So much so that Kylie decided to go with Travis on tour right after Coachella - just like two crazy kids in love!

10 May 2017: It's MET Gala Official

After being spotted together at some key events after their first non-date at Coachella, such as the NBA playoff game in Houston (where they looked adorably close), as well as a passionate weekend in Boston where Scott was performing, the two were seen together at the MET Gala.

While they didn't walk the red carpet together, the two definitely hung out during the night. Jenner took to Instagram to share a group photo that included sister Kendall Jenner, as well as Travis Scott himself. It's not exactly an announcement, but making it to Kylie's Instagram is already quite the feat!

9 June-August 2017: The Butterfly Effect

Jenner probably got pregnant sometime between late April and early May of 2017, which partly explains why the pair started appearing as closer than ever. Reports that the couple was getting serious and that Travis thought Jenner was "the real deal" start popping up everywhere.

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Following her new lovey-dovey on tour, the two had more than enough time to get to know each other and, apparently, fall madly in love. When Travis debuted his single "Butterfly Effect," he took to Instagram to post a picture of his girl with a caption that matched the song title.

Eventually, during this time frame, Jenner covered her Tyga tattoo, and she and Travis got matching butterfly tattoos, the ultimate love letter from the 21st century. Further driving the point home, the rapper also threw his girl a surprise party for her 20th birthday, including an ice-sculpture of her butt.

8 September 2017: News Break That Kylie Is Having Travis' Baby

Several sources started reporting that Kylie was pregnant with Travis' child. News broke right around the time Jenner was probably completing the first trimester of her pregnancy, and fans went wild analyzing pictures by the millimeter.

What ensued was a string of people close to the couple denying the rumor, including Kris Jenner, Kylie's mother, as well as the couple themselves. Someone close to Kylie and Travis most likely leaked the secret, since details were spot on - including the fact that the couple was expecting a baby girl, which turned out to be true.

7 February 2018: Welcome, Stormi!

In early 2018, Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child with beau Travis Scott. According to the couple, Scott was present in the delivery room throughout the entire process. The birth of Stormi Webber was officially announced by Kylie three days after it happened, and it nearly broke the Internet.

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The overflow of sweet messages from Stormi's parents, and from the couple's family and friends was immense and heart-warming. Kylie also posted an eleven-minute long video on her Youtube channel depicting the entire journey, that included home-made videos of the couple looking more in love than ever, and sent fans everywhere into overdrive with #feelings.

6 April 2018: Coachella & Birthdays

After gifting Kylie a $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari for her birthday, it was safe to assume the birth of their baby daughter cemented Scott's relationship with his baby mama even further. Throughout the month of April, the couple kept living their best life, including returning to where it all began a year later, Coachella.

Kylie went the extra mile later that month, renting an entire Six Flags theme park to celebrate Travis' 26th birthday. It was a sweet and meaningful gesture, since Scott's upcoming album, Astroworld, was named after a Six Flags in Texas. An album that included a handful of odes to Kylie!

5 May 2018: Family Vaycay & MET Gala

On the 1st of May, the Webster family took their first official vacation together - yes, including 3-month-old Stormi herself! The parents and their baby went to Turks and Caicos for a much needed and deserved time-out, that we were blessed enough to follow on social media.

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Later in the same month, Travis and Kylie further established themselves as one of the most powerful celebrity couples of our generation, serving looks, attitude, and their fair share of public displays of affection on the red carpet of the MET Gala. Travis was clearly head over heels for his baby mama. Talk about putting on a united, and fashionable, front!

4 July-November 2018: Covering GQ & Going On Tour

A celebrity power couple worthy of the designation has to cover at least one high-end magazine. And that's exactly what Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott did when they graced the cover of GQ in July 2018, where they gave tons of delicious details about their relationship to starving fans all around the world.

They kept being happy and in love, raising their baby daughter together. The couple went the extra mile to provide their child and their relationship with a strong foundation, with Kylie and Stormi joining Travis on tour in November. The two kept being a pool of love and adoration throughout the whole thing.

3 December 2018 - January 2019: He's Not Cheating On His "Wife"

Travis and Kylie keep sparking engagement, and later, actual marriage rumor all around social media. Jenner took to Instagram to post a story of her and Scott, all in white and in love, with a ring emoji on top, sending everyone into a frenzy.

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Around early December, photos of it seemed like Travis cheating on Kylie surfaced - photos that ended up being fake. Throughout the whole thing, Scott kept referring to Jenner as his "wife" and "wifey," while denying the cheating rumors. In later January, Kylie posted a snap on Instagram with a Spanish caption that translated to "I miss my husband", appearing to further confirm that she was either married or engaged.

2 February 2019: Grammy Awards & Engagement Rings

In early February of this year, Travis Scott shared an Instagram story of Kylie where she was wearing what appeared to be a massive engagement ring. Jenner later posted a story herself, showcasing the ring, but not confirming what everyone was sure it meant.

For Valentine's Day, Travis covered his girl's entire house in roses, again going all out to show his love. During the same month, the couple celebrated their child's first birthday and attended the Grammy Awards together, yet again proving to be the absolute power couple that we all know and love.

1 March - April 2019: Cheating Rumors & Baecations

In late February, Kylie took a huge blow when cheating allegations surfaced regarding her long-time best friend, Jordyn Woods, and her sister's baby father, Tristan Thompson. Life got even harder for Kylie when, in March, she allegedly found something on Travis' phone that led her to believe he was cheating on her.

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Scott vehemently denied the rumors, even canceling a concert in Buffalo so he could stay in LA and fix things with his "wifey." To further prove his love, Travis deleted his Instagram account, and the couple apparently has worked things out since then.

Earlier this month, Kylie showed the world she and her "hubby" were doing just fine, sharing pictures of a vacation - or baecation - the pair were taking together. A break was all they needed to rekindle their love and keep their whirlwind relationship going strong.

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